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In Production: Rama Burstein's Filling the Void

For the most part, life in Israel consists of two major conflicts: one is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (many movie samples out there exist on the subject matter), and the lesser known one is the conflict between secular and religious people inside the Jewish community. Because the religious part lead their life in closed circuits, not many things are known about everyday life among the secular Jews, and it is even harder to explain that to non-Israelis. But these days there is a film in production that might just open a window to this world. We previously had 2004's Ushpizin - perhaps the best known and successful of them all, but for the most part, these have been directed solely by secular directors. Filling the Void is the first project aimed at a wide audience that is directed by someone from within the religious community. Rama Burstein is a graduate from
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17th Annual Jewish Film Festival in Portland

The Nw Film Center along with the Institute for Judaic Studies brings you the 17th Annual Portland Jewish Film Festival.

The big film this year might just be another chance to see Waltz with Bashir on the big screen. Some feel this was the best animated film of 2008 … yes, even better than Wall-e. Others think it was the top documentary.

Here’s a complete list of films … each is single admission.

April 16 Thur 7 Pm

Max, Minsky And Me

Germany 2007

Director: Anna Justice

Nelly, a precocious 12-year-old, lives in Berlin with her German Christian dad and American Jewish mom, who is very eager for Nelly to crack down on her bat mitzvah studies. But her twin obsessions—astronomy and her distant fantasy heartthrob, 16-year-old Edouard, Prince of Luxembourg and fellow stargazer—occupy all of her time. Nor is she much interested in the simple-minded girls’ basketball team, which fills the lives of her schoolmates.
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