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  • This Groundhog Day (1993) style comedy focuses on a midwife, finding herself living the same day over and over again. Anna, a single mother of two, works as a midwife and hasn't been on holidays for years. Unfortunately, when she wants to go to Italy, her neighbor asks her to accompany him and his pregnant girlfriend to the hospital. She helps giving birth to the baby reluctantly, and then grabs her children to start their journey. However, Anna wakes up in her own bed the next morning again...


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  • Anna Marek looks forward to a break in her hectic life as midwife and alone an educating mother of two daughters: Today she wants to drive into holidays with her children - for the first time for years.

    But before suit-cases, bags and rubber toys are stowed away in the car, her neighbour Lukas, which Anna knows so far only by sight, rings stormily at the door. He asks for Anna's assistance. His Chilean friend Maria got labour pains unexpectedly. Anna lets herself be persuaded of also drive into the hospital. She helps the baby into the world, quarrels impatiently with her own mother afterwards, plugs the children in the car and finally drives relieved towards Italy.

    But in the next morning Anna wakes up again in her bed at home and the chaos day seems to repeat itself. Again the excited Lukas rings at the door and Marias baby again wants to come into the world. Gradually it dawns Anna that she is imprisoned in a time loop. Her attempts to break out of it fail pitifully.

    Anna despaires, but begins to see what proceeds in humans around her.

    Cut off of the future, Anna begins, to change the present.

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