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It will make you cry...
olgun_r30 January 2007
I don't understand why people would give this movie a 1,0. In order for someone to give such a vote the movie at least should be really bad. This movie in my opinion was really good. According to some it's filled with clichés and therefore bad. But you shouldn't dismiss this movie because of clichés cause life itself is filled with clichés.

The movie is about a young girl named Yishu who believes she has no luck at all and she blames her name for it. One day she starts receiving phone calls from people thinking that she is the popular singer Tianyou. It turns out that someone has leaked 600 phone numbers of famous people to the internet and Yishu's phone number got mixed up in the bunch. She finds it annoying at first but soon she receives a text message from Xiaowen, who is the singer in an amateur rock band. He wishes to write a song for Tianyou and wants Yishu -who he thinks is Tianyou's assistant- to deliver the song to Tianyou. Tianyou is a popular singer, but hasn't had a hit number lately. Because of this she gets pressured by her cruel agent into recording an album that she doesn't want to record, because it doesn't contain any good songs. This decision gets her into a lot of trouble...

Don't look at the votes people, just watch the movie and I hope you'll enjoy it just as much as I did.
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Loved the movie, kind of dragging, but very sad ending ***SOB***
stutsb25 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
It started off pretty weak and slow, I mean a girl w/bad luck because of her name, the way her bed is positioned, etc...and she is telling this to a police officer for whatever reason...oh yeah, to legally change her name... Her co-workers don't think much of her as she is like "The Ugly Betty" of the Group. Till one day when she starts receiving phone calls. Apparently her number gets mixed up w/celebrities and people think that she is the famous singer Tianyu...It gets her annoyed, until she receives a text from Xiaowen, that is where the story gets a good. Hu Ge's character is that of a terminally ill cancer patient whose wish is to have Tianyu sing his song. He mistaken Yishu as Tianyus assistant, and so goes the back and forth of phone tag between Yishu and Xiaowen, all the while, Tianyu is finding it difficult to continue her career as a singer being pressured into making an album that has no good songs. The end is good, very sad...Be prepared for tissues...That is all I am going to say...I agree with the commenter prior to me, I liked this movie...I say it was pretty good...And of course I am a HUGE "Hu Ge" fan anyways, am glad I bought this DVD!!! Should check it out...
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