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Hows this? The Price is WRONG
Nick Damian25 August 2009
Bob Barker is at it again...in The Price Is Right 2 - Taxes Not Included (action, thriller, suspense) This time he's facing off his worst challenge - the tax-man.

For years Bob Barker has been pricing items without taxes, but now Uncle Sam wants a piece of the action.

Uncle Sam plants a decoy in the game-show - Mr Smith from Big Pine Key, Florida.

Mr Smith knows that the price is wrong...because the tax is not included on the items.

Meanwhile the producer faces problems with companies that are dropping the costs of their promotional items due to their products coming from China and Taiwan.

Bob Barker takes charge as the man with the microphone once again and this time the rules are being broken for the first time.

Armed with his silver suit and squaring off against Mr Smith, the tax accountant and his calculator, Bob Barker faces a challenge that nobody can win.

When the rules change, it's winner take all.

Starring: Mr. Applebaum, the school teacher from Seattle, Washinton and Mr Coolidge, the zoo grounds-keeper from Dallas, Texas.

"Who wins when everybody loses?"


No sex, no action, no violence, no mystery, no martial arts, no aliens or explosions...what the hell??

Oh - and the price is WRONG...

Yeah, I can not buy the items for the price shown on the screen, because of inflation.

The only way I can get it so cheap is if I steal it...
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