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McMahon: The Insane Genius
Killer Class2 October 2006
I sat back last night and watched the 2 hours plus documentary on the illustrious career of Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Now as a wrestling fan I loved the breakdown of his story and the reasoning behind some of his infamous decisions, but this documentary will appeal to almost anyone. Watching a 60 year-old multi-billionaire battle and bleed in the ring on numerous occasions when in reality he should be sat in a pool, on a yacht or playing golf somewhere. Watching him push himself to the limit, make outlandish remarks and consistently answer his critics is enough to keep you entertained but more seriously there is a point in the DVD that you start to think "Man, this guy really is insane".

McMahon changed wrestling forever. He completely revolutionised the industry and has took it further than anyone could ever imagine. He has built careers, created superstars and branched out into other forms of media and entertainment. There is no doubting McMahon is a business genius. Then you hear his 'storyline' ideas for the WWE, you hear how he fires people, how he struggles to decipher between himself and his character - 'Mr McMahon'. There is constant balance of what you could only call good and evil. The cover represents this best with the two faces, split down the centre.

The extras consist of some brutal matches and further more stories about Vince and his employees. On the whole the DVD package is well worth a watch and you'll come away from it feeling slightly shocked yet satisfied that even the richest, shrewdest, well dressed business man may be searching for his sanity just like the rest of us.
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Nicely Done
jts040527 June 2007
Some love him and most hate him, he is Mr. McMahon. I always have respected Vince McMahon for starting a very unstoppable company such as the WWE. He seems like a jerk because of the way he took wrestlers from the AWA. The whole deal was because of the more money McMahon offered to the AWA stars. Mainly I agree along with anyone else that the fans created the Mr. McMahon character. His character is just a down right jerk that will do anything to get his way. I personally find it down right hilarious. Vince McMahon is know 60-years-old and he acts so young for his age. I completely agree with Triple H on the fact that McMahon would be like Ric Flair if he wrestled. What makes me laugh most is that he is the owner of a Billion Dollar company and he acts like a goof all the time. I have no further things to say, but nicely done DVD.
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Entertaining Documentary about a bizarre man
bh_tafe37 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Vince McMahon never knew his father growing up, only meeting him for the first time at 12 where he started living with him. His father was a wrestling promoter and Vince quickly became enamoured with the business, wanting to become a competitor. His father stopped him from wrestling did allow Vince to do on air interviews and announcing. He eventually got his own ideas about how to run a wrestling promotion and when he took over raided all of the major wrestling territories for their marquee names, often with no idea what to do with them. The talent raid made the WWE the biggest wrestling promotion on the planet and sent a lot of the territories out of business. As a result, McMahon became a hated by some traditional wrestling fans and promoters.

His company was threatened numerous times, firstly by a steroid scandal in the early 90s, then by strong competition from WCW in the mid to late 90s, and general indifference earlier this decade, but every time Vince has been able to rise above the circumstances, and recover.

And surprisingly it's all covered, some of it superficially, some of it in depth, in this excellent and entertaining disc. McMahon comes across as an arrogant unapologetic ass, but is somehow endearing in spite of himself, and it's difficult not to cheer him on as he recounts disciplining talent, taking on WCW or rubbing his success in the faces of his enemies.

And you can't help but admire this guy who goes out and takes chair shots, legit punches and kicks, just for the heck of it, because it's entertaining.

It really is brilliant viewing. No doubt with a heavy PR slant in some places.

Also included are some of Vince's wrestling matches, including a match with Steve Austin from RAW in 1998 that never quite happened.

We get to relive McMahon flying off the cage at the hands of Stone Cold at St Valentine's Day Massacre in 1999, a rather contrived, but still entertaining, handicap ladder match where Vince and his son Shane go against Steve Austin, a very well done and entertaining No Holds Barred match with Triple H from Armageddon 1999, a bloody and absorbing street fight against Shane McMahon from Wrestlemania X-7, a rather unremarkable street fight with Ric Flair from the 2002 Royal Rumble, an entertaining bout with Hulk Hogan from Wrestlemania 19, a passable match with his daughter Stephanie at No Mercy 2003 and then a bloody Buried Alive match with THe Undertaker at Survivor Series 2003.

A great DVD with two strong discs, well worth a look.
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