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(2007– )

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Season 3

Mike Sweeney is back on track. His wife Audrey is home and expecting a baby in a few weeks, daughter Sadie is about to graduate from the police academy and is secretly expecting a child of her own with boyfriend Ray Jr. Ray Prager has vanished from Durham without a trace.
Family Day
When Mike learns that Katya is still missing and her credit cards have gone unused for 5 days, he brings Ivan in for questioning.
Distance, Hunting and Home
Mike believes Miro is running money through Katya's company and is involved in a gang war with the Chinese. When he informs Eva of Miro's hand in the McHalphie murders, she divulges that Katya knew about his dealings and threatened to out him.
Both Ivan and Sadie are livid when they see Mike leave Eva's house after spending the night with her. Holding on by a thread, Mike throws himself into his work and takes Ivan up on his offer to deliver information about Miro to the cops.
The World Ends
Still consumed by grief, Mike tries to lay blame on Ivan for Audrey's death but the autopsy confirms he was not responsible.
After spending the night purging his feelings about Sadie's work on the force, Mike stumbles into the station and tells Sabina and Samuel of Ivan's drunken confession the night before. Meanwhile, Ivan awakens to find Miro and his men in the upstairs washroom with Eva who has been raped and beaten.

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