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The Velocity of Sara is an exciting, if unsatisfying, final episode of Vanished
tavm10 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
As we begin this final episode, Sara is driving in a stolen car at night being chased by her captors in a helicopter. When they land, they search the now empty car and find Sara gone. Unbeknowst to them, Sara is hiding in front of a big tree that none of them are aware is nearby. As daybreak comes, Sara has slept in front of a house in Warm Springs as she gets awakened by a little girl who lives there. It is about this time that Lucas and Lin Mei find the stolen car with bloodstains on it. They manage to find the guy who drove it and while Lin Mei leaves, Lucas threatens to do him bodily harm if he doesn't tell the truth. He does. Lucas has also met with Jeffery Collins' father and confronted him about his silhouette in young Sara's torture scene. He mentions visiting there a couple of times then leaves in a huff. Peter Manning the fisherman gives proof he's the father of Sara's child to Judy Nash. Nash goes to her boss to try to get her exclusive on the air. No dice unless Sara is proved to be the mother. Lucas and Lin Mei come to the Collins house to tell Jeffery and ex-wife Jessica that Sara called the night before. Jessica says she didn't know but the ex-husband doesn't believe her. The children, Max and Marcy, try to figure out how to get to Ben when Max calls about Ben's credit card charges pretending to be him. He finds out the last five were for a cab in Washington, D.C. Ben is there to get a gun. He joins a club to get it quickly. He finds Rainer, follows him, and when Rainer turns around in his home, shoots him. It's around this time that we find out that Lucas and Lin Mei's boss has contact with Sara's kidnappers. Seems he's in cahoots with them and, later on, with Jeffrey's father and Judy's boss in that secret organization we keep seeing. Back at the house that Sara stays, she finds out the kindly mother who let her stay is calling her husband about the reward offered by the senator. Sara then steals the keys and escapes in a stolen car but not before the daughter calls to her parents. Lucas and Lin Mei then arrive for questioning after which they arrive at a bus station and find out Sara has bought a one-way ticket to Massachusettes. Peter at this point had given up on finding Sara or his daughter but at night on his boat Nicky, there Sara is explaining who she really is but Peter doesn't really care as they embrace...Okay, so Sara knows she once was Nicky and had abandoned Peter. When Sara was brainwashed at 19, what was Jeffery's father interest in doing so? What did he have against Jeffery's relationship with her? And what deal has he struck with the FBI man and Judy's boss concerning Sara and their secret organization? I'm afraid these questions will never be answered nor will we find out what will happen when Sara is exposed with Peter. Overall, a pretty good final episode that, nevertheless, was obviously not supposed to be. Kudos to the entire cast though I wish Gale Harold had been allowed to stay on especially after Eddie Cibrian had ripped into his boss almost the same way Harold would have done. Oh, well. With Vanished now completed, that's one less of many shows, new or otherwise, I have to worry about catching up on though there's 24 coming in a few weeks... Update 7/24/07-What I just reviewed was actually Episode 13, Warm Springs.
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a not so good ending to a not so good series
Le_Rouge9 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
***spoiler alert*** So I watched the whole series. Why? I don't know. Almost nothing made sense, choices of the main characters were not skillfully scripted, and in the season finale we get no explanations. Well, I guess if the network decided to dump the series, they wouldn't want to invest in good writers now, would they? The finale has not explained much, as the commentator above already mentioned. In a "mystery" series - this is what the finale should do: explain the mystery. All we got, is a hug, and some people getting together (probably free masons), when we already speculated they belonged to that organization. What was their aim? we will never know, as what was the senator's first wife part, why everyone was looking for Sarah, what will be with her daughter, how come she can suddenly forget all the love to her husband, etc. etc.
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