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A Very, but Very Funny Adventure of the Monica's Gang
Claudio Carvalho22 April 2012
Franjinha is researching a time machine by the umpteenth time. Meanwhile Cebolinha plots another infallible plan against Mônica and explains to Cascão how to proceed. The plan does not work as schemed and Mônica and Magali chase the boys that hide in Franjinha's laboratory.

Meanwhile Franjinha is in a crucial part of his experiment with the fusion of the four elements to get a fifth. When Mônica throws her little rabbit Sansão on Cebolinha and Cascão, she misses her target and reaches the time machine spreading the four elements through time.

Franjinha explains that if they do not recover the four elements very soon, it will create a time paradox and time on Earth will get frozen. Due to the short time, they should split in their quest. Now Mônica and Bidu go to the prehistory to recover the Fire; Cebolinha goes to the Thirtieth Century to recover the Air; Cascão goes to the Seventeenth Century to recover the Water in a forest; and Magali goes to a few years in the past to recover the Earth from a baby Mônica.

"Turma da Mônica em Uma Aventura no Tempo" is a very, but very funny adventure of the Mônica's Gang. I have just seen this witty animation three times and I have laughed a lot with the entertaining story that has cameo of Horácio, Piteco and Thuga in Lem; Chico Bento; and Astronauta in the future. I also loved the picture of Santos Dumont in Franjinha's laboratory. In the end, this animation is a must-see for adults and children. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "Turma da Mônica em Uma Aventura no Tempo" ("Monica's Gang in an Adventure in Time")
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The Gang's best movie yet
paddysnuffles21 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I have to say, so far, this has been the best rendition of the Gang up to date. I have seen all of the Gang's movies, as well as most of their shorts, and none of them have ever been this good. While the characters were still in their two-dimensional world, the special effects (mainly to the background) created a 3D feel to the story while maintaining it firmly in the world of cartoons. I have never seen a movie done quite this style before, even if there are similar ones out there.

The dialogue in the film was witty, upbeat, and very much to the style of the comics, really giving the viewer the feeling that it was almost like watching the characters interacting "behind the scenes".

What impressed me the most though was that, this time, three of the least represented sister comic Gangs (Piteco, Astronauta, and Papa-Capim) had their own little bit in the spotlight, and made part of the grand adventure. (In fact, I believe this was the first time they were ever given a "voice").
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