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Season 1

15 Jul. 2007
A photographer on the verge of marriage finds her life turned around by news from a friend.
22 Jul. 2007
Whose Sperm Is It Anyway?
Jenny's first major assignment may turn out to be the biggest scoop of her career, and Vivy juggles offers of donors to bear her child.
29 Jul. 2007
Separation Anxiety
Jenny's coverage of the separation of conjoined twins strikes a little close to home as things become more strained between Ian and her.
5 Aug. 2007
What Price Truth?
Jenny's mother makes herself at home, Vivy begins treatment and Jenny finds a connection between the owner of a rare diary and a mysterious woman.
12 Aug. 2007
Early Bird Catches the Word
A visitor from a sister magazine rattles Rick's cage, Jenny debates whether to meet Cell Phone Guy, and Vivy's treatment increases.
19 Aug. 2007
Children and Art
Jenny covers a story about an artist, and discovers a secret about her dad. Rick's charitable turn as a big brother isn't quite what he expected, and Ian has a hard time moving forward with Becca.
26 Aug. 2007
Try to Remember
While covering a story about the physiology of first love, Jenny looks up her own; Margot makes Rick uncomfortable, and Vivy's chemo has a devastating side effect.
9 Sep. 2007
When Pigs Fly
Jenny's story abut a pig who called 911 turns into something more, Vivy gets new information about her doctor, and Richard and Ian worry that Jenny will object if they continue to see each other.
16 Sep. 2007
Coming Out
Jenny covers a debutante's coming out, Becca and Ian come to a crossroad, and Richard takes his leave.
23 Sep. 2007
Ian's proposal startles Jenny, Rick crosses a line trying to help Vivy, and Jenny gets one step closer to Cell Phone Man.
30 Sep. 2007
Jenny covers the story of a woman who doesn't recognize her husband, and feels in a similar situation as she get to know Cell Phone Man; Vivy experiences her first major complication from chemotherapy.
7 Oct. 2007
Nothing Left to Lose
Jenny begins to have doubts about Brian being "Cell Phone Man" when he doesn't remember the details of their conversations, and Rick puts it all on the line.
7 Oct. 2007
Funeral for a Phone
Cell Phone Man arrives back in town, but his attempts to track down Jenny are thwarted by a ceremony.

 Season 1 

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