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6 Dec. 2008
MooBeard the Cow Pirate
Captain MooBeard and his first mate, Sailor Bird, are out to find treasure on the Island of Hookamookapookalap. When the evil ninja ducky Dark Blade of Fire steals their map, they must race to finish and claim what is rightfully theirs!
13 Dec. 2008
Ivan the Unbearable
After failing to read the warning label on a box of Troll Cookies, the cursed Viking Ivan gets a case of the hiccups that threaten his entire village. Ivan must make his way to Troll Co. to find a remedy, but first, he must get pass the formidable guard.
Krunch and the Kid
When lovable monster Krunch discovers that his beloved frog, Hoppy, has kicked the bucket, he is inconsolable. Will Krunch and his Kid be able to perform in their hit show, Wam! Bam! Pow! Action Hour? The show must go on...
Call Me Bessie!
Happy-go-lucky cow Bessie decides that the perfect way to spend a day is to drag her paranoid elephant friend Al to scuba diving lessons. When the duo get lost in shark-infested waters, their underwater survival skills are put to the test.
Yaki & Yumi
Hungry, lazy bat Yaki has no money for food, and finds the quickest way to eat is to get a job at an arcade concession stand. When his yoga practicing dragon friend, Yumi, sees there's a dance contest in the same arcade, Yaki's competitive side kicks in.
7 Dec. 2008
The Finster Finster Show!
Meet Finster and Finster. They're two brothers with a passion for television and sibling rivalry. When Mrs. Finster tears them away from the TV to take a trip to the supermarket, they devise a plan to drag the television with them-the only snag in the plan being that their precious TV is then stolen by angry chickens, ready for battle.
7 Dec. 2008
Adventure Time
Finn and his trusty dog, Jake, have their peaceful day interrupted when they discover that Princess Bubblegum has been kidnapped by the Evil Ice King! They immediately come to her aid. What time is it? Adventure time!
7 Dec. 2008
Mind the Kitty
What promises to be the world's easiest babysitting job turns into a nightmare as Duck the duck, Punky the turtle, and Lemurman the lemur are locked out of the house by a psychotic kitten named Tabby, who's intent on making the evening a (painful) memory they'll never forget!
The Infinite Goliath
Forced to finish his parole on the dreaded planet Earth, the Infinite Goliath, evilest robot in the Universe, must curb his desire to seek and destroy. This proves difficult when he is confronted by the neighborhood troublemaker, Roger.
20 Dec. 2008
HORNSWIGGLE was produced as part of Fred Seibert's "Random Cartoons" series for Nickelodeon. HORNSWIGGLE is a rhinoceros who longs for fun and adventure. In the pilot, he decides to become the sidekick of the jungle hero Zan-Tar. Despite a restraining order, Hornswiggle tries his best to assist his favorite jungle hero - ultimately sending him to the jungle hospital.
Teapot is an 11 year-old boy determined to become a superstar rapper. Only one problem. When he tries to rap he can't find a beat with a map...cause the boy ain't got no rhythm!
Hero Heights
After ruining a tea party the neighborhood girls were having, Smart Alec and Strike Out make an oath to hate girls forever. Things change when a beautiful new girl named Olympia moves into Hero Heights. The boys become instant rivals for her attention until she uses her powers to bring a world of pain to anyone who dares to mess with girls.
6 Dec. 2008
Solomon Fix
Solomon Fix is a cheerful teddy bear, out to do good and win the heart of his boy owner, Ned. The only problem is Ned wants nothing to do with him. When Solomon sees a troll sneaking into Ned's bedroom, will he save the day, or be banished to the world of teddy bears again?
13 Dec. 2008
Shy little Peggy is afraid to ride her new horse, while Tiffany, her cute-looking but rough-playing doll has another thing in mind. Together, Peggy and Tiffany take off on a wild ride. Along the way, Peggy learns what it's like to cut loose, and Tiffany runs into a lot of walls.
Dr. Froyd's Funny Farm
Lulu wants nothing more than to be accepted into the world of Dr. Froyd's Funny Farm for zany animals. When Bossie the Cow suffers an identity crisis on the farm, Lulu volunteers to switch bodies with her, and then ends up regretting her decision!
Handycat and his dog Drillbit are hired to remove an exceptionally large beehive.
Gary Guitar
Gary Guitar and Miss Vera Violin are planning a picnic! Will the rain, snow, crows, ants, mosquitoes, giant robots, an ocean liner or Danny Drum ruin their beautiful day?
Super John Doe Junior
Super John Doe Junior has no powers, and is sick of being in his father's shadow. When his dad (Super John Doe!) misses a distress call from the chief, Junior takes matters into his own hands to fight the Evil Butthead.
4 Apr. 2009
Dr. Dee and Bit Boy
Bitboy (Zero) and Bitgirl (Myang Myang) leap into action when their mentor, Dr. Dee suddenly goes missing. Our young hero and heroine infiltrate the headquarters of the evil Black Violet, who they suspect is behind the dastardly deed. Or is he?
13 Dec. 2008
In a struggle to get the last babana on the tree, Bone and Roccos try to outwit one another to get it. Problems occur when some nasty flies decide they want the babana for themselves!
Squirly Town
Straight-laced squirrel Lance gets a splitting headache after his crazy friend Zoopie puts a tarantula in the acorn butter. To cure his pain, Zoopie takes Lance on an adventure that tests the meaning of true friendship.
Fanboy and his trusty friend Chum Chum set out on a mission to taste test their idol Fan Man's new Frosty Freezie Freeze. When Chum Chum is sidetracked by the evil Ice Monster Bun Bun machine, they must fight Berry the Ice Monster in a thumb war to remain victorious.
Kyle + Rosemary
Kyle's a hopeless geek and Rosemary's a shy goth, but when playing the online fantasy MMORPG 'Questworld', their true personalities shine through. When their characters meet online, its love at first pixel - but will they have the courage to connect in the real world?
The Dangerous Duck Brothers
Brothers Giovanni and Navarro come from a history of great daredevils. To live up to their family lineage, the two decide to build a rocket to break the speed barrier record.
Bronk & Bongo
Hold onto your socks! One half Marx, one half Abbott, and one half Costello(!), Bronk and Bongo are a couple of dogs who are mistaken to be world-famous German doctors in this madcap, zany romp.
17 Jan. 2009
Garlic Boy
Frank Capra, with a twist. Garlic Boy is a boy - who's also a stalk of garlic - who goes out into the world to "do good for others." His mother gave him a case of her special "garlic tonic" and Garlic Boy uses this tonic to cure "folk of what ails them."
Conniving Bradwurst is out for revenge when he discovers that his best friend Willy didn't invite him to a party. After sabotaging the gifts, the punch, and the cake, he realizes the birthday party was a surprise party for him!
Thom Cat
Thom Cat is the smartest cat; he wears people clothes and is a master inventor. When the neighborhood bully Rusty disrupts a girls tea party, Thom Cat is forced to use his invention - "the Octo-tail" - to get revenge.
10 Jan. 2009
The Bravest Warriors
The Bravest Warriors embark on a difficult mission to save a planet from a Tickle Monster.
Sugarfoot is a happy-go-lucky kid that just wants to go on the school field trip to the Dinosaurs & Cowboys museum. But when he gets paired up with Sluggo, the class bully, is it still going to be "the greatest day of his life?"
Sparkles and Gloom
Sparkles and Gloom Charming, the twin daughters of an evil witch and Prince Charming, have always had their fair share of sibling rivalry. But when a particularly bad fight ends up switching their respective magic powers (On the day of the school talent show, no less!) they'll have to work together to win the talent show grand prize...that is, if they don't end up zapping each other to bits first.
Girls on the Go!
Katerina Metropolis is a hopeless romantic teenager that daydreams about meeting the perfect boy. But how will she manage after she winds up on the worst date of her life?
15 Feb. 2007
Dugly Uckling's Treasure Quest
Dugly Uckling and his ragtag crew are out to solve the mystery of the Golden Bobblehead. Battling their way through the swamp, jungles, and killer mosquitoes, they come to a place where only Dugly's nonsensical logic can save the day.
Victor's a dedicated hungry pug who delivers the mail along with his envelope sidekick, Mr. Papier. Will helping an egg family reunite prevent Victor from reaching his double bacon cheeseburger with cheese at dinner time?
24 Jan. 2009
Italian inventor Flavio is always coming up with new inventions to cut corners and keep himself entertained during his job washing dishes. When Boss Man presents Flavio with a major predicament, Flavio must come up with a way to save the reputation of the pizza parlor, and invent his way out of the problem.
Three Rat Roommates, Cyrus, Urban and Squawk, go out to the food court for dinner and a cookie. The mall security guard, Crank, spies them and the chase is on!
Little Bigfoot, Sam Squatch, naively leads evil monster-hunter Conrad Canard through an unforgettable forest tour that ends with a trip to get coffee, one harsh beating, and one nasty looking Forest Mom.

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