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‘The Sexy Brutale’ Review (Nintendo Switch)

Originally released on Steam and the big boy consoles back in April, this bizarre and intriguing puzzle-adventure game now gets its Nintendo release. It’s as beguiling as ever, but the switch to Switch brings major problems.

You play Lafcadio Boone, who awakens in the titular casino mansion at noon. Throughout the day, several guests will be murdered. It’s your job to save them. Solving the murders is only the first step. By sneaking around, peeking through keyholes and observing CCTV, you get to see the murders play out. Then you must manipulate time – the day automatically resets at midnight – and seek a way to prevent the crime from happening.

For example, the very basic opening tutorial has you witnessing a shooting in a chapel. When the day resets, you put a blank bullet into the murder weapon, and when the killer attempts his crime, he is foiled.

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Hands-On With Golem Gates; An Rts With Potential

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Golem Gates is a card-based real-time strategy game (Rts) that has recently entered early access on Steam. Rts games are one of my favorite game genres, but what really piqued my interest was the "card" aspect of the title. With the Rts genre being so formulaic, this change in the formula was something I was excited to try. I got some hands on time with the early access build of the game, and there’s plenty of potential for a great game.

The early access version of the game doesn't yet include the full campaign, but I was glad to find that this did not mean that a tutorial was left out of the game. Rts titles can sometimes feel daunting when the player is tossed into the deep end, and so any amount of tutorial in a welcome sight in my book, and so I started there. It was quick and simple to follow,
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‘Darkwood’ Creeps out of Early Access August 17th

‘Darkwood’ Creeps out of Early Access August 17th
After three years of being in Steam’s Early Access, developer Acid Wizard Studio’s Darkwood will finally emerge as a full release August 17th. In a message to fans, Acid Wizard Studio had this to say about the final release: “Thanks to Early Access, Darkwood has grown immeasurably. The time, funds and community feedback has let […]
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Launch trailer for Space Hulk: Deathwing

Ahead of its release on PC this Wednesday, a launch trailer has arrived online for Streum On Studio’s Space Hulk: Deathwing, the new first person shooter set in the universe of Warhammer 40,000 and based upon Games Workshop’s classic Space Hulk board game; check it out here…

The time has come: under the command of their Librarian, the 1st Company of the Dark Angels prepares to board the gigantic, Genestealer-infested Space deposited in Imperial space by the uncaring tides of the Warp.

Developed on Unreal Engine 4, Space Hulk: Deathwing tasks you – in an extensive solo campaign co-written by Black Library author and Dark Angels specialist Gav Thorpe, or in a challenging coop mode up to 4 players – with facing the Genestealer swarms in the depths of a gigantic amalgamation of interstellar debris and wrecked spacecraft know as a Space Hulk. Unlock and equip yourself with the most powerful weaponry available to the Imperium,
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Check Out The New Trailer For Story Driven Adventure The Descendant

A new trailer for upcoming adventure game The Descendant has arrived today, but you may be just as puzzled about what to expect even after you’ve watched it. Dubbed the ‘Time Shift’ trailer, it’s perhaps more appropriate to label this as another teaser for the game than it is to call it a trailer.

But, nuances of pre-release videos aside, what is for sure is that this new footage does a great job of painting a tense, exciting picture for the story-driven title. The time shift is clear in the video, and it reveals that there’s clearly something – or more likely many things – amiss in The Descendant.

Not much is given away in this trailer, but we do already know a little about the game’s premise from previous information releases. The Descendant is set in a time where climate change has wrecked the planet and a
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13 Tips, Tricks And Secrets To Boost Your PC Gaming Performance

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If you recently bought, built or otherwise acquired your first gaming PC, congratulations. As a former console gamer who returned to PC gaming after a decade’s hiatus, I can say that there’s never been a better time than now to own one. The brilliant Steam platform, a flourishing indie scene, and the ever-growing capabilities of hardware have ensured that I haven’t once glanced over enviously at what my console counterparts are up to… Ok, so there’s Bloodborne on the PS4, but I prefer not to linger on that.

Something you grow to love as a PC gamer is the amount of tweaking and micro-management you can do to squeeze the best gaming performance out of it. From stress-testing new settings to monitoring framerates, to tweaking in-game graphics to get the perfect performance/quality balance, PC tweaking becomes a whole game unto itself.

But ultimately
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Actress DeWanda Wise Set to Make Her Screenwriting & Directorial Debut (Fundraising)

Actress DeWanda Wise is set to make her screenwriting and directorial film debut with the upcoming short film, "Where You Go," to be filmed in NYC this winter.  Wise was the star of the Hallmark movie, "Firelight," alongside Cuba Gooding Jr. Her other film credits include "Spinning into Butter," "Steam," "Precious," and shorts "Pariah" and "Black Swan Theory." She has also performed on the television shows "Boardwalk Empire," "Criminal Intent," "Law & Order Svu," "The Good Wife," "The Mentalist," "The...
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Double Fine’s The Cave Open For Spelunking On January 22nd

Sega and Double Fine announced today that Ron Gilbert (the creator of Monkey Island and Manic Mansion) will launch his latest game, The Cave, on January 22, 2013 on the PlayStation Network and Nintendo’s Wii U eShop for $14.99. Xbox 360 and PC/Mac gamers will be able to join in on all the spelunking fun the following day (January 23rd) for 1200 Microsoft Bucks and $14.99 on Steam.

If you have not been keeping up with our coverage of the upcoming game, The Cave has players pick a team of three adventurers from a group of seven different characters to explore the depths of a mysterious talking cave. Judging from the first and second character trailers, each of the playable adventurers has then own unique story and abilities. Considering that you can only take three of them down at one time, we are expecting that the game will require multiple playthroughs before you can
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Chelsea Handler Heads To The Big Screen

Chelsea Handler Heads To The Big Screen
Chelsea Handler already has best-selling books and two hit TV shows, so hey, why not try to conquer movies, too?

Deadline reports that the comedian and TV host has been cast in the upcoming dark drama, "Mall," a film adaptation of the Eric Bogosian novel. She'll play a disaffected housewife as part of an ensemble cast that also features Vincent D'Onofrio of "Law & Order: Criminal Intent."

The synopsis, via Deadline:

The film follows the intersecting paths of five disaffected suburbanites: a stoner teen, a restless housewife (a dark role to be played by Handler), a voyeuristic businessman (D'Onofrio), a mall security guard and a trigger-happy crystal meth addict who heads to the mall looking for trouble.

It's another venture into cineplexes for Handler, who lent her voice to the animated hit "Hop," earlier this year. In 2007, she had a small part in the movie "Steam," which followed a 2006 appearance in
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'Portal 2' Timer Appears On Aperture Science Website

"Portal 2" is out on April 19. That's what we've been led to believe anyway. A story has unfolded over the last week or two around an Arg linked to the game, and some have now been left with the impression that Valve Corporation intends to mess with our minds and release the game today. Or, more likely, the intent is to mess with our minds and then carry out the 4/19 release as planned. In either case, it seems that all will be revealed in a few hours from now.

A timer has appeared on the Aperture Science website, ticking away the hours, minutes and seconds to 12pm Est today. What will happen at that time, we have no idea. There's a message printed beneath the timer, however. The condescending tone and apparent disdain for all of humanity suggest that it comes from GLaDOS.

You have done well, humans. Very well. Acceptably well,
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Chelsea Handler Attacks Angelina Again: This Is War! Plus 10 More Celebrity Smackdowns!

This fight is getting out of control — Chelsea has gone after Angelina Again! This is turning into another Epic Hollywood battle!

Ok, it’s official: Chelsea Handler has declared War on Angelina Jolie. This time she’s attacked her in an interview with Glamour, saying of Angelina, “Yeah, I’m not a fan. She just doesn’t come off to me as a sincere woman. She seems like a woman that you’d really want to avoid.” Whoa! Instead of backing off and letting this week’s curse-out controversy blow over, Chelsea is charging Full Steam Ahead with her Angelina attacks! She’s already said she doesn’t regret calling Angelina a “home-wrecker” and a “f-ing c***” and now This. One thing is clear: Chelsea is Out For Blood.

Click here to view the embedded video.

But why? This is more than just having your bud’s back. Chelsea seems
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Late Night Host Chelsea Handler Recruited to Be in 'This Means War'

Someone’s star is rising fairly quickly and keeping a very busy schedule.Comedian Chelsea Handler just received a supporting starring role as a best friend of to a woman who is being romantically pursued by two CIA agents in the movie “This Means War.” This was first reported on Deadline.The movie stars Reese Witherspoon, Tom Hardy and Chris Pine. Witherspoon is the woman romantically being pursued by CIA agents of Hardy and Pine. This is a 20th Century Fox comedy directed by McG.It would not be Handler’s first movie role as she was previously “Steam,” “Cattle Call,” and a ton of television appearances. She is still hosting “Chelsea Lately,” on E! Channel; had a book on the bestseller’s list; recently hosted the Video Music Awards; and still have several dates for her stand-up comedy tour.Several late night show hosts have been on the big
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What styles defined specific eras of science fiction?

Science fiction writers of every generation had their own visions of the future, but what if their predictions became a reality? Rob dons his silver suit and delves into the archives to find out...

To me, living in 2010 seems like the future (well a bit anyway), and some of the things people dreamt of in years gone by have indeed come to pass. We have iPods which contain all our music, videos and data like the PADDs in Star Trek, have unlocked parts of the human genome, cloned livestock and created primitive artificial life. And while we don't have jet-packs, teleporters or the ability to travel to Mars, current technology hasn't don't too badly on the whole.

We love our technology, all sleek, thin and mobile, full of wafer-thin elements that can pass data at massive rates, wrapped up in shiny and lovingly-designed bits of kit. The ‘aesthetic of the
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Review of "Steam"

Put three multi-generational, multiracial, almost nude characters together and what do you get? The answer is Steam, an earnest, if uneven, “multiple storyline” tale of three women and their complicated love lives.

The central conceit — and the title of the film — comes from the meeting place of our three protagonists: the steam room at a local health club. Doris (Ruby Dee), an older African-American woman, walks in, greeting Elizabeth (Kate Siegel) a semi-closeted college student and Laurie (Ally Sheedy). Soon, we break into the women’s lives, which couldn’t possibly be more different, but for the broad strokes.

(left to right) Ally Sheedy, Ruby Dee, and Kate Siegel)

We begin with Doris. Her husband passed away not long ago, and she’s still in mourning, refusing to play the old piano she keeps hidden away in a locked room, despite her love of music. Adding to her misery, she
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