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Don't the neighbors ever complain?
Paularoc20 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
A cowboy who has a specialty act at a local venue comes to Lt. Kirby for help in protecting his girlfriend who works at local night spot with a sharp-shooting act from a big stranger who has been following her. A theatrical agent friend of Kirby's referred the cowboy to him; this entertainment connection prompted the cowboy to say to Kirby "That's right, you used to be a hoofer before you ended up with the law." And of course, George Raft got his start as a dancer. Kirby visits the sharp shooting girlfriend in her apartment and she's practicing her sharp shooting! Kirby remarks "Don't the neighbors ever complain?" That's a good line but the whole scenario is ridiculous. Thereafter, Kirby finds the stalking stranger but is knocked unconscious; the stranger is later shot. Actually, except for the gun shooting in the apartment, this was a fun episode. I remember Rochelle Hudson from many B movies and from Rebel Without A Cause; Gordon Jones is an actor whose name and face I remember but not anything he appeared in unless I look at his filmography. Percy Helton, he of the raspy, unique voice had a beefy part in this episode as a blind song promoter. An entertaining episode.
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