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Who's afraid of the Big Bad Ghost Light?
emasterslake19 January 2007
Takes place straight after the movie. In one calm night, Mater was roaming around Radiator Springs and pulling off some scares and pranks on all his friends. After doing it on everyone, he and the rest of them listen to the tale of the Ghost Light which is a ghostly orb that comes out on dark and deserted nights like this one.

After hearing the story, Mater is too scared to go back to his tow truck garage. As he fears that the Ghost Light will get him for sure. And without farther a do he encounters one and drives like crazy. But it there really such thing as a Ghost Light? Every Pixar movie gets it's own exclusive short, and this one is another fine addition to the collection next to "Mike's New Car" & "Jack-Jack Attacks".

Highly recommended to the Mater fans. And exclusively on the "Cars" DVD.
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Turning The Tables On The Tow Truck
ccthemovieman-126 June 2007
This cartoon features "Mater," the most lovable character in the great animated movie "Cars." This seven-minute comes as a feature in the "Cars" DVD. Actually, all of the characters are in here, but Mater has more "screen time."

The story is a simple one of the other cars trying to teach Mater a lesson. In brief, they give him a taste of what he's been dishing out. The buck-toothed tow-truck has been going around scaring everyone with surprise attacks and they are tired of it.

So, one night they all gather in a circle and they tell him a story about the dreaded "Gas Light" ghost. After everyone goes home, they sit back as the tow truck gets scared out of his gas line later that night by the "Ghost Light," which is rigged up by the others to scare him.

And, if he still didn't get the message, they set him up for another mind game and the cartoon ends with that thought in mind.

Overall, it's not really all that funny (except with Mater is shaking in fright) but it's well- crafted and beautiful to watch, like the feature film. It could easily have been a small segment inserted in the film.
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Fun for young kids but too basic for a bigger audience
bob the moo27 April 2008
Following on from the action in Cars, the town is all being subject to practical jokes from Mater the tow truck. When Lightening learns of the legend of the ghostlight and the fear in puts into everyone (not least Mater), he decides to get a little payback on his friend.

Every Pixar DVD contains an extra short film and, in addition to the one often screened before the film proper, it is a nice touch that I genuinely do appreciate – I would like more films to include a short as part of some of their screenings just as a way of improving experience (rather than, say, 30 minutes of trying to sell me things). Generally the quality is high which will come as no surprise to anyone who understands how high the Pixar bar is set. However nobody can hit every time and for me Cars was OK but certainly nothing all that special in terms of the material. This short continues that trend and also focuses on one of the weaker characters in Mater.

The material is straightforward and pretty much comes down to a series of comic over-reactions from Mater to a light. And that's about it. For younger viewers it has enough energy and timing to provide plenty of amusement but those looking for the edge of adult wit and comedy beloved of Pixar will find themselves wanting. Overall then what we have is a colourful and amusing DVD extra that will be good enough for children but sadly offer nothing to the wider audience that I'm used to Pixar expertly catering for.
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Breathtaking animation quality
MartinHafer1 September 2009
I have seen this short twice and both times I was bowled over by the gorgeous computer-generated animation. Clearly, Pixar is THE studio that sets the animation standard. However, I think this film has a strike against it from the outset and that is because the CARS characters aren't as endearing or timeless as many of the other Pixar creations. They lack the "cuddly factor" or depth of some of the other characters and so, at least to me, it doesn't stack well with the MONSTERS, INC., UP!, RATATOUILLE or INCREDIBLES (among others).

As for the short, it's about Mater and how cowardly he is. The others make up a ghost story and Mater freaks out. It's all great fun for the kids, but adults probably won't love this film unless they are car aficionados or NASCAR fans. To me, it all seemed pretty routine--aside from the great animation.
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Gorgeously animated, but rather routine
TheLittleSongbird23 February 2012
Mater and the Gaslight is definitely not bad, but other than the animation really there is nothing special I particularly find about it. The animation is indeed gorgeous, like with all of Pixar's other work, not only beautiful in the colours but there is a sense of atmosphere too, the music fits wonderfully, the Ghostlight is creepy and the voice work especially from Paul Newman and Michael Wallis is great. However, it all feels rather routine, apart from the sight of Mater shaking and looking scared, there is never really anything that across as funny or moving, and the rather thin story holds few surprises. I also have an issue with Mater, I find him much better as a supporting character than a lead, by all means his appearance is not as problematic as it was in Cars 2, but he is rather bland here. In conclusion, worth watching for the animation but it is just lacking for me in humour, charm and heart. 6/10 Bethany Cox
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Loved it..
BatmanFunReviews201813 November 2018
Mater and the Ghostlight is a DVD extra feature that is actually on the DVD of 'Cars' and has our beloved Mater telling a story about a Ghostlight of course the twist in the end is very clever and uplifting and the short film ends with everyone laughing at the situation that took place and fans of the series will definitely not be disappointed by it too.
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Prismark1021 August 2016
This DVD extra was directed by John Lasseter. Mater loves to go around Radiator Springs and pull stunts on Lightning McQueen and try to frighten him when it is least expected.

The Cars turn the table on Mater by telling him the tale of the Ghostlight, an orb that comes out of the dark which rattles Mater. Later on in the night Mater lets his imagination get the better off him as he fears the Ghostlight is right behind him.

For a short the animation is very good, you can see on the screen the care Pixar has taken in how they draw the characters and lit them. Just check out the reflections on the bonnets.
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Visually Charming. ♦ 90%
TejasNair26 December 2013
It goes without saying how clear the animation is here. The attention to details and a very simple story makes it a wonderful 7 minute short.

Derived from the "Cars" universe, it talks about how Mater teases his friends and how they decide to take revenge, all in a funny manner. The imaginative plot also delivers a message to children who will perceive it permanently.

The various themes it samples are self-righteousness, sarcasm, dear, hallucination (kind of) and light horror. Music and background score add to the fun. Fantastic direction & very colorful setup. The niceties, of you focus on them, are bound to reveal how the makers are filled with creativity.

BOTTOM LINE: A very cool short; definitely one of Pixar's best.
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Not quite as good as 'Cars,' but lovely coloured lighting and great music
Stompgal_878 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I might have seen this short when renting 'Cars' a few years ago but had forgotten about it. Upon renting the first volume of Pixar shorts on DVD, I watched it to refresh my memory but I didn't find it as engaging as 'Jack Jack Attack,' 'Burn-E' and 'Dug's Special Mission.'

Two of the strongest aspects are the song 'Behind the Clouds' that opens and closes the short and the lovely fluorescent-coloured lighting that sufficiently illuminated the dark sky for the most part but some shots are too dark and not detailed enough, especially those when Mater is left alone and is scared of what he thinks is the ghost light. There a a few clichéd moments such as the record scratch when the police car mentions the ghost light, the false alarm situation of Mater thinking the cute lightning bug was the ghost light and a slow-motion scream. The dialogue was a tad simplistic and at one point repetitive, but I liked the upbeat-to-slow country music playing after the generic-sounding scary music. There were also some laugh-out-loud moments such as Mater playing tricks on the other cars and trying to scare them, especially Lightning McQueen hoping Mater wouldn't scare him, the brief appearance of the cow tractors (they made me laugh in the main feature) and Mater not noticing the Screaming Banshee after the opening credits.

Overall this is one of the weaker feature-related Pixar shorts but its music is mostly worth a listen and the lighting is on the whole beautiful. 7/10.
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Rather sterile end to Paul Newman's career
Horst_In_Translation30 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
"Mater and the Ghostlight", made by Pixar dinosaur John Lasseter and the rather-new Dan Scanlon, is an okay little short-film with the main protagonists from Cars and can make for a decent watch during Halloween for example. It's the last movie ever with screen legend Paul Newman. The first 90 seconds or so, we just see all the characters, like a fire-fighter car watering a bunch of flowers etc. Then it enters scary territory as one of the cars tells his very own little horror story and we see it brought to life not much later.

People often say the Cars films are Pixar's weakest and this one here is probably the equivalent when it comes to their short-films. Of course, it's not totally bad at all. The animation is great as always and I liked the "the scream of what?"-twist towards the end. This was pretty funny. Otherwise, it's not really a must watch unless you're still very young or you really loved the Cars movie.
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