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nammage3 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I always check the box. I once got a really stern note from a staff member years ago about spoiling a movie so I always check the box, spoils or not. Anyway, seems most to all the Comics (a few women not all men) are from New York or New Jersey so if you're from there or really into stand-up Comedy, you may have heard of some or most of them. I've only heard of one of them. No one famous.

There is massive amounts of sexual commentary which also means a massive amount of profanity. Most I found funny and some others not so much. A few of them are very loud; meaning, they are yellers or screamers when they speak. The old guy with the guitar was funny and this other dude who kept laughing before and during his own jokes. The crowd or audience was basically the same audience and the editing of the audience showed the same repeated reaction for different Comics.

I liked the concept but they should have thrown in some semi- professionals and/or professionals. Overall, the entire season was mildly alright. I viewed it on Tubitv.
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