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Witches Delight...
terrible227 January 2009
A rather enjoyable piece of old school horror, "Witches Night" takes the viewer on a wild ride and into dark places that we have not ventured in a while. Writer/Director Paul Traynor has obviously done his homework, and understands what it takes to make a modern horror film with classic scares. The film's premise is quite simple, a group of friends set out to cheer up a recently dumped buddy, and decide that a drunken canoe trip in Wisconsin is the right thing to do. Unbenounced to them, they fall prey to coven of (beautiful) witches and find themselves with various skin rashes and horrific visions... Solid acting from all involved, especially Wesley Walker in the role of "Rick". His foul-mouthed rants are at times hysterical and at other moments frightening. The cinematography looks superb, and the locations give the viewer a real sense of isolation and dread. The "Old Lady in the Woods" is down-right scary, and the producers of "The Blair Witch Project" could have taken some tips from these guys... I will agree with some other comments that the ending is a bit of a let-down, and seems really rushed. This is a shame, because the segments leading up to the final scene are suspenseful and creepy. Also there is a lack of any REAL gore, yet the sheer creepiness of the film leaves the viewer feeling uncomfortable...

All in all a great little Indie to add to any horror collection, "Witches Night" uses old school values to sell a modern tale about things we shouldn't mess with.
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Good effort but unsatisfying
TdSmth52 December 2008
4 drunk friends end up at some store in the country somewhere. Some of them want some action, others want to leave. They run into a woman who rents them some canoes and they go out on the river.

At the very beginning of the movie we see some demonic ceremony where a male ends up impaled with a hot iron. So we can already guess what goes on in the woods.

When the friends are camping, they hear voices and run into 4 beautiful girls, who are in the mood for fun. But one guy, sad over his marriage-that-didn't-happen, leaves and his brother follows.

The next morning, the girls are gone and the two guys who spent time with the girls develop rashes. Little by little these rashes develop into serious boils. But the bizarre thing is that the script makes no allusion to these things. These supposed friends don't care a bit about the fact that one of them can't see anything because his eyes are swollen shut. This is just one of the many shortcomings of the script. The sad guy saw what looked like a witch somewhere and he's paranoid about the girls having been witches. The other guy meanwhile turns very aggressive against his friends.

In the end they conclude that the witches were responsible for what is happening to them and want to destroy them. The solution is for the guys to interrupt some evil ceremony that is about to happen during the full moon. Crazy aggressive guy will turn out to be a participant in the ceremony so they have to rescue him, too. So there's a confrontation between the guys and the evil witches. At the end there's a little twist, too.

The acting is very good, but the group of guys is not particularly likable or interesting, nor funny. There is one very funny line, and some mildly funny ones. The girls are absolutely gorgeous, but they get almost no screen time! There's a second or so of nudity, why not more when you are already making an R-rated movie. And this is supposed to be about sexy witches. Instead we follow these lame guys around for hours. A shame. Production is good with the limited budget, well directed. But the script doesn't give the audience much. It's smart and some research was done, but it doesn't have much in terms of entertainment value.
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Fun, entertaining and highly enjoyable
kannibalcorpsegrinder2 October 2012
While out camping in the woods, a group of friends trying to help one get over a devastating break-up find themselves targeted by a group of witches looking to use them as the victims in a Satanic sacrificial ceremony and try to get away before it's too late.

Not too bad and definitely has it's moments, but not a whole lot, which is kinda surprising since this one had the potential to be really good and enjoyable with a fine set-up and some pretty decent moments that come about because of it. The problem really lies, though, in it's unseemly running time that makes this one far, far longer to get to it's main point than it really should, spending too long with the group out in the woods than it should and making the witch's coven come about too late to really get a full handle on it all. The scenes with them are too few to mean anything, and we really only get one ceremony scene from about 50 feet away, making even less of an impression than it could've. Still, the curses befallen the men are fun, there's some good gore and nudity and it has some fun in the finale to make up for everything, but too little too late.

Rated R: Graphic Language, Graphic Violence and Nudity.
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it was all right
movieman_kev14 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Jim, a broken-hearted, disheveled man who has recently been left at the alter on his wedding day, could definitely use some cheering up. And that just what his groomsmen attempt to do. But during an ill-advised canoe trip as well as meeting some very sexual, but mysterious women, they are all inflicted with health problems. Sadly for the gang this is truly the witches' night.

If I had to use one phrase to describe this film it would have to be 'too much build-up for too little payoff'. Not that it was a bad movie, per say, cause I enjoyed it a little. It's well-acted (for this type of low budget film) and the characterization was good enough. It's just that the lack of excitement in the ending almost soured the movie for me. Perfectly good for a rental, but nothing else.

Eye Candy: Elisabeth Oas is briefly topless and some female moonings

My Grade: C
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good horror
kaching708 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
i really wanted to give this movie 9 out of 10 but the end of the movie kinda ruin it for me..i was so enjoying it and in way things were not really expected ,and the acting wasn't bad ..and it had story in it,even tho they had to add some sex scene (which in my opinion i think its a lame to add sexual scene into horror movies)because most of the time there is really no need for that,no point at all ..BUT the night witch only had one scene and didn't really look like porn . i think its really worth watching even with the bad end..it was like writer got bored and just wanted to finish the movie as soon as possible ..or that he really ran out of ides to make a decent end for this movie.

anyway overall the move is really worth watching .
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So so at best
SanteeFats9 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Started out like an old Hitchcock movie. Decent plot, writing, and acting. Building up a nice story line and setting things up for later on. The jilted at the alter groom and three, I guess groomsmen, go on a road trip to help him forget the jilting, they run across a group of four witches when camping in the woods before trying to canoe down a river. Unfortunately the plot goes down after the Halloween eve encounter with them. The married guy is premature is satisfying the three witches and the macho angry guy gets "lucky" with the fourth one. Which is his downfall. Now there are suppose to be seven old women in this group, not a coven since that is suppose to have thirteen members, and I guess they renew themselves by sexing, torturing, emasculating, and ultimately killing their chosen sacrifice. The only one to escape is the jilted groom who thinks he has broken the group by killing what turns out to be an associate not a witch. He gets caught outside by the seven, although I only counted six, but gets away after he manages to drown one in a water trough. This also has the benefit of turning the remaining women into old crones who appear paralyzed by the drowning. Their group is broken and I guess they will now die off. This movie could have been done a lot better if the plot and writing had only done it justice.
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an excellent first movie
tdeladeriere27 September 2008
Four buddies (including brothers) go on a booze rampage after the failed wedding of one of them and end up canoing in deserted woods, unaware that they will be the instrument of an age-old witchcraft ritual.

Male bondage (and male characterization in general) is rarely as faithfully described as in this great surprise of a B-movie. It's extremely rare that you can relate to the characters in a B-movie, especially male ones. Characterization though does not go in the way of action (there's even some boobs, though do not rent this movie for it !) and I found myself glued to my screen for the whole duration of the movie. Excellent use of darkness. The director knows what he's doing and for a first movie, this looked slick and professional. I, for once, agree with the other reviewers that the ending was a bit of a letdown, but on the other end, we do not necessarily need a shocker.
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I'll take the big-haired blonde
ctomvelu117 April 2011
Four buddies on a canoe trip encounter four beautiful, sexually charged women deep in the woods. Their mistake. The women are witches, and the guys are made to suffer. Not very good, although reminiscent of drive-in fare from the 1970s, which means things could have been worse. More nudity might have helped. I didn't stick with it to the bitter end, which from all accounts sounds like I didn't miss a thing. The initial encounter in the woods reminded me of an episode from my own past. I was bicycling through water company property and ran into a couple of very cute girls walking along. One of them asked for a "lift," so I sat her on my handlebars for a brief ride. A couple of days later, we met for a skinny dipping session in the reservoir. Luckily, I didn't develop a rash. Those were the days!
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