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Vanished: Aftermath certainly moves along smoothly despite transition
tavm3 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Seems I was a little premature both on Agent Kelton's death and the previous episode being Gale Harold's last. After Kelton got shot, he was taken to a hospital. When Judy Nash went live a few minutes later, it was she who pronounced Kelton dead. Later, his ex-wife identifies his body in the morgue and grieves as she puts his ring with hers on her finger as Lin Mei looks on and offers her condolences. Except near the end when his picture is hung in a bulletin board of martyrs, that scene marks Harold's last appearance. Daniel Lucus is introduced as the new agent in charge of Sara's disappearance as he and Lin Mei try to identify Kelton's assailant. Meanwhile, Senator Jeffery Collins takes a private plane that turns out to be controlled by the man who wants him to help swear his choice in the supreme court. As the plane takes a layover to North Carolina, Collins finds himself surrounded by this guy's men and a woman who's tied up. It's Sara! This guy tells Collins since he didn't do what he wanted, he'll shoot his wife. He pulls the trigger as Jeffery tries to break free of his captors. No bullets come as the senator breaks down and Sara, mouth gagged, watches helpless. This guy warns Collins the next one's gonna be real. At home, Marcy tries to get her grandfather to give her a thousand worth of her trust fund money. Knowing it's for Ben Wilson's bail, he refuses. Marcy's mother overhears and agrees to help her daughter after accepting a bribe from her ex-husband's handler. At FBI, Lin Mei and Daniel's computer expert ID's the picture of Kelton's assailant to about 30 aliases and finds his North Carolina address. Lin Mei and Daniel take action and hold up his house. As they get in, they find a bomb that is attached to the phone so they get out as fast as they can as house explodes. Assailant escapes but quickly gets caught as Daniel forces him at gunpoint to get out. As assailant does he takes a small knife and slits his throat. As the agents search his trunk, we find pictures of Sara throughout her life...Delayed last week by a rain-delayed World Series, Vanished returns after four weeks in a new Friday time slot. Since Fox has told the producers to wrap up the storyline by the 13th episode, there doesn't seem to be any cluttered subplots like there have been the last few episodes. Eddie Cibrian seems to adjust himself nicely in his new role as Gale Harold's replacement. Ming-Na has a few nice scenes concerning her late partner's death. Drama moves along smoothly. Previews of next week certainly look exciting. I guess we'll see next week if it gets any better...
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