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Sex & Nudity

  • Asuka sleeps in a t-shirt or a tank top and panties.
  • A girl's nipples are shown in a non-sexual context briefly
  • Shortly after the title card plays, close to half way through the movie, something unexpected happens, and a woman is seen getting a phone call completely naked, from the back, all of a sudden. A bare bottom is seen briefly.
  • Sexual references and situations here and there, including:
  • One of the levels of disinfection in the aquarium shows that people must go naked for a extreme cleaning, with some convenient censoring.
  • A scene where a girl parachutes onto a rooftop knocking over a boy. When he tries to get up, he finds her on top of him with her busts in his face.
  • A later scene where the same girl tries to put on a skimpy jumpsuit, the tops of her breasts are exposed momentarily, but no nipples are shown. A moment later she comments that the suit fits her bust size whilst shaking her breasts.
  • Rei is seen nude from a distance. No details were drawn/animated.
  • In a scene echoing the first film in the Rebuild tetraolgy, one of the teenage girls appears naked in the living room complaining about a penguin walking around while she takes a shower. After some convenient and humorous censoring, her rear end is briefly visible as she roundhouse kicks a boy who has seen her and calls him a pervert. Her areolae are visible for a few brief frames, but they are near-impossible to see without freeze-framing.
  • Many scenes where girls appear in skirts and the camera angles are 'unintentionally' showing their underwear.
  • A girl is shown nude in a non-sexual situation. Hazy lighting hides most of the details of her body. Her posterior is briefly visible.
  • One of the Angels has a body resembles a female's, complete with naked breasts. It is portrayed in a completely non-sexual manner, and the nipples seem to disappear every once in a while.

Violence & Gore

  • In order to get in to an aquarium, a group of young people have to go through tortuous levels of disinfection, but this is seen like a comedy gag.
  • There are a numerous violent scenes between humanoids, 'Evas', and humongous aliens, 'Angels'.
  • The Evas are protected by mechanical armor covering their biological forms and are controlled from within their heads by teenage pilots. Whenever the Evas are damaged, the teen pilot experiences the same pain.
  • In order to destroy the angels, the Evas must destroy a Core, when this is destroyed, a lot of blood comes out of them.
  • At the start of the film, one of the pilots destroys the Third Angel by self-destructing her Eva. She barely escapes without injuring herself and bleeding from the head slightly.
  • Another girl's Eva is possessed by an Angel and is destroyed by an earlier prototype. Her Eva begins dripping blood from its mouth when it dies. She is thought to have been killed but is later shown to be alive, though badly wounded. The earlier prototype is shown mercilessly beating the other Eva, it is quite graphic. There are brief shots of it ripping out the other Eva's insides, and some other bloody shots. There are cut backs to the crew watching in horror, and one crew member looks away in shock.
  • In the final, intense battle of the film, the remaining functional teenagers are attacked and injured badly by the Tenth Angel. One Eva is beaten quite badly and loses some of it's limbs, blood spewing from the wounds. Another vomits blood from the mouth after the Angel slams it into the side of a pyramid. Another of the Evas is consumed by the Angel with one of the girls inside.
  • One of the Evas is impaled by another with a giant staff.
  • In the 2.22 version, one guy goes to save a girl, when he goes to a pool, the skin from his face and arms is ripped off. However, it looks like the he has a second skin, no blood or flesh is seen.


  • In the fight scene at the beginning (in the English version), a girl screams "Just fucking die!" This is the only instance of the f-word in the movie. In a later battle, she also shouts "point-blank, shithead!"
  • Some other minor profanity.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some minor scenes of characthers both drinking and smoking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some could find the violence intense.
  • In the 2.22 version, the climax scene of the end is very intense, for some people.

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