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Reba and her friends are giants
EDBAYES3 February 2007
There has never been, nor probably will ever again, be such a tribute to this great entertainer by the worlds awesome girl performers. It kept you glued to the tube and it only got better as it went on. Jennifer Nettles blew me away with her version of'The Nights The Lights Went Out In Georgia'....i do hope she releases it in the same style as presented on television. And what a smile. Reba's giggle and Jennifers smile.....a good night for this ole man. Anyone with this on tape or the song made available...i would truly enjoying hearing it again..........it's remains in my head and i can't shake it........ I also hope that the REBA TV show remains on. It is such a pleasure to turn on television and not worry about the kids walking into the room....the show is of quality and 'damn funny'.....now CW: find a good spot and put it on....there's many dumb shows on the public are forced to watch because nothing of quality is on: so place REBA there and watch it soar.....
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Wonderful tribute!
haywoodchristopher6 February 2007
I haven't seen such a terrific tribute to anyone in such a long time. Well make that, never. Reba deserved every little bit of praise and love given to her. She is a wonderful lady and singer. You don't come across gals like that everyday.

It was also a pleasure to see others perform, such as Dolly, Martina, Kelly & Wynonna. They were all great! I just started watching the show, "Reba" on Lifetime, and it is very funny. I love Dolly Parton as much as I do Reba.... if she could be a regular on that show w/ Reba, I could then die happy....

Reba has come a very long way in her career, and I hope I get the chance to meet her in person one day. Wow, what an honor that would be! I taped CMT Giants when it aired, but I imagine it will come on again for those that wish to record it also.
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