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This might just be a tad too grueling and bleak for everyone’s liking, but it’s a Road that’s definitely well worth traveling.
The movie The Road is nowhere close to its literary sire, but it's probably the best one could hope for from a movie version.
Miami Herald
The filmmakers capture enough of the book's essence -- and the power of its knockout, transcendent ending -- to more than justify the movie's existence.
The Hollywood Reporter
Director John Hillcoat has performed an admirable job of bringing Cormac McCarthy's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel to the screen as an intact and haunting tale, even at the cost of sacrificing color, big scenes and standard Hollywood imagery of post-apocalyptic America.
There's enough foreboding in America right now to make sitting through a movie such as The Road seem like one more heavy burden that, frankly, no one needs.
Aas grim as The Road gets, Hillcoat goes a little soft at the wrong time. Someone like Michael Haneke would have no trouble embracing this material’s uncompromising dreariness.
Chicago Tribune
The best thing about the film is Viggo Mortensen’s performance. A stealth talent of many shadings, Mortensen has a way of fitting easily into nearly any period, any milieu.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
The Road has the signposts of an important film, but it lacks the diversions of an inviting trip.
Evocative as it is, The Road comes up short, not because it’s bleak but because it’s monotonous.
Except for the physical aspects of this bleak odyssey by a father and son through a post-apocalyptic landscape, this long-delayed production falls dispiritingly short on every front.

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