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Sex & Nudity

  • Lenalee, a main character, is often seen wearing a really short skirt, and the camera often zooms in on her thighs. She is obviously portrayed sexually, but not in a 'useless sex object' context.
  • A woman, Madame Lulubell, is seen a few times naked. She is always covered by shadow, and shown from the side at a small distance.
  • Episode 60: Lenalee is shown having a shower. Her bare chest is shown revealing a small amount of cleavge, and her back and thighs are also shown. Episode 63: Lenalee is shown after a large battle, with her uniform torn in several places. She appears to be wearing a tube-top type bra, and boy-brief undergarments.
  • Fou, a guardian of The Order, wears nothing but a tube-too and underwear, but since she is not human, she is not portrayed sexually and has no discernible breasts to be sexualised.
  • A few mild sexual references and innuendos.

Violence & Gore

  • The show has a lot of frequent action violence with punching, kicking, stabbing, slashing, crushing and shooting, but very rarely shows any blood. However, when it does show blood, it is a lot at once.
  • Episode 19: Yu Kanda has his arm almost severed off, a lot of blood. When Aleister Crowley bites (kills) Akuma, there is often a large spurt of blood.


  • Quite a lot for a TV-14 show. Frequent but often mild. The English Dub has less, so the Dub and Sub are rated differently,
  • Sub: Several accounts of 'fuck' and derivatives, however these are spread throughout 103 episodes. Frequent uses of crap, damn, hell and shit. Occasional use of piss and bitch.
  • Dub: Maybe 1-3 uses of fuck. The uses of shit, crap, damn, etc are about the same.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Occasional smoking and drinking from adult characters.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The entire show is counted as a 'dark anime', meaning the storyline is intense, saddening, and often creepy. The appearance of the demons is guaranteed to frighten most kids under the age of 8. The concept of stolen and tortured souls exploited into weapons is very mature and dark. The storyline is in-depth, and is concerned with a lot of dark themes such as war, religion, loss/sorrow/grief, and the underworld and afterlife.
  • From around Episode 53 onwards, is when it starts to really get dark, intense, and violent. The earlier episodes are softened quite a bit by extensive use of comedy and sometimes innocent romance, but these are all but gone in the later episodes.

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