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The Return of Eco-Horror...
Vomitron_G1 June 2010 the form of The Goo That Kills! From beneath the earth, it gets up and kills! Die, you pitiful humans with no respect for Mother Nature! Die in Hell and suffer a Thousand Deaths!

Nevermind that. I just felt like screaming something, anything, whatever, after seeing The Goo That Puts You To Sleep. There I was thinking the concept of a sinister mass of undefined substance rising from the bowels of the earth to take revenge on mankind sounded kind of cool. Knowing beforehand that this was (co-)produced by RHI, I knew I didn't have to expect a horror flick heavy on the stomach. RHI produces films & mini-series for television, but at least from what I had seen of them so far, most of their productions were supported by decent budgets, nice effects and a capable cast. I'm talking stuff from the 90's here, like the outer-space thriller "Lifepod" (1993) and their adaptation of "Gulliver's Travels" (1994). But after just now having seen "Something Beneath", I took the liberty of looking up their filmography as a production company again. And oh yes, things really went downhill for them in this new millennium. I can't see anyone who has seen the recent "Rise of the Gargoyles" (2009) disagreeing with me on that.

As the main location in "something Beneath", we have some sort of hotel/resort in which an environmental conference is about to be held. But the conference never happens, as guests start dying mysterious deaths. Responsible for the killings, is this black goo that's got the whole plumbing system of the resort messed up. When your skin touches the goo, you start hallucinating about your deepest fears, and you die, in one way or another. A guy who has asthma, gets pulled into the ground and suffocates. An extremely annoying celebrity babe - who again has me convinced that all video-bloggers are narcissistic, egotistical morons - gets assaulted by an ugly old hag coming from a mirror. A guy who likes playing zombie-shooting games gets attacked by the living dead. And this goes on until some priest & an executive lady in charge figure out what's going on. Then they hit the sewers and try to destroy this thing from beneath. It all turns out to be the umpteenth blue-print for yet another unworthy creature feature.

I admit, there are much worse films out there and still being made in this day and age, even for television (Sci-Fi Channel products probably is your safest bet to catch one of those). But "Something Beneath" turned out so unimaginative and uninspired, I couldn't even have much fun with it. The plot throws in a whole bunch of very different characters, and none of them really work together at any point. The make-up effects are passable. The CGI just average (and thankfully not overused). The orchestrated death sequences try to be original, but painfully lack a decent execution and are poorly crafted. No mood, no atmosphere, no tension, no scares. The final money shot of the blob creature in all its glory is present, but the damn thing doesn't do anything. Yes, it hints at something Lovecraftian or may even have you reminiscing some older, British B&W sci-fi classics, but nobody can convince me that all this served as an inspiration to the makers of "Something Beneath". And how they defeat the slimy creature this time, is simply preposterous.

I can't imagine in a million years "Something Beneath" being worth it for any serious horror fan. Perhaps Kevin Sorbo fans might watch and enjoy it, but what else would they do in their spare time anyway? So for those who decide to watch this film and happen to think it's awesome, you can go seek out Jim Wynorski's "Project Viper" (2002). It's an equally awesome movie, but this time featuring an undefined gray gooey substance from space. And if you want to take it a few steps up the quality ladder and watch an undiscovered recent masterpiece in the 'undefined organisms engulfing the earth and swallowing mankind' sub-genre, there's this one film called "Living Hell (aka Organizm)" (2008) that will probably rock your world. Enjoy!
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Something not happening...
TheLittleSongbird13 May 2012
I saw Something Beneath because while dubious(for obvious reasons) the concept was interesting, far-fetched perhaps but actually seemed as though SyFy were trying to do something different. The movie itself conversely doesn't live up to this concept. The film is not badly edited and Natalie Brown is quite good considering her clichéd character. However, while the concept promised much the delivery didn't live up to it, not much is done with the whole monster/hallucinations angle and these scenes come off as silly instead. The story sadly comes across as dull and unimaginative too, the overall tone feels no more different from the other SyFy creature movies. The script is often too talky and is so cheesy even the most hungry mouse wouldn't be able to finish it. The monster looks ridiculous and is not very imposing at all, while Something Beneath has annoying stereotypes for characters and bad acting even from Kevin Sorbo who always tries to save bad movies but not this time. The ending also falls flat, with no sense of tension and even worse the monster is defeated all too easily. Overall, pretty poor, but I have seen far worse. 3/10 Bethany Cox
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Waste of film
leisa_lingo20 May 2008
Completely absurd. Acting is terrible. The black goo wasn't very menacing. No explanation of where it came from. If it was intelligent, how come it couldn't sense that no one was intentionally trying to harm it? Hallucinations? Terrible concept! Completely lacking in tension, and interest. One of the worst I've ever seen. Thank goodness I caught it on TV and didn't pay to see this garbage. Kevin Sorbo should be ashamed of himself. I know a person needs to work to live, but he should have passed on this turkey and gotten a part time job pumping gas instead. It is a testament to today's state of film making, that proves that anyone anywhere can make a movie and have it released. Shame!
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Horrible attempt at a horror/thriller with terrible acting
per-k16 December 2008
Wow. So bad, that my heart hurts for Canadian cinema... Honestly, I've not seen worse acting/directing in a VERY long time. Why would such a complete piece of garbage ever get made? Who would ever care for it to fill even the least watched time slot on TV???? The writing was completely 2D, the concept beyond a watered down rip off of every thriller that has come before this bomb, such as Tremors, Poltergeist, "It"and so on. The last scene - did they really think that awful kiss was a good take??? For god's sake, all you have to say is "let's try it one more time". Was the director blind? I think this may be the worst movie I have ever seen... The ONLY reason I saw it is because I'm sick with a terrible case of strep and couldn't even reach the converter. Plus, it was so horrible, that it was almost compelling.
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Poor sci-fi horror thriller with one of the worst endings ever.
poolandrews27 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Something Beneath is set at ecological conference at a newly built out of the way resort, ecological crusader Father Douglas Middleton (Kevin Sorbo) is organising the event & has some guy named Eugene (Rob McLaughlin) as his keynote speaker. Unfortunately Eugene turns up dead before he gets to make his speech, the death is put down to an asthma attack by a worried resort manager who wants to keep any bad publicity to a minimum. Then soon after 'it' girl Mikaela Strovsky (Brittany Scoobie) turns up with her wrist's slashed, coincidence or are the two seemingly unrelated death's connected & just what is that black slime that seems to be oozing from everywhere? Father Middleton & resort events organiser Khali Spence (Natalie Brown) try to get to the bottom of the mystery...

This Canadian production is yet another Sci-Fi Channel original but this time instead of killer mutant snakes or ants or fish or dinosaurs or aliens we get some black slime monster, directed by David Winning I thought Something Beneath tried to do something a bit different with the 'Creature Feature' blueprint but comes off just as bad as any giant animal/insect/monster/alien/resurrected dinosaur film made by the Sci-Fi Channel you care to mention. Along with the standard clichéd 'Creature Feature' angle the script has an annoyingly simplistic pro-environmental message to it that has all the subtlety of a sledge hammer, we are told in no uncertain terms that the environment must be protected & big business is the real evil monster. Yeah, yeah, seen it & heard it all before in dozens of other much better films. Something Beneath also has one of the worst endings I have ever seen, our hero Father Middleton & the token female love interest Khali (I told you it was clichéd) are stuck in an abandoned silo with the huge slime monster at the bottom & Khali hanging off a broken bridge in mortal danger. So what happens, so what do the makers decide to do to round the film off from this point? That's right they have Khali hold her homemade necklace thing, say a few words in her native language as a prayer & the slime monster then just leaves her alone & goes away. The makers of Something Beneath have the huge slime monster defeated by a woman's faith & a few words. Lame. In fact it's one of the laziest, most random & moronic endings I've ever seen in a film & doesn't stay in keeping with the rest of the film anyway since there's not been any supernatural elements to that point. The pace is poor, there are a few plot-holes like why does it take hours for Deadmarsh to be affected by the hallucinations when earlier both Eugene & Mikaela had hallucinations almost immediately?

When you get this slime on you it gets into your bloodstream & produces hallucinations revolving around your worst fears that result in your death, the idea is quite good but nothing is done with it & people have very cheap looking hallucinations like seeing things in mirrors or being chased by a dog. Dull & lacking in imagination considering the possibilities were endless. There's a really bad moment at the start when a construction worker has a bulldozer heading towards him & instead of running or simply moving to the left or right he starts to stumble backwards to try & make the scene look more menacing & to try & make it look as if he is in danger but it ends up just looking ridiculous. I am not sure if the version I saw on telly was cut or not but there's no gore & there did seem to be various awkward edits & jumpy looking scenes. The CGI slime monster at the end doesn't look too bad but it isn't great or anything, just maybe slightly better than I expected.

Shot in Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada this has the usual average production values most of these Sci-Fi Channel monster films do, to be honest you will have totally forgotten about it within five minutes of it finishing. Kevin Sorbo is as big a name actor as the makers could afford which says everything.

Something Beneath could have been something a little bit different with it's unusual monster but in the end it still feels exactly the same as dozens of other 'Creature Features' & doesn't try to distinguish itself that much. More generic, lazy, by-the-numbers 'Creature Feature' rubbish that is instantly forgettable.
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Not your typical scary movie!
renee052118 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This wasn't the scary movie that I thought it would be,although the gooey effects weren't all that bad.Character-wise,Kevin Sorbo's Father Doug just didn't seem to fit in with the storyline,in my opinion.Of course it didn't help that he wasn't in that many scenes. I did like his interaction with the lady,particularly after she found out that he wasn't"that kind"of priest.To me,their chemistry is what kept my attention-nothing else in the movie did! While I didn't think the character fit in,I did like Father Doug-he was rather charming for a priest. The ending,while nice,was too predictable. I would only recommend this if you are a big fan of Kevin Sorbo.
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lame monster combined by even worse plot= one crappy movie
srcorr23 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
A ooze kills people by making hallucinations!? what was the director thinking! For one thing: most of the movie you can't tell whether or not they're hallucinating or in real life. also, The characters couldn't have been dumber. You think the entire cast dropped of school before they were ever allowed too. The priest guy (Kevin Sorbo) acts nothing like a priest. and who the hell is scared of zombies!? If you know they're fake, you shouldn't be scared of them. And the opening scene made no sense, the opening scene is meant to clarify what the main character is dealing with. From the opening scene, you'd think it's a gayer version of final destination! The only thing that could have made this movie even lamer is if the hotel was destroyed. Also, the whole movie was just one big plot line. Everyone had a plot line, if you were a dog, you got a plot line, if you were the director, you had a plot line, if you were a single finger, you had a plot line. Besides the ridiculous amount of plot lines, you have no idea what it is until you finally see the thing, and even then you have no clue what they're dealing with. Also, the climax is meant to be the highest point of interest, not something that makes less sense than the revelation. And the way the fanatic dude died was the most pathetic excuse for a death ever. Also, the priest guy made worse decisions than any person in a movie has ever made. And also, the falling action was absolutely pointless. You're better off watching sesame street than watching this movie. also, the deaths were more retarded than any death I've ever seen. Everyone said the loser guy died of asthma, he got sucked into the ground!If you're going to see this movie, it's no skin off my back. But if you want to take my advice, save your money. It's better if you're not even paying attention. Just jump into a pool and sing what a wonderful world by Louis Armstrong. At least that makes more sense than something beneath.
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Cheesy Cheese
cchamb024 June 2010
The acting isn't great, the dialogue is completely CHEESY. In a large number of action sequences there are fire balls that the characters don't seem to be aware of? Possibly a computer generated afterthought? I don't know. Silly monsters, I could see this being an episode of a TV series, but as a stand alone movie is poorly made. I feel ashamed for Winnipeg and disappointed in Sorbo.

The characters were annoying, and the jokes and assumptions about priests were repetitive and predictable. Ha ha, its so charming that he's a priest and good looking, WOW. I do not recommend you view this slice of garbage.
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Something Beneath
Scarecrow-885 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
A bubbling crude is unearthed as a developer excavates the ground where it lives for a sewer system with designs on creating a city. Currently a hotel resides where the sewer was created and this icky sentient life form begins spreading it's goo to people within it, once it touches the skin, it enters the blood stream causing the victims to hallucinate, psychologically preying on their worst fears, often resulting in death.

This creature feature has an ecological message behind it as our hero is a Episcipaleon nature loving priest( "environmental crusader"), played by Kevin Sorbo, attending an environmental conference at the hotel where the killer goo is moving through the pipes, causing people to lose their marbles, seeing mostly dead people(..people whom they harmed or feared in the past). Natalie Brown is Kaley Spence, the hotel administrator whose grandmother was an Ojibway(..appropriately a proud people whose spiritual believes are naturalistic regarding treatment of the earth and nature)and she wears an emblem around her neck symbolizing their beliefs. She will join forces with Sorbo's Father Douglas in their mission to uncover what it wants and how to stop it. Peter MacNeill is a "rent-a-cop", as Deadmarsh, with a checkered past(..he also has a history with Douglas) who operates security for the hotel. Brendan Beiser is kooky scientist(..and nature freak), Dr. Connoly, who is obsessed with the new life form, wishing to stop the plans behind further disturbing the creature's home, through the building of a new city where it resides.

The message the filmmakers wish to convey comes off rather silly considering how the creature looks and how it's able to strike back at humankind for it's greed and avarice. The cast, to their credit, give it everything they have, straight-faced and convincing, under the circumstances of the wonky premise. I like Sorbo, believing he has the looks, build, character, personality, and charisma(..I was particularly fond of his Hercules series as a teenager)as a bona-fide heroic lead, but he seems to wind up in crap like this all the time..he deserves better, I believe. He's been successful on sci-fi / fantasy television series, but in junk like this, even Sorbo has a tough time rising above the excremental material. I thought the lovely Brown was also quite good, but she's saddled with the "agnostic who comes to accept her heritage" role, once the the goo-monster threatens her life at the end. Whenever the black goo is about to appear, the filmmakers establish it's presence through the rattling sound of the cicadas. I found the idea that this goo could just land on the skin and immediately cause those it contacts to hallucinate rather hard to swallow. Of course, the evil land developer, with his goals for progress, by causing the land he chooses to disrupt(..with harm to animals such as squirrels and field mice)possible harm, MUST be punished. I guess the eco-nuts might enjoy this hogwash.
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Definitely not the best of horror movies ever made...
paul_haakonsen12 June 2018
Right, well given the fact that I hadn't even heard about this movie prior to stumbling upon it by random luck should serve as some kind of indicator of what I would be in for. But I still decided to give the movie a chance. It did have Kevin Sorbo in it after all, and he does manage to put out an adequate movie every now and again.

"Something Beneath" wasn't one of those times.

This movie was quite far from being scary. It wasn't even mildly thrilling, so don't get your hopes up in terms of getting to watch something grand and spectacular in the horror genre.

The special effects in the movie were adequate. They were not million-dollar-budget-blow-you-out-of-your-seat special effects, mind you. But they still served their purposes fairly well.

As for the acting in the movie, well let's just say that people acted well enough, taking into consideration the type of movie that it is and the budget.

"Something Beneath" is hardly the type of movie that you will return to watch a second time, provided you manage to sit through it the first time at all.
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Would've been fine with an imposing monster
kannibalcorpsegrinder25 October 2017
Arriving at a new hotel, a group working to prepare for an upcoming seminar find a strange black goo popping up around the hotel and when it's revealed that the goo can turn victim's fears against them, they all try to get the remaining guests out before it gets them all.

This one here is a really decent film overall. One of the better elements featured here is the fact that this here has a unique creature which is a rather strong plus. This is an amorphous blob that travels along sewer paths that will kill others based on hallucinations derived from their darkest fears is really nice and displays an interesting gimmick that allows for some great fun. There are some rather nice ones, including the completely unnerving and really creepy bathroom hallucinations of the old woman attacking her in the mirrors, the assault in the basement becomes ultra-creepy once the dog becomes involved chasing her around the facility and the highlight is the series of encounters down in the sewers where all sorts of fears are brought out as this one ups the action as well as being completely suspenseful. The evacuation of the hotel and everything that results from it are really fun, where there's everything from the lengthy suspenseful stalking scene in the sewer systems to a major action scene inside the compound where they get to confront the creature inside the middle of the facility to the race to get out, this is full of fantastic moments that really work, giving this one a stellar pace which is quite impressive overall. These here are the film's good points as this one here doesn't have a whole lot of flaws. Those are all based around the film's titular creature as this is one of the most non-threatening creatures around in no way should inspire fear. Barely touching it starts a hallucination that will kill a person by their greatest fear, but that isn't done by having the creature lay a physical hand on the victim, and they still can be saved even after touching the creature physically. That the creature has to lure victims down into the basement, despite a size given in the film to be of considerable mass, since it can't really move but expand outward as it's rooted in a particular spot, makes this yet another strike against the creature. That is it's biggest strike, and with all these here against the creature in it the film would've been a whole lot better had this been fixed into a more threatening creature. The film's other minor issue is the heavy-handed environmental message that gets hammered home here, tending to be forced into the proceedings with the subtlety of a sledgehammer which doesn't make for an enjoyable time here. These are what hold this one back.

Rated R: Graphic Violence and Language.
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Bottom of the barrel Sci-Fi Channel trash
Leofwine_draca23 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Each time I see a Sci-Fi Original TV movie in the listings I groan. That's because I know I have to watch it, not because I want to, but because the irritating sense of completeness I have pushes me to see all the films they show. Perhaps it's because watching these Z-flicks helps me appreciate other B-movies better. Whatever the cause, I'm a glutton for punishment and SOMETHING BENEATH is another disappointing rip-off in a long line of them.

The story is about some kind of black oil that spills out of the earth and causes people who touch it to have hallucinations in which they witness their worst fears. Therefore a young Paris Hilton-alike witnesses herself as an old hag in the mirror and commits suicide as a result. Another guy who's seen too many horror movies thinks that some cheesy zombies are shambling after him. It's all so predictable, and to be honest, vapid. There's no sense of pace or dread here and the black goo stuff seems to have been stolen from a sub-plot of THE X-FILES. The characters wander around, some die, some live, and you don't care about a single one of them.

The film does win a couple of points at the beginning, as some workmen are killed in slasher-movie ways. But then we're stuck in the doldrums for an hour before things culminate with a sub-Lovecraft monster rising out of the depths. Poor CGI is a given with these movies, but the plot, which can't decide whether it wants to be serious or whether it wants to be a spoof, is absolutely foul. Kevin Sorbo, he of HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS fame, is the actor getting dragged through the mud here, although the worst actor of all is Brendan Beiser as the utterly irritating 'professor' helping to track down the creature. At least Natalie Brown, as the heroine, is pretty, although that's not enough to make this mess entertaining. SOMETHING BENEATH is bottom-of-the-barrel trash with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.
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Not as bad as it could have been
stumpmee7728 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Other than the laughable monster finally revealed at the end (the goo it spat was more menacing) and the irksome character Mikaela-- so obvious Paris Hilton rip-off or was this character a satire? Either way she was worse than the monster or its parts to look at.

I put this next to Chupacabra (sp) Terror in my liking it. I've seen far worse Sci-Fi movies and it didn't try all that much to pass it self as based on true science.

A former Episcopalian, I like the way the script handled the priest. I was ready to hit the channel surfing if I saw one sex scene between him and the love interest. Refreshingly, I saw no stupid sex scene anywhere in this flick and the people looked rather normal.
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Anyone else see how much this is Lovecraftian?
sknt3 September 2009
What surprises me is not a single mention of all the HP Lovecraft influences from the plot to the name, to the sets. All of it is pure Lovecraft in its theme, setting, events, building horror, all of it is pure Lovecraft in writing and execution. It doesn't need referrals to great old ones or anything else but the way it was crafted and executed is pure lovecraftian horror. I am very surprised no one else has mentioned. If it has been its not easily found. The slime monster is reminiscent of the classic slime monster movies in the past including several black and white monsters. X-the Unknown mainly and to less extent The Blob. The title is classic to the style of ambient suggestive horror. The movie many not have been the best for many reasons but it was good if one likes suspense implied horror rather then graphic bloody.
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You Know, the Usual Made-For-TV Sci-Fi Stuff
gavin694211 October 2012
Just under your feet lurks an evil so deadly, so intelligent, it is scary. The attendees of an ecological summit are about to discover a bigger problem than global warming.

The plot reminds me of "Phantoms", but that may just be me. The film itself clearly has no relation to the Affleck masterpiece. This one is clearly more ecologically-based (and they never stop mentioning tree huggers, global warming and more -- they tried too hard).

What does it say when Kevin Sorbo is the only "name" actor? Maybe nothing, as lots of great films have unknown actors. But when you are seeking a mild celebrity and the only guy you can get to sign on for the project is Sorbo, that may not be a good sign for your movie. (I should stress this was not meant to knock Sorbo, who is quite good in this film. He is just not a name that generally draws in crowds.)

This was definitely intended to be humorous -- right off the bat, there are jokes about a dead guy and the line, "Days without a workplace injury -- zero." I appreciate that, because if you cannot make a scary horror film, you may as well make it funny.
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