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I liked it
adi-cat18 May 2013
I wasn't sure whether the other 4 reviews were fake or not but decided to give it a try anyway as I like the genre.

And I'm glad I did it; this was pretty cool and well acted.

Despite the low budget, this doesn't show and the characters felt genuine and at ease, even though they're not blockbuster stars. Also they are given enough screen time so that you can actually start to care for them.

I liked the guy who played Ty (he seems pretty natural on screen) and the girl which played Sophie was a very pleasant surprise as well.

The fact that it doesn't feel contrived or cheesy at any point, it doesn't try too hard and yet somehow it touches some chords inside, made it work for me.

All in all, it left me with a pleasant feeling, even though you don't get the standard happy ending fare in this one.
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Syn Vox14 August 2012
I am surprised the movie has such low ratings. It is a flawed film, but certainly better than a number of works I've seen with five or six stars.

The trailer gives you the gist. What drags the film down a bit is how it beats the audience over the head with the fact that the guy has a bunch of rules about dating. Another weakness was how quickly the sassy girl figures him out (and why not any other girl?) and how he seems to have never met another girl like her before (they are in LA?).

These are minor flaws. Tyler is a deeply self-centered man who is unaccustomed to showing weakness. He also clearly loves his friend and genuinely enjoys Sophie. The three play their parts well, and the writing lets their relationships come through to the audience over the course of the movie. The rock-star boyfriend and Foley as the art gallery owner were small parts that were entertaining and well acted in spite of their limited screen time.

I know men who are the main character. It was well written. The ending was satisfying and it didn't feel gimmicky at all (especially given the early scene between the two friends at the beginning of the movie). Overall it had balance and was an enjoyable watch. It wasn't art house cinema or a thinking man's romance, but it was far from most of the romance drivel on screen.
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Enjoyable film
katemsingleton8318 May 2012
I should first say that I am not a movie buff or film critic but that I simply really enjoyed watching this film.

I saw this film at the Nashville Film Festival in the Spring of 2012 with no expectations going into it. I was pleasantly surprised by the writing and the feeling I got from the characters as I went through the emotions with them from beginning to end.

It's like a romantic comedy but with a little darkness to it that makes it feel more real that your typical Jennifer Aniston flick. The characters have their flaws and their quirks. You don't find yourself picking sides because everyone seems to be screwing up at one point or another which is what makes it feel so real. The plot is not cookie cutter. You don't know who will end up with who or if there is a "happy" ending because the writing doesn't lead you in an obvious path. It's so very refreshing in that regard!

There is a montage in the middle of the film where the two lead characters are spending a weekend of time together over the course of about 3-4 minutes of film and it's gorgeously filmed and so natural. I was really impressed in that moment by the actors themselves.

Also, there are no throw away characters in this cast. Everyone that was written into this script was done so for a reason, which is also refreshing.

This film was very well received at the Nashville Film Festival and there was a lot of buzz around about it after it screened. Do yourself a favor and go see it!
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thomgar25 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
*Spoilers - stop reading if you don't want to know the ending*

Call me crazy but I like a happy ending even if it is a cliché, especially when I am invested in the players. The acting was handled well enough to get really invested in the characters, so the ending left me badly unfulfilled. I can see that some may like the movie greatly just for that reason, however I wanted the guy to get the girl in the end and the happily ever after would have been great.

Can definitely see why the film has such a low rating. When I was finished watching it, I kept waiting for another scene during or after the credits to see if it was going to end better. When the credits stopped rolling and the film ended I was actually a bit sad/disappointed/aggravated. It's a shame, because otherwise the movie seemed to be well done. I can certainly understand people like what they like, want to be entertained, and look for escape with that entertainment. If the ending was better, this would get a 7-8 from me. As it stands, in my opinion mind you, it is a 3 and I will certainly not watch it again.
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SPOILERS! DO NOT read if you don't want to know the ending.
dbh85022 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I enjoyed watching this unfold. I liked the actors very much - I liked the character development and wasn't the least bit bored. And I often find romantic stories boring.

I enjoy a story wherein a person gains insight - where someone is personally challenged by his/her own flaws and struggles with those challenges. I like stories where "self" becomes the biggest obstacle. That's how it is for all of us. That is a story we all relate to.

BUT I hated the ending. If I'm invested in the characters, I want to see everyone happy in the ending. Yes, I know that's not real life. I know every story does not have a happy ending. I see enough pain in REAL life. I don't need depressing endings to enhance my film experience. I rely on movies to ENTERTAIN me... I want to feel HAPPY at the end of a film. So - I hated the ending of this film. Yes, I want the formula happy ending. I'm simple minded that way. Harumph.
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Good movie, well worth viewing
Greg18 May 2013
Like some other reviewers, I am surprised at the low rating. We just watched this and thoroughly enjoyed it. It has a strong cast and the characters were well developed. There may have been a few plot points which didn't completely make sense, but certainly no more than other movies of the romantic comedy/drama genre.

Blayne Weaver wrote, directed and played the lead, and did all of those things pretty well. There were some particularly well written scenes. Martin Starr was excellent as his friend Alan, and the very beautiful Natalie Morales as the love interest was very good. Great to see Dave Foley in there (I love News Radio) and Patrick J Adams was fine as the "rock star".

The story line is not as predictable as similar movies, and is all the more believable as a result.

Good movie from a great cast and recommended.
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Makes Sense
Douglas Rue1 September 2012
I'm far from a film critic but I do know what's good and this movie was a very pleasant surprise. It made a lot of sense and the actors were perfect for the characters. I actually saw it tonight on pay per view and with little expectations, I really felt as if I got a surprise.

I would recommend this film to others (especially singles) since it touched on how so many of us waste so much time playing the field only to end up alone. I was disappointed at first with the ending but I guess, that ending is more realistic to real life. I'm honestly going to watch the film again but the next time, not alone. It really should be shared.

One piece of advice to the writer/director, good work should be shared. It's really a delightful movie, it makes a lot of sense from a guy's perspective and you should market the movie better. I actually tripped over it, not knowing it was there..I believe there are a few hundred thousand people that would like it as much as I did, if only they knew it was there..

A great metaphor: put your movie on the main table versus leaving it on the discount table..

Two thumbs up!!

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asliyaseminbahar19 December 2016
First of all, are we just going to avoid the fact that he's an alcoholic? Why is it never addressed?Also the movie had nothing worth documenting. Yeah every story is important and worth documenting but it was just unoriginal and a little pointless. It was about regular people making decision-including some bad ones- about their personal lives while trying to cope with life. I don't see why it's worth a movie. The characters have less dimension and are maybe a little more exaggerated than real people but that's about it. Washed up guy loves a girl tries to get that girl and comes across obstacles along the way. Not not worth watching but doesn't add much either. It deals with such a universal topic yet somehow isn't relatable which confuses me immensely. I enjoyed the end because it was not a cliché yet it was realistic but something just didn't fell right about the movie. If this is someone's life story it makes perfect sense, sure. But why make it a feature film? What does it have to say? Love and commitment is worth it even though it may hurt? Man don't you know we already know this stuff. We have to suffer through a boring ass sad film, at least have an original clear message. Or tell an old message in a way that moves people. Do you see me getting up running to the person I love? Now I know you can't see so let me tell you I am eating cereal in my sofa right now not running to anyone. Subpar movie. Better luck next time.
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interesting but not worth my time!
glp617 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
so this is the kind of film with a trailer that reveals everything! this should be enough to prevent me from watching it! Still I decided against my first judgment and I saw it! I must say I liked the script! It was interesting and I loved how they didn't end up together in the end... in most movies the protagonist ends with his dream girl. So, imagine my surprise when he didn't. He was an asshole in the whole movie. He disrespected his best friend, he had sold out his art for money, he was mean towards women, and he was totally blind to everyones feelings. Then he found a girl he was interested in, and suddenly he found love! COME ON...!!! the guy should be punished! Not rewarded in the end! And that is the reason I liked the ending. He got what he deserved. A good love story for his rehabilitation to the human kind that feels and respects the pain of the others. Only when he was heartbroken he managed to realize that his friend who was grieving his lost fiancée, was also in pain. As far as acting skills are concerned, they were all so bad! Even the bartender was bad!It was so obvious they were acting I couldn't emerge into the movie and truly enjoy it! 3 stars are good for this movie! I wish I could give it more..
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Pretty cool story that deserve more recognition
cee_k9 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I really enjoyed watching this movie and the casting was really good. The acting made me feel attached to the main character. I loved how the story was told and each relationships with the lead.

I am really surprised by the unfair low rating this movie got. It sure deserves more. I think we can blame it on the ending which was disappointing but also, for me, a great choice. Just like many others, I am a sucker for a good and romantic happy ending but the fact that this movie didn't get one doesn't make me like it any less. I will just leave to my imagination what happens next and I think that's why those kind of ending are amazing.

Romantic films are usually predictable but this one wasn't. I wish this movie was more known. Sadly I don't think I will see it on my TV in France any time soon but that would have been great.

I hope the rating will eventually go up.

Do yourself a favor: go watch it and tell people to do the same.
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A very pleasant surprise and... DON'T EVEN DARE TO LOOK AT THE RATING!
forehater21 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is well worth watching. I hope people will ignore the low rating which is painfully unfair. The acting was really good for a low bud indie film and I liked the characters a lot. The movie showed what a real friendship between men looks like in the times of hardship with women and it was pretty honest, I'd say. The ending wasn't anything I expected and also was pleasantly surprised they didn't go that good old Hollywood love drama way. It made me smile, it almost made me cry and it definitely gave me something to think about since I'm currently trying very hard to get in a healthy and long lasting relationship. It's very hard and this movie truly depicts how easily you can screw everything up. Fear is the worst thing that can bestow upon you when trying to get somewhere with a person you like. I give this movie 9 out of 10 for being warm, honest and having a real life ending not some sort of Hollywood BS where everything magically sorts itself out.
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A bachelor finds love that puts his set of rules to the test.
Igor Shkolnik2 May 2013
I enjoyed the movie. The dialog was interesting and witty at times. The developed concepts are definitely from a "man's point of view" and often echo reality. There are some formulaic portions such as a love-triangle and elements of plot progression, but those are to be expected in a rom-com. The acting was good and I did emotionally relate to the main character. The ending albeit unexpected lends verisimilitude. Perhaps the poor rating seen here and on rotten-tomatoes is due to the unconventional ending. It's a relaxing movie that can spark engaging conversations, especially regarding the glimpse it offers into the mind of a typical guy.
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