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Season 3

18 Oct. 2008
Mystery Girl: Part One
The Naked Brothers Band is making a major motion picture! But it's far from quiet on the set. Nat can't understand why Rosalina seems to be sabotaging herself with terrible acting in order to get written out of the film. That is until he discovers she's about to leave on a year-long cruise around the world - her prize for winning a music competition. Meanwhile, Alex freaks out when he discovers that his part in the movie calls for him to kiss a girl! And that girl just happens to be his skateboarding buddy, Juanita! David, Thomas and Qaasim plot to overthrow the ...
22 Nov. 2008
Operation Mojo: Part One
Rosalina dumps Nat because she meets another guy while on her cruise ship. Alex decides to make him feel better by helping him find his Mojo. But soon, Nat loses it because he believes he'll never find a girl like Rosalina again. Alex tries to return him to normal and move on. New character is introduced.
26 Nov. 2008
Supertastic 6
The band's superhero alter egos must stop a jazz-playing criminal genius from stealing the world's hair supply.
13 Dec. 2008
Christmas Special
It's Christmas time, but Nat has the holiday blues thanks to the fact that Rosalina's recent letters from abroad have been ending with a steadily decreasing number of Xs and Os. If Nat doesn't find something to give him the Christmas spirit, it could ruin a benefit the band is holding for Save The Children. Meanwhile, Alix is in competition with The Adorable Timmerman Brothers to create the world's worst online Christmas video.
7 Feb. 2009
Valentine Dream Date
It's Nat's first Valentine's Day with a girlfriend, but unfortunately he has to spend it alone since Rosalina is still away on an around-the-world cruise. But Cooper has other plans for Nat and convinces him to appear on "Pick-A-Teen Date," as one of the teen celebrities attempting to win a Valentine's Day dream date with Victoria Justice. When Rosalina arrives in town for a surprise visit, Nat has some serious explaining to do.
14 Mar. 2009
Naked Idol: Part One
Rosalina finally returns from her round-the-world cruise. But to Nat's dismay, as the band begins rehearsals for a reunion TV special, a rival for her affection shows up. Michel, a handsome young Frenchman from the ship and a brilliant piano prodigy, drives a wedge between Nat and Rosalina which culminates in their breaking up and Roslaina leaving the band. Needing a new bass player, The Naked Brothers Band conduct a nationwide competition and find the perfect choice - except for one problem: Nat isn't ready to let anyone take Rosalina's place.
11 Apr. 2009
The Premiere: Part One
Finally, The Naked Brothers' major motion picture is ready for release. The studio is hosting a blowout premiere and the question on everybody's mind is who will Nat take as his date? It seems like every girl he's ever met wants to go with him. Perhaps he should look for guidance from Alex who's discovered he has the ability to predict the future with his hair! Bigger problems lurk when a mysterious figure with a grudge against the band vows to ruin the premiere. To top things off, after welcoming a new member into the band (bassist Katrina) Rosalina returns and wants...
13 Jun. 2009
No Schools Fool's Day
The band holds it's annual end-of-the-school-year competition to see who can perform the best prank on his fellow band member and what starts out as innocent fun nearly gets out of hand when Thomas, David, and Qaasim all get arrested! Meanwhile, Nat and Alex discover that girls are harder to prank than boys. And trouble mounts for Alex after his boast that he's the greatest drummer in the world finds its way onto the internet and suddenly the greatest drummers in the world are coming after him.

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