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Great Film!!
guilddane17 November 2006
The title says it all! These were great youths! I personally know about the struggle to preserve a neighborhood. I also grew up in the tough streets of Chicago's north side. My hat goes off to these guys. White youths are often portrayed as sheltered or that they know nothing about being poor. This was a struggle about identity, not one about money like most gangs today. These young men were misunderstood and treated like ordinary modern-day thugs. Everyday they found themselves more alone against newcomers. Ultimately, I strongly believe that these men went out like lions. No modern-day thug will ever experience the passion and the struggle to preserve ones land or territory. Itl.Plby. Elmwood Pk Sect.
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Get a life.
westsideho26 March 2008
Saw the first clip of this on you tube. (Look for it under the title) If you have the patience, there are four parts of the film posted.

I am horrified by the glorification of a group of "human beings" that really need to worry about themselves and get a life.

If they spent as much time working on their own lives and the betterment of their families, I'm sure they would be living differently. To focus all of this negative energy on other races and religion is only to hide behind your own shortcomings.

Overall, it is shocking that people such as these exist in modern day society. Maybe they need to be clubbed in the head with a baseball bat. May knock some sense into them.
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what it was like to walk loudly while carrying a big wooden bat.
redvictor25 October 2006
This film is about the life I lived growing up in Chicago. For better or worse those days helped shape me into the man I am today. For those that had a brighter adolescence please don't rush to judge us. Before you label us racist sexist bigoted thugs just watch and listen. You might learn something about a part of society that gets overlooked and mislabeled.

I'm far from a film critic in the making. Just a guy that knows what he likes and why. This movie tells my story and the stories of men I still call my family. To be honest I do want to hear what others think of this short film. To those with completely different backgrounds then the men in this film I'd like to hear you comments about us and the life we once lived. Don't be shy, let it rip.
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StoneGreaser23 October 2006
This film managed to convey, in twenty minutes, the desperation and exhilaration of being a member of a White club in the midst of Chicago's turbulent and violent era of neighborhood change.

There is no acting. All of the dialog is spoken by those who lived through those times, the places we see are all real, the young lives ended tragically close to our hearts.

When we speak or think of White youth today, it is invariably in terms of privilege. We think of suburbs, private schools, and so forth. This is far from the reality, and seeing and hearing the men in this film should remind us, brutally, of the often violent struggle of White youths to maintain a sense of identity and belonging in their neighborhoods and their schools. There is nothing racist in this-quite the contrary. This is survival, plain and simple

In short-you need to see this film.
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