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Prisoners Of Silence
a_baron17 September 2017
This documentary was ahead of its time, so much so that fourteen years after it was released, a man was arrested in Michigan after his severely autistic daughter claimed he'd raped her. The family of Aislinn Wendrow was eventually awarded a total of $6.7 million in damages including a quarter of a million against the prosecutor in person. Had David Gorcyca watched this documentary or done any research on its subject matter, all that and eighty days behind bars for Aislinn's father might have been avoided.

In short, facilitated communication is a delusion, a bigger hoax than Piltdown Man, one perpetrated on desperate parents by gullible true believers, men and women who have convinced themselves it is the panacea for autism when it is literally as much use as a ouija board, and works on the same principle.

In spite of its being clearly refuted as shown by a clever double blind study herein, its proponents like Douglas Biklen refuse to face the facts. So much so that FC is still being used to this day, and innocent people are still being falsely accused of sexual abuse on account of it.
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