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18 Aug. 2004
Paul Denyer
On the 12th June 1993, a man searching for pine branches for a mid-year Christmas celebration finds the body of a young girl that would set the Frankston community and police officers on edge for months to come. The detectives have to call on all of their forensic and investigative skills to solve a crime that even today still sends chills down the spines of the people who lived through it.
25 Aug. 2004
Stephen Dempsey
On the 21st December 1994, the torso of Stephen Dempsey, who disappeared four months earlier, is found washed up on the shores of Towlers Bay in Sydney's northern beaches area. As detectives uncover clues to the killing, they find that it is linked to the murder of a taxi driver whose body was found by a jogger one month earlier.
1 Sep. 2004
Milosevic Family
On the 31st March 1984, a young woman who has been unable to contact her friends calls the police, and they find an entire family shot dead inside their house in Richardson, Australian Capital Territory. The evidence found inside the house would not only help detectives to bring the killer to justice, it would uncover a secret that had been buried for three years which was linked to two other members of the same family, and would make things even worse for the killer.
8 Sep. 2004
Neddy Smith
On the 26th March 1995, a routine early morning walk along the beach at Port Botany for one man would be unlike any other when his pet dog uncovers a skull, and a past that one killer thought he had buried forever. The detectives investigating the case find that something that happened six months earlier would prove vital to solving it.
15 Sep. 2004
Matthew De Gruchy
On the 13th March 1996, a quiet suburban street in Warilla, New South Wales would become a crime scene when three residents of one house are murdered. On the surface, it appeared to be a robbery gone wrong, but the evidence found by the investigating police would tell a different story.
22 Sep. 2004
Mark Rust
A team of forensic entomologists, document examiners, voice experts and volunteers help police to solve the murder of two women in Adelaide, South Australia in April 1999 and August 2001.
29 Sep. 2004
Andrew Astbury
In December 1994, the body of Andrew Astbury, a hard-working, reliable 25 year old man from a good family, was found floating in the Yarra River at Warrandyte in north-eastern Melbourne. This episode takes a look at the brilliant detective and forensic science work that helped to solve this chilling murder.
12 Oct. 2004
Valera: Part 1
In 1998, the brutal deaths of shopkeeper David O'Hearn and Lord Mayor Frank Arkell led to the city of Wollongong, New South Wales being gripped in fear. This episode shows how the tireless work of detectives and some scientific procedures helped to solve this bizarre series of murders.
13 Oct. 2004
Valera: Part 2
A young man has confessed to the murders of shopkeeper David O'Hearn and Lord Mayor Frank Arkell, but the subsequent police investigation takes a bizarre turn when the man's father is murdered in similar circumstances.
20 Oct. 2004
Kathleen Marshall
Detectives have to rely on forensic evidence to separate fact from fiction when the president of the Queensland Cat Protection Society is found stabbed to death in February 1998.

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