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Bill Moseley talks 2001 Maniacs sequel; exclusive photo

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Fango caught up with fave actor Bill Moseley at the recent Rock and Shock convention in Worcester, Ma, where he talked up his role as Mayor Buckman (as seen in the exclusive pic below) in Tim Sullivan’s 2001 Maniacs: Field Of Screams. Moseley took over for Robert Englund, who portrayed Buckman in the previous Maniacs, “and those are very big shoes to fill,” he tells us.

“My Buckman isn’t as debonair as Robert’s,” Moseley continues. “His has a certain suavity that mine lacks. Mine is just a little more rough-and-tumble, and mean and vicious.”

In the sequel, which we last reported on here, Buckman leads the bloodthirsty residents of Pleasant Valley, Ga to slaughter a bunch of reality-tv people who seek to exploit them. “We shot it this summer in Iowa right on the banks of the Missouri River,” says Moseley, pictured with Ryan Fleming and Sullivan. “We
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Gay Of The Dead 25: Big Bear Horror Film Festival Recap—Part 1

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As I drove up the winding mountain road to Big Bear, CA in the pitch-black night, I wondered, “What’s gay about the Big Bear Horror Film Festival?” Answer: just about everything.

What I didn’t realize before arriving was that a large homo contingent would be in attendance. In fact, there were so many gays in this tiny mountain village, to write “out gay ____” before each name I mention would be a chore. So I’m going to denote all the gay up in Big Bear with a “*”.

The Backstory: Several months ago Bbhf founder Michael Coulombe* pinged me via this blog with some very preliminary info on the fest. Sensing an opportunity to spread my super-important opinions around, I offered myself up as a judge for the festival. Realizing what a publicity juggernaut this blog can be, he immediately said, “Yes!” and I was on board.

Over the next couple months,
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