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Season 1

21 Oct. 2007
A brilliant but bored student finds a notebook that can kill anyone whose name he writes in it.
10 Oct. 2006
While the world's criminals continue to drop dead, L meets by computer with representatives from various nations. He requests that a task force be set up in Japan.
17 Oct. 2006
L continues to expand his investigations and suspects the police force while Light starts to use another trait of the book to prove wrong the theories of L. In the meantime, Ryuk offers Light a deal.
24 Oct. 2006
Light (known to the world as Kira) tests the Death Note to understand the scope of its powers by killing off six convicts in various ways and confirms he can control his victims' actions before they die.
31 Oct. 2006
Soichiro Yagami demands to meet with L in person when he finds out that L has secretly brought FBI agents into Japan. Light, meanwhile, has found a way to get those very FBI agents off the case - permanently.
7 Nov. 2006
Light meets a woman at the Police Department with an urgent message for the Kira task force.
14 Nov. 2006
Light uses the Death Note to try to get rid of the woman who could get him captured and is shocked when it doesn't work.
21 Nov. 2006
Light, entirely aware of L's surveillance equipment in his home, begins a very careful game to throw off suspicion.
28 Nov. 2006
L's suspicions are momentarily subdued, but he does not discard the possibility that Light may be Kira and decides to meet him in person. At the college entrance exams, Light notices a mysterious and eccentric student staring at him.
5 Dec. 2006
In a bid to profile Light's behavior, L challenges him to a game of tennis. L asks him some questions regarding the Kira case and invites him to help the investigation. The two then receive news that Light's father has had a heart attack.
12 Dec. 2006
As the Kira investigation team discusses the disappearance of Naomi Misora, Sakura TV broadcasts an audio tape allegedly from Kira. To prevent Kira from gaining public support, L demands that the broadcast be stopped.
26 Dec. 2006
Light meets with L and the detectives. Meaning to test Light's analytical skills, L has him listen to the recordings confiscated by the team to determine if there are any clues in the reader's voice.
9 Jan. 2007
Light goes to Aoyama to discover the identity of the second Kira before L becomes more suspicious, but Misa Amane, the new Kira, uses her unusual gift to find Light before he finds her.
16 Jan. 2007
Light and Misa show each other their Death Notes, and Light asks Misa to have her shinigami Rem get rid of L, which Misa will do in order to have Light fall in love with her.
23 Jan. 2007
Convinced the two Kiras have met and worried at the prospect of his own murder, L declares that the event of his death will prove Light is Kira.
30 Jan. 2007
In a plan to remove all suspicions from himself, Light tells L that he thinks he may be Kira subconsciously and asks to be confined. Light's father believes it is also a good idea to be confined to a cell as well as he cannot risk his emotions getting the better of him. In confinement, Light gives Ryuk the order to have his memory wiped, leaving L confused now that his two suspects both register as sincerely innocent.
6 Feb. 2007
Getting nowhere fast, L thinks of a new plan to get Light, Misa and Mr. Yagami out of confinement.
13 Feb. 2007
L's depression causes a scuffle to break out in the new headquarters, and a recent string of CEO deaths has L and Light thinking that Kira may be killing for monetary profit.
20 Feb. 2007
Matsuda, the task force member eager to distinguish himself, decides, while assigned to watch Misa, to do a little snooping on his own at the Yotsuba Group's Tokyo headquarters.
27 Feb. 2007
After Light establishes a mole within the Yotsuba Group, L separates himself from the rest of the task force and recruits Misa.
6 Mar. 2007
The third Kira sets his eyes on Misa after meeting her. While Misa takes a break from meeting the Yotsuba Group, Rem contacts her. Misa is able to see the shinigami, but her memories of being the second Kira do not return.
13 Mar. 2007
After learning that Higuchi is Kira, L decides that they mustn't apprehend him till they understand his killing method.
20 Mar. 2007
L and Light, watching from the investigation team building, wonder whom Higuchi (seemingly alone) is talking to. L wonders if it's a shinigami. With Rem beside him, Higuchi - frantic to kill Matsuda - takes "the deal" to become unstoppable.
27 Mar. 2007
The team arrests Higuchi for being Kira and causing multiple murders. Inspecting Higuchi's Death Note, team members who touch it abruptly discover that shinigami do exist, and when Light takes the Death Note from L, his memory returns.
3 Apr. 2007
Light, his memory recovered, orders Misa to begin killing after Higuchi dies. The Shinigami Rem realizes that everything is going according to Light's plan, and that L will arrest Misa as Kira unless Rem acts quickly.
10 Apr. 2007
After L's death, the world needs a new great detective, and it's generally agreed that Light take his place.
17 Apr. 2007
New investigator Near steps forward, a central figure in the SPK, an American organization trying to catch Kira without relying on L (whom they know is a fake). Near, aware of the existence of Death Notes, wants to get his hands on one, but a challenge to his efforts comes from his orphanage rival, Mello, who throws a curve into Near's efforts by having his underworld thugs kidnap Japanese Police Director Takimura, ready to trade him for a Death Note.
24 Apr. 2007
In trying to retrieve his kidnapped sister, Light learns of two opposing factions trying to take him down, the SPK lead by N and a crime syndicate lead by Mello.
1 May 2007
Mello learns some valuable information concerning false entries in his Death Note from its true owner. Soichiro agrees to take on the shinigami eyes to thwart him.
8 May 2007
Mello busts into SPK headquarters to retrieve a photograph of himself to make sure he won't be killed by Kira. In exchange for Near giving him the picture, Mello drops an important hint about the Death Notes: some of the rules are fake.
15 May 2007
Near escapes the mob attack, and Light once again proves his ability to stay a step ahead by creating a fourth Kira.
22 May 2007
Star newscaster Kiyomi Takada becomes Kira's spokesperson to the world (after Mikami "deletes" Demegawa). She just so happens to have been Light's girlfriend in college. Aizawa's suspicions about Light grow.
29 May 2007
Near goes to Japan, allegedly as bait for Kira. Following Light's instructions, Takada asks Mikami to send her five pages of the Death Note. She tells him that he will continue his work in a fake book made to look like the real one.
5 Jun. 2007
Aizawa figures out what's going on and tells Near, who already knows about the notes. Near instructs Aizawa to continue watching Light, and then puts in motion a plan to separate Misa from Light.
12 Jun. 2007
Mello kidnaps Takada in a daring operation, getting in the way of both Near and Light's plans to set up a meeting between the SPK and the investigation team.
19 Jun. 2007
Near, along with the SPK, meets Light and the task force at a warehouse for the final showdown. To everyone's shock, Near reveals that Kira's follower, Mikami, is at the warehouse and is writing everyone's name in the Death Note.
26 Jun. 2007
New World
Though Mikami has written all the investigators' names in the Death Note, a minute passes and everyone is still alive. Near seizes Mikami's Death Note, and all is at last revealed.

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