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No 3D needed!!!!
flicklover11 February 2008
I will start by saying that I am a little biased in this review because I am a HUGE U2 fan. I have seen this band live and up close many times. They are incredible live, no band grabs a hold of an audience the way U2 does.

The new 3D film comes as close as possible to showing the viewer what it FEELS like to be at U2 concert. When this film was announced, I was afraid that the film would be a hi tech 3D thrill ride, while it might be cool to look at, the band would be obscured by the 3D theatrics. I was totally wrong!!! The way that the effect is used take nothing away from the performance. It doesn't feel gimmicky in any way. There are a couple of moments where there are some nice animated 3D graphics but they are used sparingly, but to great effect. The important element of the film of course is the band. U2 is still as passionate as ever, and even thought some critics have turned on them for being TOO BIG, they are as relevant as ever, This band's music has always been wide eyed and bigger than life.

This film capture's exactly that!!!! My only wish is that so many great songs were left out of the film.

U2 is the reason to see this film, not the 3D!!!

Grade: A
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Michael Fargo3 February 2008
While the 3D is fun and the graphic enhancements terrific (editors and CGI now have a third dimension to work their magic), it's the performance and the music that make this worth seeing. With no fuss or delay, the concert jump starts and it's an amazing non-stop ride even throughout the closing credits.

A special cheer to Peter Anderson and Tom Krueger's cinematography which revels in the epic size of the crowds, and places the band members in beautiful--if formal--juxtaposition to the mass of humanity that's writhing in time to the music. It's all just a little terrifying when you consider four people step out on a stage in front of these cheering numbers (I've one question: Is everyone in Argentina beautiful? I've never seen a more handsome crowd.)

Olivier Wicki eschews fancy editing and uses the impressive set piece that toured with the band and creates beautiful dissolves that include wonderful use of that new third dimension. His restraint is spectacular to watch.

Not since Demme's "Stop Making Sense" has there been such an infusion of unabashed joy on the screen for a rock concert. The song set from the Vertigo tour includes:

"Vertigo" "New Year's Day" "Beautiful Day" "Sometimes You Can't Make It on Your Own" "Love and Peace" "Sunday Bloody Sunday" "Bullet the Blue Sky" "Miss Sarajevo" "Pride (In the Name of Love)" "Where the Streets Have No Name" "One" "The Fly" "With or Without You" and, over the closing credits "Yahweh"

You really need to see this in the Imax format if at all possible, but even if forced to watch in an analog television, you'll be thrilled and touched by U2's famed skill and their social conscience.
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like attending a live U2 show right from your living room!
ciaccio-122 May 2007
I was able to see this film at a special screening in France, and I can't get the images out of my head--it was a visual masterpiece! Avoiding the typical (and now antiquated) shooting and editing style of the band's previous pieces and (intentionally?) omitting any backstage interviews, the filmmakers have brought you to a live show in Latin America--to the center of frenzied chaos in the faster songs, grace in the slower ones and then those inexplicable moments where you promise yourself you won't tear up but do--the three best elements of a live U2 show, if you ask me. At one point, I put my hand in the air thinking I was there, because the filmmakers have cleverly positioned the cinema audience behind the live concert audience in the film--you'll even find yourself wanting to tell a guy to put his hand down in front of you, and you'll have to stop yourself. Avoiding any tacky Jaws 3-D style sight gags where any one object is pointing straight at you, the filmmakers instead just grab you, and bring you along for a visually rich and sonically groundbreaking ride--and all you'll pay is a cost of movie ticket.
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U2 (and You Too) Can Transcend Opera
janos45123 January 2008
The peculiar thing about this report is that I am not a rock fan, not by a long shot. Of course, I could not be allowed to live in San Francisco without some appreciation for the Grateful Dead, but that's about it.

When it comes to U2, I know far more about Bono's commendable social activities than of the band's performances.

A labored preamble is necessary to put this in context: "U2 3D" has simply knocked me - a passionate fan of opera and classical music - on my limited-crossover backside. It is a spectacular, musically and visually superb experience, certain to enchant any classical-music fan... if only the fan is not too fanatic to stay away. Watching it, I kept wishing for the "Ring" to be produced with this kind of passion, commitment, hanging ten every moment, and the creation of such stunning images. An important added bonus: unlike other rock films, this one is not deafening, not even in the IMAX setting.

For over a quarter-century, says the PR release, U2 has been recognized not only for their musical innovation, but for their incomparable gift for reaching millions of fans through new technologies. "U2 3D" - the first digital 3-D, multi-camera, real-time production - reflects the band's longstanding embrace of technology and its belief that "U2 3D" has the potential to revolutionize digital 3D technology. Marrying advanced digital 3-D imagery and 5.1 Surround Sound with the unique excitement of a live U2 concert, "U2 3D" takes viewers on an extraordinary cinematic journey, a quantum leap beyond traditional concert films.

Directed by Catherine Owens and Mark Pellington, "U2 3D" is a production of 3ality Digital Entertainment starring Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr.

I would detail my rapture about the screening of this most stunning of concert films, but I was pre-empted: read Eliot Van Buskirk's Wired report -

"With 3-D glasses trained on the Imax screen at the Luxor Casino in Las Vegas, I felt I was experiencing more of the U2 concert from my theater chair than I would have in person. Chalk it up to the impossible camera angles, the breathtaking close-ups and panoramas, or the convincing nature of the latest 3-D technology, but I was really there: watching guitarist-keyboardist The Edge play a Fender Rhodes from a vantage point 4 feet above his head, seeing lead singer Bono's hand reach out to the crowd, and flying through a massive stadium lit up by thousands of cellphones waving in unison like a school of glowing sea creatures.

"The capacity crowds filling these South American soccer stadiums go absolutely mad for the music of U2. Their hands wave to the beat just a few feet in front of you. Their enthusiasm is wildly infectious.

"Every development in the history of cinema has always been about making the experience more realistic, whether going from silent to talkies, or black-and-white to color," said John Rodell, the producer I spoke with outside the theater. "We see the world in 3-D, so this is a natural progression, now that the technological limitations have been conquered."

"The 3-D format goes a long way toward making the movie great, but the film would not have been nearly as powerful with the cameras pointed at most other bands. U2's musicians are masterful performers, and the epic nature of their songs and stage act lends itself perfectly to larger-than-life treatment.

"Still, watching a movie is a passive experience; to keep viewers fully engaged for more than an hour, Sassoon Film Design added a smattering of clever visual effects somewhat reminiscent of the square that Uma Thurman's character draws in the air in 'Pulp Fiction'. Post-production staffers also added animated versions of U2's backdrop videos - most notably a series of icons suggesting that the world's major religions are one. To capture multiple band members in the same frame, the filmmakers added as many as five 3-D layers to the final cut.

"Other than that, U2 3D includes little visual or audio trickery. The band insisted that no audio overdubs be included; every note in the film was played live (although for on-stage close-ups, U2 agreed to be filmed playing one show to an empty stadium). "I could make my cat sound like a good singer with Pro Tools," said Rodell, "but we didn't use any of that. What you see there are those guys, playing that night, in front of 90,000 people."
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Just wish it lasted longer!
stylgeo21 February 2008
I am not a huge U2 fan, I know 3-4 songs of theirs, can sing along 2 of those, but this movie was AMAZING! The concert was brilliant, the direction was amazing, everything was well thought of, really worth it actually! I just wish it was more than 80mins, I really enjoyed it.

The new Real D technology is really great, giving beautiful stereoscopic vision, with images extending in front and behind the screen. Just try to sit as close to the screen as possible, and you'll be trying to touch Bono's face or grab his microphone from his hand!

So, this movie made me want to come home and order some U2 albums, I was singing the "Beautiful day" all the way to home, and I've been told that I had this silly smile throughout the screening. All in all, I really enjoyed it and i definitely suggest to all U2 fans, and not only, to go and see this concert!
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Incredible Experience!!!!
isiscloud24 February 2008
First off, I'm not a huge fan, but really love their early 80s stuff such as Sunday, Bloody Sunday, New Year's Day, etc. My husband is a huge fan and likes the newer music. This blended both and although he wished a few more obscure songs such as "Exit" overall it was great! You can't have everything! I've seen Harry Potter in IMAX 3D and had the reaching out experience and thought I'd be so cool about it, but I did want to reach out and touch Bono/The Edge on several occasions. I also wanted to join in singing/dancing, but it wasn't to be, but my head did bob in time with the music. The camera work was incredible and seeing the monstrous stadium mad me appreciate the smaller ones here in the States! Bono was a little preachy, but that's sort of to be expected Every group needs a 3D movie! I can think of a few to start...
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A must for U2 fans and everyone else
Tommy Musso25 February 2008
I've been a U2 Fan for 25 years. Unfortunately, I've never seen them live. Until now. And boy was it worth the wait. U23D sets you front row to one of the greatest bands of all time. You feel their presence as though they are playing just for you. The 3D was astonishing, but even without it it stands as one of the greatest concert films I've seen. The lighting, camera work and music make the 85 min running time seem like 20 minutes, I personally wished it was twice as long. This world is filled with atrocities and war, But the one shining star on this planet is Bono. He is a great entertainer and one of the greatest humanitarians on this planet, and for that I praise him and for all that U2 stands for. As a planet we could learn a lot from him. But do yourself a favor, even if you are not a fan, go see this show. You will not be disappointed.
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Chills Chills Chills
movieoooo23 January 2008
This movie is so good. Nothing I write here can prepare you for how good it is. I though it was crazy that people were paying more to see this at sundance than they would pay to see the show live, but this is 100x better than being there live. We are Lucky to be able to see this show for $10 when it hits theaters this week.

An independent film using 3-D is a phenomenon that we will start seeing more and more of. This movie makes me want to have 3d in my living room. Can't wait for the new 3d player to hit the home The director is a genius. She had every type of 3-d Camera available to her.

You will be hearing a lot about this film coming up.
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Completely taken in by the 3-D!! I wondered why Bono was trying to touch my face....
jdunham317 February 2008
I took my husband as a Valentine adventure to the IMAX in downtown Austin. My cynical nature had me prepared for unnecessary 3-D actions, but the naturalness the band used when interacting with the cameras was a testament to what consummate performers they are. I did find myself annoyed a few times with the waving arms and the people on the shoulders only because in my enraptured state I thought it was people in the theater.....duh. Glad I fought the urge to shout, "OY! Down in front!" The disclaimer from the theater staff at the beginning about the volume level they were required to play the film at made me nervous at first as I was afraid of having ringing ears the rest of the evening. It was concert loud but not too loud and it helped cover for the fact that I ended up singing along in my nasally off-key Midwestern tones and no one around me could hear it! I wished people in the theater had gotten the urge to jump up and dance and truly immerse themselves in the concert feel of it! I would have joined in, but was too scared to be the first and perhaps only one. I like to have fun, but loathe to be "that person" that gets discussed over dinner afterward. I had to laugh at the times I flinched when crowd action caught me off-guard. I was moved by the whole experience and it made me long for the days when I was young enough to brave festival seating. Only wish I had heard The Edge do "Numb"....maybe next 3-D Dfilm? In the meantime, going to play my Rattle and Hum and Zooropa DVDs to keep the buzz going....
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A must-see for U2 fans.
brendonm6 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I'm a long-time fan since 9th grade (1983 when "War" was released).

I've always believed that rock and roll is best experienced in smaller bars, clubs and theaters. But when "Achtung Baby" came out, I got tickets anyway to the Zoo TV tour in 1992 at Madison Square Garden. While I enjoyed that (the roar of the crowd, the excitement of your fellow fans, and the manic energy of the band) I was all the way up in the nosebleed seats and felt a little removed. And frankly the sound wasn't the best (boomy, kinda got lost up in the ceiling). Sure, they had the jumbotrons to broadcast big images of the band, but it's just not the same as being at the front of the stage in a club.

"U23D" brings the best of both worlds together: you see the immense scale of the stadium audience, but you also get to see the band up close and personal on stage. The filmmakers did a great job capturing the energy and enthusiasm of the South American stadium crowds and the unique bond this band has with its fans.

What struck me about the particular performances captured for this film were "Bullet the Blue Sky" and "Sunday Bloody Sunday": Bono has this tendency to editorialize during some songs and it can come across as preachy at best and forced at worst. Here though, he works in a custom version of "When Johnny Comes Home" to great effect during "Bullet" that really moved me ("Doesn't matter what he's seen or where he's been as long as Johnny comes home").

During "Sunday Bloody Sundy" Bono points to a "Coexist" head band someone in the crowd gave him and points to it and says "Muslims, Jews, Christians–it's all true–we're all children of Abraham. Abraham, speak to your sons." It made me sad because somehow I don't think there will ever be peace in the Middle East. And the superiority that some Evangelicals here in the U.S. have over other religions will probably never go away either. How long must we sing this song, indeed.

Sonically, I wish it had been a little louder, but it still sounded very good. My wife, while she enjoyed it, found herself feeling like she was still observing a lot of other people having fun at a concert. But I felt like I was there.

If you're a U2 fan, you gotta see this before it leaves the IMAX theater near you. It's definitely worth every penny. I'll probably see it one more time before it goes....
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3D is great, not very diverse set list however
Sanpaco1315 February 2008
So I went to see this movie being the true U2 fan that I am and I have to say that I wasn't as impressed with this concert as I have been with other concert DVDs such as U2 Go Home: Live at Slane Castle, or Rattle and Hum. The set list was close to what I remember from when I saw them live for the Vertigo tour however some of the more obscure stuff had been edited out. The most obscure song they perform in this version is "Miss Sarajevo". From the new album they play "Vertigo", "Love and Peace", and "Sometimes You Can't Make it on Your Own", with an acoustic version of "Yahweh" during the credits. None of these could be considered my favorite songs from this album unfortunately and the live versions were slightly annoying in my opinion. Other than that you can hear pretty much all the rest of the songs by listening to the radio on any given day. Not that that's a bad thing. I understand the audience is geared towards a very broad and general group and I understand that I am probably in a small percentile of that group who would rather hear some different songs than these. So based on set list I can't rate this much higher than I have. As for the 3D experience, well let me just say it was amazing. I have no doubt that casual and non fans would enjoy this a lot more than I did. As for me, I'm going to watch U2: Go Home again.
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crbr0125 February 2008
When I saw previews for "U2 3D", I thought it would be a normal type concert movie, only in 3D. The problem is, though, I was wrong. I saw it Saturday night at a 3-D theater and was just impressed what I saw, what all the effects were. I saw U2 Rattle and Hum and was good, but this was way better. I thought that the way that U2 3D was made and all of the 3-D effects that there were, it was the best. Now the question will be, "will it come out on DVD?" Hopefully, because I would just love to own a piece of history. For you who haven't seen it, see it now. See it because if they do decide to not put it on DVD, you will miss out on a great piece of history. Even though I'm a U2 fan and even if you aren't, you will for certain enjoy it. Who knows, maybe your favorite band will make a 3-D concert film at a point.
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U2 Will Be Blown Away
george.schmidt19 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
U2 3D (2008) **** U2: Bono, The Edge, Larry Mullen, Jr., Adam Clayton. (Dirs: Catherine Owens and Mark Pellington)

U2 Will Be Blown Away

For the record U2 is my favorite band of all time – just surpassing The Beatles, The Eagles and the Rolling Stones, pretty much in that order – and I've had the pleasure/ opportunity to see them live close to a dozen times in over 15 years and every time I'm completely blown away; it's the closest thing to a religious experience you could get.

In this current concert film – shot in 3D for the state-of-the-art revolutionary IMAX format – the band is shown in all its splendor during their global "VERTIGO" tour and captured in their glory at a three night stint in Buenos Aires, Argentina with a capacity sold- out crowd – a virtual sea of humanity – that one is immediately swept up and away by the epic gathering of worshipful fans by the tens of thousands – and the stunning 3D technology is so clear-eyed and visionary that you feel like you are right in the swaying crowd and/or onstage with the rocking band as if in a fever dream.

The visuals are amazing and the colorful palette/lighting scheme gives the whole event an otherworldly, alien feel not unlike anything outside of a '70s era David Bowie/Ziggy Stardust kaleidoscopic head-rush. The band sound awesome plowing through a nearly 90 min. run time including many of their classic hits and songs from their current album "How to Dismantle An Atomic Bomb".

Highlights include the latter's poignant "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own" a song Bono wrote in memory of his recently departed father; the invigorating "Vertigo" that has the entire audience jumping in unison; the faith inspiring "One"; a rocking "New Year's Day"; redemptive "Beautiful Day"; and the remaining songs include "Love and Peace" "Sunday Bloody Sunday"; "Bullet the Blue Sky"; "Miss Sarajevo"; "Pride (In the Name of Love)" ; "Where the Streets Have No Name" ; "One" ; "The Fly"; "With or Without You"; and, over the closing credits "Yahweh" .

The only complaint I had is that the film is too short since the band has been known to give Springsteenian 3 hour shows. Otherwise such a fitting format for true giants of rock and roll. Go see it!
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U2 as they should be - a band on screen
templer_doom-125 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
U2's history on film and television is fragmented to say the least.

UNDER A BLOOD RED SKY (1983), they now-immortal performance at Red Rocks was a considerable risk to a band who had everything to lose in light of adverse weather conditions. The result was a dynamic video performance that epitomised their work from BOY through to WAR.

RATTLE AND HUM (1988) was Phil Joanou's foray into U2's evident outgrowth from arena to stadium rock and despite some passable music was not one of their finest moments, providing the kick-start to more creative and left-field thinking.

The extravagance of tours like ZOO TV and POP effectively gave the band a larger-than-life mystical psyche as if to say to the world 'We are U2 - and that is that', so it seemed rather appropriate that they would exploit the IMAX and Digital arenas to their fullest, having utilised such technology in those said tours. The result is their best film to date and a movie that deserves - and dares - to be seen on the big screen. Like CONTROL, you don't have to like or know much about the band to appreciate the impact they have in a way that films like WOODSTOCK (1968) and THE LAST WALTZ (1978) are specialist films of key bands.

There is no surprise to know that all the key hits from three decades of music-craft are here, kicking off with VERTIGO and following through with the likes of NEW YEAR'S DAY, WHERE THE STREETS HAVE NO NAME and ONE. The 3-D enhances the experience at times and as seen on the IMAX screen, there are times when the performances, which are more than you would expect, surpass and explode out of the screen. The effect is substantially more than I expected and then some. A movie that should go and go.
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The_Defiant124 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I saw the trailer for this a few months back and it looked like it might be good. I am a fan of U2, but I prefer some of the tracks that don't get airplay on the radio. When I see a set list of the same hits I've heard a million times, sometimes I don't get real excited. This movie is the closest experience you can get to actually being at one of their concerts. It's not only that, but a lot more. I've never seen a 3D movie as involved as this one. From a creative standpoint, I was flat out impressed. This review is not a review of the song list. It's not a review of whether I like their song arrangements. My rating is based on the overall experience. The 3D aspect makes all the difference. Some of the songs weren't my favorites, but I still liked the movie anyway.

I especially love some of the scenes where you see the band playing on stage through a 3D silhouette of one band member. I liked the 3D effect used on light as people ran to get into the show or as Bono shined light through smoke. I loved the way they'd show one band member on stage but show the big screen version of Bono singing either to the side or in the background. I loved how the crowd looked so alive in 3D. It was truly like being there.

The music is just a big bonus to all the cool creative things they did visually. This is the highest rating I've ever given a movie at IMDb. I think it deserves it.
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U23D is stunning!
robocoaster17 February 2008
How so? Consider that I am the most casual of fan. I don't own any of their albums, haven't and don't intend to buy a concert ticket, and am largely unfamiliar with their catalog outside of their mega-hits. When their songs come on the radio I don't switch the channel, but I don't turn up the volume either.

That being said, I was amazed with this film. I watched slack-jawed the entire time. The best 3d I've ever seen. I must admit, the band was incredible. It's the convergence of their performance in this film and the new "3ality" technology that make this an absolute must- see. Not to mention the almost lyrical shots make this seem more like a work of art. A singularly incredible sensory experience!

Even if you have a multiplex close to you equipped with digital projection showing the film (it comes out Feb 22nd for many non-Imax runs), I suggest going out of your way to find this at an Imax location; the bigger picture and better sound will make a difference. At the very least, see it on the big screen. It will lose much at home, 3d or not.

I suppose if their music grates on you, then sure, wait for the next live-action film shot in 3ality to be released. All others, move this one to the top of your list.

9.5 out of 10
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Reach out and touch the flame
x_pliskin4 February 2008
As a life long U2 fan who has seen the band live many times, including in LA, Seattle, Berlin and Vancouver, B.C., I went into this skeptical a movie could capture the experience of a live U2 performance.

But U2 3D was an absolutely amazing experience that anyone who even remotely likes U2 should see.

U2's music takes flight live, and this movie captures their passion and energy, managing to transport you into the stadium and even onto the stage in ways I never imagined possible.

Bono sounds great, the Edge is his usual brilliant self, the heaving, sweaty South American crowd goes nuts and the unique 3d experience helps bring the beauty and power of U2's music to life.

Inspirational. Spiritual.

I loved it. Go see it.
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Hello, hello (¡Hola!) - U2 Rocks in 3D!
beatlepete28 January 2008
I saw this film at the IMAX in Baltimore on Sunday with a sold out crowd. I must say, as far as I'm concerned, I saw U2 in concert. Not only did I see them in concert, I felt like I was right there in the audience and on the stage with the band. The 3-D technology used was incredible! There were seven in my group and each of us walked out of the theater totally blown away by what we had just seen. Even if you took away the 3-D, you would still have one excellent concert film. The sound was perfectly mixed and at just the right output levels. It really sounded like you were at a rock concert without needing earplugs. However, adding the 3-D dimension took this concert to the next level.

From the show opener of "Vertigo", to the closing number "With or Without You", this concert film pulls you in and makes you feel like you are there. It's U2 playing for you! And believe me, at times it will seem that Bono is not only singing to you, but also reaching out to you (some people in the audience reached back).

A must see-you won't be disappointed. 10 out of 10 stars!
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Absolutely very well worth it, still humming and rattling
matthank-126 January 2008
I saw this last night and I was very impressed. I have not been so riveted by any movie in a long, long time. I was wearing a winter jacket and I did not even take it off....I figured, when there is a 5-second lull, I will take it off. There never was. I went with 4 other people, and the person I thought was beside me actually wasn't, and I did not realize until the movie had ended, because I literally did not turn my head that far once until it was over.

Unlike Rattle + Hum (which I liked), there is no yakking, no other musicians. It's them and you and it feels very personal. A couple of times, Bono got right in my face. And 2 or 3 times, it was like, OK Adam, I like you, but just give me a little room please.

The 3-D illusion was very good, honestly nothing 'gimmicky' was done. In 3-D they always have things flying at you, whatever. In this movie it was just used to make you feel you were there, not like you were going to get poked with a drumstick or something. The camera-work was inventive but far less flashy than Phil Joanou's in R+H and the vids he did for them.

The sound where I saw it (Winnipeg, Manitoba, at Portage Place) was extremely suitable to the situation. Not uncomfortably loud, but clear and punchy, as you'd want it to be at the real show. Loud enough that I could not hear the 2 teenagers blabbing away beside me.

I went there expecting the admission to be either $8.75 or $12.00. It was actually $15. So they need to update that listing, but it was absolutely very well worth it. It is playing here twice a night for the next 3 months. I will definitely go at least once more.
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prufrock1-127 January 2008
$13 is a lot to pay for a movie, but that's not the way to think about U23D. $13 is, on the other hand, a vanishingly small amount to pay for prime, nay impossible, access at a live U2 performance. THAT is what you get with U23D.

I was fortunate enough to have the chance to see the movie with my wife and some friends at the Edwards Marquee IMAX theater in Houston. As a U2 fan since the early 1980s I figured I'd enjoy it, and had the general notion that the IMAX/3D presentation would add to that enjoyment... but I was still unprepared for the riveting, unforgettable experience that this film delivers!

Our friends and my wife are probably less rabid U2 fans than I've been over the years, but they were completely captivated as well. We stood around in front of the theater in the late-night chill afterward and marveled... at the gorgeous in-your-face visuals and well-mixed sound, the startling (but not distracting or overpowering) occasional graphic special effects, and the pulsating energy of the porteño crowd in the film, conveyed flawlessly in 3D.

But above all, the music - as only U2 can conceive and deliver it, with the passion and power that comes from almost three decades of transcending musical, political and cultural barriers wherever they have gone - makes U23D a movie worth the effort to seek out in one of the few theaters capable of showing it.

Whether you consider yourself a U2 fan or not, I can only conclude: Go. See. This.
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U23D is 2 good!
liquidmetalguy22 January 2008
I just attended an advance screening of "U2 3D" and let me tell you, as far as I am concerned I saw U2 in concert. The amazing film literally transports you into the thick of things, and you are right along there with U2 themselves and 100,000 screaming fans.

I agree with a previous reviewer who stated that he wanted to tell the people in front of him to put their hands down only to realize that the hands belonged to people in the movie - the 3D effect is that good. When Bono looks at you - he LOOKS right at you! And the advanced digital sound system that IMAX theaters employ is so crisp, powerful and loud, this is perhaps the only way to hear U2.

If there is one negative, it's that some of the editing is a bit fast - too fast. It's not ultra fast flash-cutting, but within the 3D image, we have so much information and you are naturally trying to absorb it and before you even get half of it, they cut to the next scene.

But that is merely a minor complaint that is actually a backwards compliment. If this is the future of cinema to come, I can't wait. James Cameron's "Avatar" never seemed further away.
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Very Good 3D Movie!
playerpiano2720 January 2008
I went and saw this at the Sundance Film Festival tonight. It is one of/if not the best 3-D movie you'll ever see. If you know you'll never get the chance to see them live, or have an itch for a U2 concert that you just can't scratch, you have to go see this. It was basically that. Much better than your typical concert DVD. There were some pretty good 3D effects too.

My only complaint was that it made me want to get up and and jump to the beat of the music with the crowd, but since its in a theater, you can't get into it as much as you'd like. Otherwise though, you should really check it out.
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best use of 3D EVER!!!!!!!
witster1817 July 2014
I don't see 'films' in 3D anymore - at least not until they make a feature film that puts so much 'effort' into the 3D design as this amazing concert film does.

The entire film is saturated with 3D images. The music is great, but the audience is totally immersed in the 3d experience. You feel like you are climbing on and off the stage with the band, and at no time does the film have lapses in the use of 3D.

I went with two music guys, but they weren't necessarily huge fans of u2 the band. We all got up, paused for a minute to reflect the greatness of what we saw, then walked back to our car with a gigantic smile on our faces.

It's almost draining. The experience is the type of sensory overload that no movie has delivered before, and I've seen 4000 movies. One of the most amazing movie experiences of my life.

Cool with an exponent of 10.


How many films have you seen where the film has 5 maybe 6 noticeably cool uses of 3D technology? Well, this is the polar opposite. I feel like the Lawnmower Man watching this. Somebody put a 3D chip in my brain before I walked into the IMAX that night. Amazing!!!! If/when this gets an IMAX re-release GO WATCH IT!!!! 3d blu-ray on a 3d 4g TV would be nice too. Surpasses everything visually, and it's a concert, enough said.
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A Nutshell Review: U2 3D
DICK STEEL29 January 2011
Waiting for U2 to play in Singapore is like waiting for snow to fall on this island. Enough red herrings have been passed around from time to time, so why wait when you can choose the next best alternative, and that's to soak up a U2 concert atmosphere minus the sweaty bodies without worry of rain to come spoil the parade. If you're not aware, the Science Center - yes of all places, it's a National Geographic film you see - is currently screening U2 3D at The Annexe block during the Fri-Sun weekends until the end of Feb.

With the Omnimax theatre under renovations, one may have reservations on what The Annexe has in its projection arsenal. After all, the picture you see above looks more like a school hall type with a large projection screen put on stage. I share similar concerns, but thankfully once the film started, you'll realize that the capabilities are adequate. The picture is crystal clear, and the sound system powerful enough to provide that surround sound desperately needed to put you right in the centre of the action. Meaning no warbled audio, and no echoes, at least that's what would have spoiled my experience. Sit up close to allow the screen to envelope your peripheral vision, and you're in for quite the ride with the quartet of Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr.

With a total of 14 songs in the set list which included 2 during the encore (With or Without You, woohoo!) and Yahweh during the closing credits, U2 3D was one of the select films that played to an invite only audience during Singapore's 3DX Film Festival back in November 2008. It took that long for this to be finally released here to the non-invited folks, but it's better late than never. 3D concert movies are nothing new these days, with the likes of Miley Cyrus, the Jonah Brothers and Justin Bieber's coming up real soon, but U2 3D was the grand- daddy of them all, with no punches pulled in a mission to evangelize 3D as a medium for concert films. Chocked full of many firsts in the shooting department right down to editing the film, it had aimed to deliver and make a concept point that it just works, and delivered on that promise this film did.

The film depicts a concert from U2's Vertigo Tour in Buenos Aires and the sheer amount of preparation and work put into making this film a reality is simply astounding. Fans of the group will find delight in the set list, and while I had enjoyed myself it really is too short as time always fly by when you're having fun. Before you know it the lights will come on, and it's all over. Some shots were deliberately shot to exploit the typical 3D gimmick, such as Bono stretching his arms and fingers out toward the camera, or Adam Clayton swinging his guitar up close to the screen, but these purposed scenes were few and far between. What you'll get instead are the typical concert shots of audiences going wild and bobbing up and down like jack rabbits, and plenty of wide shots to see how wildly popular the group is with the South Americans.

But of course nothing beats being able to see the quartet up close, which in a concert even if you're standing in the mosh pit you're still quite a distance away to see if Bono blinked. With the wide shots you'll also get to see the production brilliance of the concert (though sometimes you may feel the multiple cameras boosted the concert's look good factor), especially with that mega LED wall behind the group. I must admit I was more of a fan of the group's earlier works, and not so much of the more recent discography. With plenty of activism hours put in, inevitably some would creep into their songs and concerts, and this one was no different, especially with songs like Miss Sarajevo that provided Bono ample opportunity to be really preachy that it stuck out like a sore thumb.

In any case, this film was used to evangelize 3D as a viable medium to allow for a more immersing film experience, so that's the irony in preachiness in itself. I still think it's but a dream to be able to see U2 in an actual concert here, so fans shouldn't hold their breaths, and should just head toward the Science Centre to watch this alternative offering instead. And realize just what the concert calendar here has been missing for so many years.
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u2 - 3d - 4u
dick-roger24 February 2009
I watched this movie in Buenos Aires with my wife and I am Brazilian. That is important to say because the movie was even more interesting since 2 of the shows are in Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires.For this reason, in addition, I could feel the atmosphere of the shows as if I really was there. I am very impressed with the u2 performance and how they can lead a crowd with no big supporting... Just playing..but really playing very well!! The 3d is very interesting but the music is not a complement and certainly it would work being a normal 2d picture as well. I watched the movie on the only available session and it finished 3.30 a.m in the morning! In the beginning I was very sleepy and my wife knowing me very well said that would be impossible I Was able to keep my eyes open!...Thank's to the quality of the film I succeeded!...( well..one or two times I slept a little during the more calm songs..But she didn't see!
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