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The story behind Touching Home is more inspiring than the film itself, but don't let that deter you. It's the kind of can-do miracle that reminds us all that anything can happen and everything is possible.
Tampa Bay Times
Even as Touching Home finds those moments, it's easier to appreciate the stars' dedication to a grass roots project than the project itself.
Boxoffice Magazine
The story behind brothers Logan and Noah Miller getting their movie made is almost better than what’s onscreen, but the film is heartfelt and engaging enough to be worthy of attention.
The Hollywood Reporter
Despite dialogue devoid of subtext, weaknesses in the screenplay and uneven performances, the story, as rendered, has a disarming innocence.
Suffused with a glow of apple-cheeked nostalgia that often clings to baseball movies. The movie may be set in the present, but its likable clean-cut twins exude more than a whiff of gee-whiz 1950s innocence.
Despite the tale's real-life basis and a solid Ed Harris as their fictive equivalents' alcoholic dad, Touching Home emerges as a formulaic triumph-over-odds tale with too little distinguishing detail.
Sometimes painfully sincere male weepie.
Village Voice
Incidentally, the film has an Inspirational True Story (and tie-in book) behind it, which comes across not at all in the rather formulaic stuff that's actually onscreen.
There's a fine line between labor of love and vanity project, and this blandly earnest tale straddles it.
Although convincing as athletes, neither Miller belongs on a movie screen; personal parable or not, this feels like a too-familiar trip around the bases.

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