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MPAA Rated PG for sequences of sci-fi action violence and some thematic elements

Sex & Nudity

  • A man lies on an exam table and he is nude (we see his bare chest, abdomen and legs.
  • A Terrian's outfit has openings along the side that expose part of her midriff.

Violence & Gore

  • Official BBFC RATING: PG: Contains mild violence and threat
  • Two large armies fight in the skies firing weapons at each other, many vessels are struck and crash, and a large whale-like creature is struck (we see a bloody wound on its back and it falls from the sky).
  • A device is launched and lands on a planet's surface, it sprays a gas and begins to change the chemical makeup of the environment; Terrians begin to gasp and collapse.
  • A plate glass window breaks and the shards cut several people in a room. One's face is bloodied.
  • A Terrian is fired at while flying and the ship crashes; the Terrian ejects and hits the ground hard.
  • A man pins a young Terrian to the floor by the throat and the Terrian gasps.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Two young Terrians fly using glider-type vessels through a passageway that has large spikes around its entrance and one is pulled in by what seems like a vacuum; the other struggles to pull her out after throwing a rope down for her.
  • Terrians are frightened when a huge unidentified flying vessel in the sky blocks a sun. Many vessels are launched from a large flying ship, and they fly through the sky snatching up Terrians in a green glow as they go. But the Terrians mis-interpret the arrival of these vessels as messengers from a new deity.
  • A human male collapses and falls from a great distance (he is caught before he hits the ground where there are large spikes pointing toward him).
  • A Terrian finds other Terrians in what looks like a morgue and some are encased in glass containment vessels and hanging from the ceiling.
  • A gun is fired breaking out a window port on the human space ship. As a result, several humans and a Terrian are blown out into space (we see them yelling). The Terrian was, in fact, trying to save his daughter from said humans.
  • A Terrian and a human gasp for air and cannot breathe while being held in a room in the process of torturing the hero to choose between siding with an alien race (a member of which had just saved his life) or going along with that race's genocide.
  • Large, glowing explosives are launched from spaceships and other spaceships are struck: we see explosions and fires and we hear Terrians crying.
  • The humans launch a terraforming device against the native planet of the Terrians. The device will replace all the native atmosphere with human atmosphere; thus killing all Terrians (and other native life forms for that matter).
  • The human -- originally saved by one of the Terrians -- ultimately chooses to halt the genocide of the native Terrian race by the humans; by sacrificing himself while crashing his ship into and destroying the terraforming device. This leads to a solution whereby both races share the planet peacefully and a good ending.

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