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Season 2

8 Mar. 2009
Seven Thirty-Seven
Walt and Jesse realize how dire their situation is. They must come up with a plan to kill Tuco before Tuco kills them first.
15 Mar. 2009
Walt's disappearance is met with investigation by both his wife and Hank, as Tuco Salamanca intends to leave town with his kidnapped cooks.
22 Mar. 2009
Bit by a Dead Bee
Walt and Jesse try to come up with alibis for their disappearances.
29 Mar. 2009
Skyler keeps mysteriously leaving without talking to Walt. Jesse's parents throw him out of his own house.
5 Apr. 2009
Walt and Jesse decide to start their own little empire with the help of Jesse's friends: Skinny Pete, Combo, and Badger. Meanwhile, Hank tries to pull himself together after his encounter with Tuco.
12 Apr. 2009
After Skinny Pete gets ripped off, Walt makes Jesse go get the money. Meanwhile, Walt's cover story on how Elliott and Gretchen are paying for his medical treatment is on the verge of collapsing.
19 Apr. 2009
Negro y Azul
Rumor is spreading that Jesse killed the man that ripped Skinny Pete off. Walt uses this to his advantage on expanding their territory. Meanwhile, Hank has been promoted to the El Paso office. But it's not all he hoped it would be.
26 Apr. 2009
Better Call Saul
Badger is caught by the DEA. Walt and Jesse hire the best criminal lawyer in town, Saul Goodman.
3 May 2009
4 Days Out
Walt and Jesse become stranded out in the middle of the desert after cooking more crystal.
10 May 2009
Walt's cancer has greatly improved. Time to celebrate. Meanwhile Jesse tries to meet his new girlfriend's father.
17 May 2009
Walt and Jesse's little empire begins to crumble. Saul tries to set them up with a mysterious distributor.
24 May 2009
Walt and Skyler have a baby girl. Now that Jesse is hooked on heroin, Walt refuses to give him his money until he gets clean. Meanwhile, as an excuse for his money, Walt decides to donate the money to himself through his son's new website.
31 May 2009
Walt's lies have pushed Skyler to her limit. She leaves with the kids. Meanwhile, Jesse blames himself for Jane's death and goes into rehab.

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