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Season 2

Jan. 1991
Charlie the Pilot
Charlie the Clown turns a load of Sneaker's old junk into a life-sized rubber band driven aeroplane. Unfortunately, his co-pilot, the hapless Wellington, winds the propellor the wrong way, and aerobatic mayhem ensues over the skies of Shoetown.
Jan. 1991
A Quiet Day in Shoetown
P.C. Boot has the day off, so the naughty Boot Gang Boy Gang decide to create a little havoc in Shoetown. New York Cop stand-in, Officer Malone, manages to arrest everybody except the real culprits, leaving quite a big problem for P.C. Boot on his return.
Jan. 1991
Injun Trouble
Smoke-signals have been spotted over Shoetown wood, and so brave Marshal deputizes a reluctant Wellington and Charlie to go looking for Indians. Their quest is disrupted however, by Farmer Fred's missing turkeys, and Sneaker's furtive activities.
Jan. 1991
You're in the Army Now
Responding to Sgt. Major's taunts, Margot and the Shoetown girls challenge the Shoetown boys to a race to sort out who is the best once and for all. Surprises are in store, however, as the route decided upon is the Army assault course!
Jan. 1991
Ghosts in the Windmill
It is midnight in Gilda Van Der Clog's beloved windmill, and eerie sounds and spooky goings-on are in progress. Summoning up all their courage, Shoetown Police Officers P.C. Boot and Officer Malone decide to investigate....
Jan. 1991
Racing Uncertainties
The Shoe People and the Boot Boy Gang hold a cross-country race, which the cheating Rollerskaters intend to win - more by foul means than fair. But then as if by some strange coincidence, Farmer Fred's prize Bull joins the fray?
Jan. 1991
From Russia with Snow
In the midst of the hottest weather Shoetown has ever known, newcomer Sasha longs for the coolness of his native Russia. Trampy and the other Shoe People try to cheer him up using of all things, a packet of Soap Flakes!
Jan. 1991
Sid's Marrow
Every year Sid slipper wins the Giant Marrow Competition at the Annual Shoe town Flower Show. But the greedy Boot Boys have their beady eyes on the prize also. Will they succeed in cheating their way to success, or will Sid Slipper win the day again?
Jan. 1991
Sgt. Major Loses His Voice
Poor Sgt. Major is distraught! He finds he can't officiate at his platoon's passing-out parade because he's lost his voice. Well-meaning Trampy and Wellington attempt to help him - with hilariously disastrous consequences.
Jan. 1991
All at Sea
The Shoe People find themselves marooned on a lighthouse during a ferocious storm at sea. They find that the lighthouse is not working properly and other ships are in danger of crashing onto the rocks. All seems lost until Morris Miner finds a solution to the problem.
Jan. 1991
Coconut Crazy
Things go astray in the mail from time to time - even in Shoetown. A package is wrongly delivered to the Bootboys address, the contents of which helps them to concoct a mischievous scheme to win coconuts at the annual fair.
Jan. 1991
Wellington on Ice
It is winter, and the Shoe People are happily skating on the frozen ice of Shoetown Lake - that is until poor Wellington falls through. But how can an urn full of hot coffee possibly save him? Only Charlie the Clown and Margot the Ballet slipper have the answer.
Jan. 1991
Marshall's Round-Up
Farmer Fred's pesky goats and sheep are causing much trouble in Shoetown. This presents Marshall with a golden opportunity to re-live the glory days of the Wild West by organizing a rootin'-tootin' round-up.
Jan. 1991
The Show Must Go On
Everyone' favourite actor, Sir Toby Boot, puts on a prestigious production of "Hamlet" at Shoetown Theatre. Unfortunately he has made the grave mistake of putting Charlie the Clown in charge of special effects. The result: a rendering of Shakespeare that Shoetown's inhabitants will never forget
Jan. 1991
Beehive Yourself
The meany-minded Bootboy Rollerskate gang hatch a plot to steal Sid Slipper's honey-laden beehive - and live to regret it!
Jan. 1991
Back in the Old Ball Game
The crowds amass at the playing field for Shoetown's very first baseball game. The scheming skaters, the Bad Boot Boys have their eyes on the Grand Prize - even if they have to steal it to get it.
Jan. 1991
Wellington the Babysitter
Margot leaves Baby Bootee in the incapable hands of wacky Wellington while she pops off for the afternoon. If she only knew the mayhem they would create with a motorized skateboard while she's away, she'd stay in with Baby Bootee for ever!
Jan. 1991
Sgt. Major's Spot of Bother
Sgt. Major is looking a little out of sorts today - he's developed a "spotty" disease which has speckled him from head to toe. So it's off to the Shoetown surgery to see a baffled Doctor Merryweather...but there's more to these spots than meets the eye!
Jan. 1991
The Purpule Ploople
A strange and unusual being from outer Space has invaded Shoetown, and is terrifying the inhabitants...but appearances can be deceiving, as Sir Toby is about to find out!
Jan. 1991
Ice Cream Sundae
Ever-resourceful Sneaker lashes up an impressive-looking ice-cream making machine out of bits and bobs lying around his cluttered yard. But he has reckoned without the Boot Boys intervention, and as soon as he switches it on, Shoetown is in danger of literally drowning in vanilla-flavoured ice-cream!
Jan. 1991
Marshall's Bar-B-Q
The selfish old Boot Boy gang haven't been invited to the Shoe People's barbecue. And so, with the aid of a book of magic spells they spitefully try to wreck the great occasion.
Jan. 1991
Rock 'n' Rollered
Shoetown's favourite gardener, Sid Slipper, is having great trouble with moles in his garden. But Wellington is having even bigger trouble - with a runaway steamroller - much to the consternation of the rest of the Shoe People.
Jan. 1991
Fools for Fitness
Margot decides that the Shoe People are all unfit, and should enroll immediately into a fitness class. Wellington and the others are not so sure if this is such a good idea, especially when they discover that a grinning Sgt. Major is in charge!
Jan. 1991
Shoes in Space
In their state-of-the-art rocket ship, the Shoe People travel to the distant planet Bloboboloo in order to catch some Blobobolian space-fish. But instead of fish, it's a hard task put upon Wellington that almost ends up with the chips!
Jan. 1991
Anchors Aweigh
The sun is bright, the sky is blue, and the Shoe People have decided to take up yachting for the day. But, as they swiftly discover, sailing on any boat crewed by Charlie and Wellington is just asking for trouble.

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