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(2007– )

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Season 2

3 Apr. 2009
Dangerous Liaisons
Samantha misses an entire semester when her cross-country road-trip goes astray. She meets charming Rich Powell in Panama but after a night together she wakes up alone. Heading back to Charles University as a "froshmore," she finds that things have changed. Noah is now dating Robyn. Kathryn is back but is not no longer her roommate or friend. Alyssia has matriculated and thanks to a deal worked out by Mrs. O'Sullivan, Allysia and Sam are roommates. Also Rich Powell is now a Charles student and Alysia is being set up as the target of a sorority girl prank.
10 Apr. 2009
Samantha's literature prof takes exception to her late enrollment and tosses her out of class. While Dorothy gets Sam re-instated, Alysia's newest wear-a-nightie-to-class and flirt with Rich trend makes Sam crazy. Meanwhile Noah decides to focus his documentary on the increasing pace of student life on his girlfriend Robyn... that is, if he can get any of her time.
17 Apr. 2009
Samantha writes a revealing play for her lit class in which she highlights four aspects of herself; Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit. Getting her friends to play the various parts though teaches her some new lessons. Meanwhile, Robyn questions her commitment to pre-med and considers art when her surgeon father visits campus and meets Noah. Del and Kathryn exchange secrets about Sam and Rich as part of their project in abnormal psychology.
24 Apr. 2009
Different Hearts
Kat helps Noah with his nightly filming efforts during a campus wide prank war. Alicia wages a prank war of her own against her mother while Samantha and Alicia's new beau, Jake, try to rein her in. Poppy is one of the first victims of the war when she wakes up outside along with all the rest of her dorm room contents.
1 May 2009
Sam decides to throw Noah a Canadian Thanksgiving party and Del offers to get a caterer. However when Del finds out that his family is broke, a back-up plan is called for. Rich hooks Sam up with veggies for the big dinner but tells her that there relationship is over. Meanwhile Poppy invites her lab partner Travis who brings a special dessert that has everyone laughing by evening's end. Under the influence, Robyn confesses her attraction for Kat and Sam calls Jake to help her make it though the night.
Duluth Minnesota
Jake and Sam hook up only to discover that their safe sex might not have been that safe. Meanwhile Kat has a talk with Noah and Robyn and Rich is disappointed that no one gets his sustainability talk.
Debtor's Prison
Rich adopts Kat's puppy and it brings chaos to his life. Sam decides she wants another chance with Rich. Poppy's dad comes to town and decides Del's in love with his daughter. Meanwhile Noah struggles with making an interview with Dorothy into a movie.
Sam and Rich decide to challenge themselves to do each something that they're afraid of. Their friends get involved in the challenge as well. Kathryn founds a group. Del analyzes his relationship with Poppy. Poppy builds her time machine. Noah apologizes to Robyn. Rich starts a green pact website and Sam lands a job writing a column for a local paper.

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