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21 Sep. 2006
In July AD 64 a fire, which lasts for six days, destroys almost all of Rome. Many of the senators think it would be impossible to rebuild the city, and suggest that the capital should be moved to Naples or Capua. Nero is irresolute and asks his mentor, the philosopher Seneca, about his advice. Seneca says that in a crisis great emperors rule as gods rule, and if Nero does that he can become a god himself. Nero decides to rebuild Rome and at the same time make the city more magnificent than ever before. He has a great vision of a city characterized by art and beauty, ...
28 Sep. 2006
Julius Caesar's rise to power, from his military success to his decision to return home and seize power from his old ally Pompey.
5 Oct. 2006
132 BC tells the story of how a Roman politician nearly brought down the foundations of the Roman republic.
12 Oct. 2006
AD 66, following the death of Nero, Josephus is leads a Jewish Revolt and only General Vespasian has the strength and will to sort out the empire.
19 Oct. 2006
How the persecution of the Christians ended and the world was changed forever by the hand of one man - Constantine the Great.
26 Oct. 2006
The Fall of Rome
How the greatest empire gained a useless emperor, how the barbarians destroyed the foundations of city... How Rome fell, because of one fatal mistake.

 Season 1 

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