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Season 2

13 Oct. 2008
So I Think I Can Dance
Sam finds out she was a dancer before she contracted amnesia, which prompts her to join her mother in the fight against her mother's nemesis in the annual dance contest at the country club. Meanwhile, Todd drags his feet in vacating Sam's place because of his financial ability to secure a new place of his own.
20 Oct. 2008
Out of Africa
The new Sam decides to take a trip to Africa in hopes of providing some help to people who desperately need it, but then chickens out when she finds out what it's going to take to get there.
27 Oct. 2008
The Pill
Dr. Adams asks Sam to participate in a clinical trial in an effort to regain her memories, but then the trial is "cancelled" just as Sam remembers probably one of the most important memories in her life.
3 Nov. 2008
The Building
After pointing out her serious cash-flow problem, Samantha's mother gets her to agree to get back into the real estate game, only this time with her mother. Andrea attempts to use Todd's friend to further her own gold-digging excursions.
10 Nov. 2008
When Samantha meets a troubled young lady while doing community service, she takes it upon herself to try and help the lady pick herself up.
17 Nov. 2008
The Ex
Sam thinks it's all right for Todd to be in her life as a friend while dating Owen, but doesn't like the idea of Owen's ex, Willow, being Owen's best friend, while Andrea gets Dina to take pictures of her in hopes of landing her basketball player.
24 Nov. 2008
The Farm
Sam has to perform damage control after she invites Owen to her parents for dinner, while Andrea forces her boss to perform damage control with Dena after Dena cramps her style without able to spend any time with Andrea's boss.
1 Dec. 2008
The Park
Samantha struggles with trying to be an environmentalist for Evan.
1 Dec. 2008
The Family Vacation
After getting her heart broken, Sam goes on a family vacation.
26 Mar. 2009
My Best Friend's Boyfriend
Todd discovers something peculiar with Andrea's pro basketball-playing date
2 Apr. 2009
The Dog
Sam borrows Dena's dog to find out if she is nurturing.
9 Apr. 2009
The Amazing Racist
Samantha's amnesia causes to a misunderstanding which leads a certain important couple to think she's racist. So Samantha decides to make Frank her first black friend. Tony is caught kissing a man and Andrea thinks it's all over now.
16 Apr. 2009
The Debt
Samantha runs into her billionaire-ex Winston Funk and starts to question her life. Her mother proposes a trip to Vegas. However, Samantha's amnesia covers her own past in Vegas... Andrea tries to shine the image public has of her.
25 Jun. 2009
The Rock Star
A rock star, Tommy Wylder, approaches Sam in a bar. Thanks to amnesia, Sam doesn't remember him. Tommy asks her out and the girls go crazy. But what is it that Sam can't remember? And what's her dad's connection to Tommy?
2 Jul. 2009
Todd's Job
Sam tries to ensure that Todd gets a job by sabotaging his cometition.
2 Jul. 2009
The Sister
Turns out Regina hasn't revealed her sister Amy's existence to the amnesiac Sam - and the revelations just start from there! Andrea becomes a Jinx to Tony. Todd finds out a way to benefit from it - and also a new side out of Frank.
9 Jul. 2009
The Dream Job
Sam has retrograde amnesia amd sets out to rediscover herself.
9 Jul. 2009
The First Date
Sam is late from her new first date with Todd, who then gives her one last chance. Andrea thinks Sam should go for Funk instead. And Funk just happens to need Sam to meet a senator at the exact time of Sam and Todd's date.
23 Jul. 2009
The Other Woman
Turns out Todd has forgotten to mention that his roommate in London is a girl. Funk's ex-wife returns and Sam, whose affair with him broke their marriage, decides to reunite them. But then Sam discovers his old romantic e-mails.
23 Jul. 2009
With This Ring
Sam has retrograde amnesia and sets out to rediscover herself.

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