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Simply delicious
foreverseaqxx13 December 2007
If you can speak Spanish, I truly recommend for you to try this series. The intrigue of each episode reminds me of old novels by Agatha Cristie. The action is really well combined with relations between people, the platonic love between the main characters spices up the things. It's different than other series because the action it's not only about solving mysteries and following clues, but also the unusual environment. We have corrupted priests, a detective and hot priest, which does good deeds but often does not follow the rules, a priest which kills and a cardinal which has a son. This series is missing the violence and the sexuality characteristic to American series, which is not a flow but a gain. A plus of this series is also the fact that it reveals the politic games within the roman-catholic church. I truly recommend for you to try it.
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That guy is not Quart
seth_garamonde3 January 2008
This series sells itself as an adaptation/continuation of the book "La Piel del Tambor" from Arturo Perez Reverte. This is uncertain at all. Quart appears more like a secret agent that a ecclesiastic. The scenes of sex are unnecessary and the "Special Effects" are ridiculous. The script is full of used ideas and uses that typical elcesiastic conspiring ideas of many movies. The platonic love of the book is exaggerated. About the FX, Make a look to the fire of 1x4 (Profecías). I wish this series is closed forever. The Reberte Books are often bad adapted, but this case is unique. In Spain, there are better series like "El Comisario", "Ris Científica", and others.
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