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I Have Seen This Story Many Times- But This One Is Worthwhile
claudio_carvalho14 November 2007
Mike (Josh Randall) and his girlfriend Sheryl (Brianna Brown) travel from Virginia to Lake Kimbrabow State Park in West Virginia to spend the weekend hiking and camping in the woods. They ask for directions to the local guard that advises them to follow the Donner Trail or the Willow Creek Bridge; however, Mike meets the local Ida Forester (Beth Broderick) in the crossroad that tells them that Timber Falls has magnificent landscapes and a wonderful waterfall and the couple decide to go to the place. They stumble with the troublemakers Brody (Branden R. Morgan), Darryl (T.W. Leshner) and Lonnie (Ryan McGee) and Sheryl convinces Mike to get rid off the bullets of his revolver. They camp and in the morning Sheryl is abducted while bathing in a nearby lake. The desperate Mike seeks her, and finds a deranged fanatic religious family that needs them to procreate an offspring.

"Timber Falls" has an unoriginal story that I have seen many times: "The Hills Have Eyes", "Wrong Turn", I can count many movies with stories similar to the original "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and also "Deliverance", "Misery" plus a collection of clichés of the genre. However, the blending is surprisingly good and works, hooking the attention of the viewer until the very last scene. When I see this type of movie, I try to guess what will happen to the prisoners. Will they survive or die? The gore resolution of "Timber Falls" is also great, but the last scene is absolutely unnecessary. I liked very much the performance of Beth Broderick in a contradictory character. The make-up of Deacon is impressive and the locations are stunning. In my opinion, fans of the genre will not be disappointed with this film. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Pânico na Floresta 2" ("Panic in the Forest 2")
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Competent Horror Fare
gary-44423 May 2008
I watched this film aware of the critical kicking it had received at the hands of the UK Press. It wasn't nearly as bad as I feared it might be .It is Director Tony Giglio's mainstream debut, and you can see the films he enjoyed watching at Film School. The "Hills Have Eyes". "Deliverance", "Misery" "Friday The 13th" all have thematic or visual references .Those who have enjoyed those films will not be disappointed by this .However, therein lies the rub, in terms of originality it is 0/10, as an homage my 6/10 stands.

Aficianados will enjoy the horror staples. Brianna Brown, as toned, wavy haired blonde victim Sheryl is perfect. She screams and moans a lot, and gives us a very enjoyable white lacy underwear moment before some embarrassingly soft porn shots. Heroic boyfriend Mike, played by Josh Randall, is able to take beatings, whippings, brandings, Bear trap entrapment and various other indignities whilst still coming out at the other end as manfully as a hero should. Interestingly although this film has been caught up in the "torture porn" debate, it is Josh who is shown bare chested and writhing much more provocatively than his female heroine.

The cinematography is strong, and the mountain setting in West Virginia beautiful. Although essentially a "painting by numbers" horror plot, the story is lifted by the intelligent performance of Beth Broderick as Ida, the religious fanatic unable to carry a baby full term. One of the problems of the horror genre is that it is impossible to churn out stories each more gory, more horrifying or more titillating than what has gone before. This neither attempts , nor achieves, any of those objectives. That should not disqualify the likes of "Timber Falls" though for a picture soundly made, and well executed.
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Clichée on Clichée and topped with a turd
dschmeding3 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I don't get the comments on "Timber falls"... sure, make-up and setting are nice, acting is decent but thats about it. The plot is a joke... a couple goes hiking in the woods, they meet strange hillbillies who surprise them while trying to have romantic mountain scape sex. Now after being degraded, which clichée comes first (OK, right after the couple lost in the woods clichée)?? Yep, the blonde nurse forces her friend to get rid of his bullets... great. Now lets be unarmed and have some more sex in the tent while watched by sickos and then get kidnapped next day. Yippiee... kidnapped by a god fearing freak family, one with a burnt face and a creepy sickle and the others want the two to make them a baby. Oh yeah... crazy family in the woods, kidnapped couple... Wrong Turn, TCM, Wolf Creek anyone?? Misery, Capitivity anyone?? I can't count on how many tries they had on this last year alone and "Timber falls" also tries to incorporate the now so popular torture sequences. Since the crazy folks want a kid and the couple doesn't want to go on with the mountain scape/tent-fun... well, its torture time! Its all been there exactly the same... the opening reminded me a hell lot of "Wolf creek". Most of all this is technically well done but scripting wise extremely cheesy and at no time chilling, shocking or loaded with any suspense. The kills suck big time... one guy gets an axe in his head in a trashy way I have't seen in a while and when crazy lady gets beheaded... damn that looks lame and computer- generated. And when you think you could have spend your time a lot better you get an ending thats first of all totally unbelievable and Hollywood happy romance and then even tops off with a more unbelievable return of dead and burned sickle man in the last shot (Oh no, please don't you dare to do a sequel!). Hell no... is that a serious movie? Come on, there are so many better movies with nearly the same plot... "Storm warning" comes to mind since its been released around the same time and delivers the violence far more realistic and serious way than this cheap try with a million holes in its paper thin and ripped off plot. Stay away!
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A true horror gem. One of those straight to videos that surprises!!
Robert_duder31 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I recently became a fan and member of Netflix. If nothing else this has given me the joy of a host of B-Movie horror/slasher flicks for me to watch without spending a fortune. I'm a slasher flick fiend and I love a good or even bad horror flick. Because I watch so many of them I do tend to stumble onto a horror gem. They can be fun, gory, slapstick, even silly sometimes and formulaic but when they have great characters, an interesting story and some true suspense they catch my interest. Timber Falls takes a typical story of the whole weird in-bred family attacking innocent hikers and gives it a really wicked twist and some unique characters. They definitely aren't your usual Texas Chainsaw variety psychos. In several ways though Timber Falls keeps the recipe for slasher flicks the same and there is nothing wrong with that either. The ending for the film is so incredibly typical of many slasher flicks from Friday The 13th, to I Know What You Did Last Summer, and yet for me it was the perfect ending. When the last scene is done and the credits are rolling I'm smiling because it was something I truly enjoyed and fulfilled my love for the horror genre.

TV Character actor Josh Randall is the macho hero of the story. He doesn't get a lot of development to his character and yet its enough to firmly substantiate him as the hero. He definitely takes a licking and keeps on kicking throughout the film. In fact he is nothing short of tortured, burnt, stabbed etc and still comes back fighting to save the woman he loves. Lovely and down to earth Brianna Brown plays a terrific scream queen. Her and Randall have great chemistry together which is really important for this film and definitely ups the ante on separating it from other horror flicks. Nick Searcy is terrific as one half of the maniac couple. He doesn't get the same development or scenes as his counterpart but as the deeply religious and determined patriarch he gives a great performance. His scenes with Randall are outstanding. The real scene stealer of the entire film in my opinion is Beth Broderick, yes Aunt Zelda from Sabrina the Teenage Witch. She is absolutely outstanding as the demented woman who kidnaps and tortures and is basically the main killer of the film. She is absolutely perfect. Sascha Rosemann fills the necessary void in the film as the brawny and physically damaged killer Deacon. He basically is carbon copied from Leatherface but he still does a decent job although takes a back seat to the other killers which is a good.

Director Tony Giglio is fairly new to directing but has already had some decent experience with a film featuring Jason Statham, and having worked on a lot of great films in the past. I think he has a passion for horror and he knows how to spin a story even using a recipe that is perhaps in some peoples' opinions overused. I think as long as you can keep the story original and fresh and keep us entertained it doesn't matter how much of the familiar recipes you use. In fact when it comes to slasher flicks in my opinion if it ain't broke don't fix it and this one uses a lot of the same material from other classic slasher flicks but some solid performances and a really good twist in the story makes this one a must see for horror fans like me. A really good thrill ride that won't disappoint. 8.5/10
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Nothing here.
bombersflyup12 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Timber Falls is okay at best, offering nothing new.

Once the couple become prisoners, it's quite dull. Not exactly the worst scenario to be in though, they could have just went along with it until the opportunity to break free arises. Mike never questions how Ida carried him home and into the house. The quick ending scene's both absurd and unnecessary and these people were clearly dead.
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Timber Falls stands up!
bigdarvick21 June 2008
I reluctantly rented this movie after passing over it repeatedly at my local RedBox. From the DVD cover art and that fact that I've rented quite a few low budget stinkers from RedBox, gave me pause to ponder. I paid my 1.07 and brought it home thinking that I was in for another cheap digital, direct to DVD bomb (see Full Moon's "Petrified" for all time worst movie.) Maybe I'd get a couple of "Plan 9" type laughs out of Timber Falls. Boy, was I wrong!! This movie was tight and scary. Sure I've seen this type of plot line a dozen times or so, but what the hell--I love those predictable zombie movies too and will rent them religiously. Timber Falls was well crafted and moved at a brisk pace. It easily held my attention and I had only paused it for one trip to the bathroom. That says a lot, because when bored, I will usually get up multiple times from my living room couch to meander around the crib. The acting was very good and believable. There were a few scenes that I could've done without, but as a whole, the movie had me jumping up and down and wringing my hands like an old Jewish bubby that just found out her grandson married a shiksa. I highly recommend this movie and give it a huge "welcome to my vault of horror."
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If Timber Falls In An Empty Cinema, Does It Still Make A Sound?
Mr_Saxon14 January 2008
When a young couple (Josh Randall and Brianna Brown) go hiking in West Virginia, they meet with a local woman named Ida (Beth Broderick) who recommends that they head along the trail to Timber Falls due to the beautiful waterfalls and gorgeous Appalachian views. Despite prior knowledge that the trail is the least frequently patrolled, Mike and Sheryl decide to follow Ida's advice and end up abducted, tortured and fighting for their lives against... oh, that would spoil the fun wouldn't it?

"Timber Falls" borrows a little bit from "Wrong Turn" (in fact, it was mistakenly marketed as "Wrong Turn 2" in Brazil), a little bit from "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and a little bit from "Hostel". Unfortunately, it ends up less than the sum of its parts. The best scene in the entire movie comes in the opening segment which features a lot of blood and the rather gruesome way in which a young woman frees herself from imprisonment. Unfortunately, the rest of the movie is nowhere near as bloody or horrific. With only one exception that I can think of, the camera subsequently shies away from showing most of what is happening.

The fact that it borrows from other movies isn't what causes "Timber Falls" to fail. The movie fails because the main characters aren't actually that interesting. They spend the first half of the movie making small talk or simply making out with one another, and the second half crying or shouting. You don't get much back-story either, other than some dialogue explaining that one of them is a nurse. Because of this, you can't really connect to either of them and ultimately don't care all that much about their fate.

It's a shame really because you get the feeling that director Tony Giglio has quite a lot of talent. The Romanian landscape (where the movie was actually filmed) is captured beautifully and he fully conveys the gloom of the location in which the two main characters are imprisoned.

As it is, "Timber Falls" isn't a bad movie. It just isn't a particularly great one either. The torture scenes aren't particularly interesting and there's absolutely nothing here that you haven't seen before in other horror movies of this ilk. If you've already watched "The Hills Have Eyes", "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre", "Wrong Turn" and all the other scary wilderness/torture-porn movies then this will be an okay rental until something better arrives. If not then try one of the aforementioned movies instead
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Entertaining Horror film with some great dark humor
Sweet_and_Lowdown7729 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this film last week at the closing night of SCREAMFEST in LA. I have been looking forward to it for a while. The online reviews have been split, some love it, a few did not. I was curious.

This is a very entertaining film. It doesn't break too much new ground as far as setup. You got your "teaser" scene with a baddie doing bad things, then you intro the "heroes" going camping, and then the sh*t hits the fan. It's here where the film is not like others. It hits the same beats, but the story was unique and creepy and weird. DELIVERANCE, Texas CHAINSAW MASSACRE and MISERY were 3 films it's similar to.

Most horror films, of late, spend the 1st 30 minutes introducing the main characters and their petty problems, but then once the "evil" element kicks in, all those problems and character traits go away. TIMBER FALLS introduced things in the beginning that paid off in the end. The two leads (Josh Randall and Brianna Brown) were great. Josh in particular.

But the best actors and most interesting characters are IDA and CLYDE. The warped couple. The tag-line says "deranged locals and a gruesome plot." Well, it's not like HOSTEL or CAPTIVITY or HILLS HAVE EYES. This was an actual real plot. The gruesome scenes made sense. Not just for shock value. There was a real story here and cheap gross out tactics were not needed.

It's also about 1/2 way thru the film when the dark humor comes in. And it pays off great. The film isn't pretentious and does not take itself too seriously. I think a couple of the negative reviews probably missed out on this. There are still great jumps and scare moments, but the film definitely provides a lot of tension breaker moments. The crowd went wild and reacted great at all of these. I don't think watching this movie at home on DVD will have the same impact as watching it in the theaters with an audience.

The cast and director were at the screening. They announced the film is coming out in theaters in December in select cities.

This is not THE EXORCIST. It's not so super scary all the way through and it seemed to have a "this might be a hit so we need to tack on an ending that could leave film open to sequel" ending. But it has a great story, great acting. Good scare moments. Some gross stuff and some real, intentionally funny moments. When you see it, remember this line, "Things are starting to get out of hand here, y'all." It brought the house down.

Very well done.
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Clichés Abound
sddavis6328 October 2010
All the major clichés of the genre seem to get wound up in this movie. A young couple go camping in the mountains of West Virginia and end up in the clutches of a murderous local backwoods (and somewhat backwards) family. How original can this be? Well, the answer is not very. About the only part of the standard cliché that was left out was cannibalism! It's not that the movie was a waste. It actually had quite an eye- catching opening, and the performances were surprisingly good (a judgment which may admittedly be more a factor of my own low expectations than anything.) For a while there's also a pretty fair level of suspense, and good use of the setting.

But the good is outweighed by more problematic aspects to the story. My first question revolved around why this couple even got into this situation. They were warned to stay off all but two trails. Then, when they first ran into trouble on the trail they chose (not one of the two,) why continue on. After an encounter with that first group of backwoods thugs, I think I'd have gotten out of there as fast as I could. The movie ends up going for one of the unfortunate choice to make the backwoods killer family a bunch of religious wackos, for no truly obvious reason that I could see, but crosses certainly abound in this. The movie gets increasing and graphically gory as it moves along, and some of the gore near the end comes across as silly rather than believable. It all culminated in an admittedly unexpected but also completely inexplicable (and somewhat nonsensical) very last shot before the credits begin to roll.

Granted that there are some good things involved with this, but they can't save an unoriginal, cliché-ridden piece of work.
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Its been done before, but still worthwhile.
tmbaio15 April 2008
Timber Falls, despite being similar to many horror movies taking place in a lonely wooded area, still manages to stand its ground within the genre. The opening 20 minutes starts out with everything horror fans have seen before; but when the villain's motive is finally revealed, the film will be sure to catch you off guard. For a movie with such a generic plot, no one will see this coming. The villain's intentions are brutal, twisted, and frighteningly believable! Performances are fine, the violence is intense and the pace is never too slow. The ending is clearly a throw-back to various 1980's style horror sequels which will either cause you to sigh or laugh, but overall you'll still be entertained.

In short, despite its title, Timber Falls will eventually "fall" into the cracks of obscurity, but will not fall short. Give this one a shot. Enjoy.
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We're not violent people, Michael. It pains us to pain you.
lastliberal9 December 2008
For the life of me I cannot understand why Michael (Josh Randall - "Ed") would bother going after Sheryl (Brianna Brown). All she did the first 30 minutes of this movie was whine and complain.

There is nothing new or original here. It's the same story about inbred mountain folk and their bizarre rituals - this time with a really interesting weapon.

You have the usual torture, and a nice decapitation, but it never really gets to the level we are used to. The ending just doesn't make sense, either.

Go watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre again instead.
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Absolutely Horrible
StabKickPunch10 February 2008
I don't even know where to start. I just finished watching this and i'm seriously angry. I'm angry that i actually wasted time watching it and I'm even more angry that this movie somehow has a rating of 5.8.

There is nothing worse than a crappy B horror movie that tries to make itself seem like a Hollywood blockbuster. And this film takes that to a whole new level.

Horrible story that we've all seen a thousand times before, stupid illogical character actions that just make you mad, a ridiculous ending and every single shitty cliché possible. The only thing, literally the only thing i could give this movie, was the acting was decent on the main characters.

This was really and truly a horrible movie.
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moonpig8226 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of the worst horror movies i have ever seen. Where do i start? First of all the 2 main characters. I know horror movie characters are supposed to be stupid but they were something else. They take a completely different route to the ones the ranger has advised, they start having sex in broad daylight out in the middle of nowhere with no idea of who is around then after their run in with the hunters Sheryl makes her boyfriend get rid of the bullets for the only weapon they have! Three men with guns have just seen you half naked and menaced you so you make yourself defenceless. Good idea! Then there are the baddies. The typical religious nutters who seem to keep cropping up in horror movies. They aren't in the least bit scary and every time one of them started spouting off i had to fast forward the DVD. I won't say the reason why they are kidnapping couples but it is beyond ridiculous. I think my reaction was "you are joking aren't you?" when it was revealed. Most of the film is dull although it does pick up in the last half hour. There is a bit of action and gore but nothing exciting. The last "twist" in the film is stupid and unnecessary. I knew what was going to happen but i was hoping they wouldn't do it because the film would actually have been better without that final moment. The acting is fairly good for a horror movie and the effects are well done but that's all the positive things i can say about it. I rolled my eyes so much during the film they hurt and i definitely wouldn't recommend it. I understand they were trying to do something different other than the usual "cannibals in the woods" but it just didn't work. I didn't care and i just found it a frustrating and boring watch.
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Wrong Turn meets Misery
Sham3328 January 2008
OK, this story is not so original. You've seen this too many times. I can name Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Hills Have Eyes, Wrong Turn, Misery and… too many to name. The good thing about this movie is that I actually care about the lead characters. It's not like those movies when you say "Kill them all". The violence is well-done and yes, this is not Torture Porn like The Saw and Hostel sequels. The make-up is fantastic and this movie doesn't have those dumb CGI. Great performances by the lead characters and by the killers too. If you want an enjoyable movie with a lot of tension and violence, you should check this out. You won't repent.
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So Bad, It's SCARY.
Brakathor17 February 2008
What do we have here? Another movie trying to shock us with insane bastardised Christians who think the phrase "thou shalt not take the lords name in vain." is the way into heaven, whereas the phrase "thou shalt not kill" is just symbolic and not worth following.

The story is about a couple from the city who decide a fun way to spend the weekend would be to go hiking in hickville U.S.A., but even the movie "Deliverance" couldn't have prepared them for what was about to take place... for 2 reasons.... 1. Rape is anti Christian and would prevent the thousands of teenagers from seeing this movie, thus costing the producer millions as a result... and 2. Who the hell would have ever expected a national park to be busier than the park nearest your house? Seriously I've been hiking many times myself in park and mountain trails sometimes within city limits and I would seldom come across other hikers much less 3 separate groups of them as in the movie, who show up again and AGAIN on the same hiking trail, led alone the fact that all of them are either some brand of psycho or lowlife in general. To clarify one thing, Timber Falls is not a town but merely an area off a hiking trail. But don't worry, this was all PLANNED if that's supposed to be an asset in movies these days. Yes, all of them are plot devices who appear again later just HAPPENING to run into the 2 protagonists once more. "oops i accidentally stepped in a bear trap while walking backwards, but thankfully the same crazy old lady i met earlier was able to find me 10 seconds later and bring me back to her house" For example what would have made more sense rather than each character making their little introductions along the trail before being part of the story is if they appeared just ONCE rather than reappearing. Also The dialogue isn't exactly fantastic and it seems so much like the actors just coming on screen to say "Hello, I will be playing the old lady" "hello, i will be playing the cop" and at 100 minutes running time it's not like they needed any filler, though I will say that the actors put out an honest good effort. There's not much else to say other than the whole movie is so contrived and unrealistic.

Other than that, if while watching the movie you ever had any doubts as to whether it was a total piece of junk or not, the twist in the end is likely to affirm your initial impulse which would have been to throw it out the window and never see it again. All I will say about that, is imagine setting someone on fire with a Molotov cocktail in the rain, in a place hundreds of miles away from your house, who was a monstrous burn victim in the first place and then having that same person who apparently burned to death as a result, end up somehow tracking you down. Also if you threw a Molotov cocktail on someone who happened to be wearing a trenchcoat, and it happened to shatter, only the area touched by the alcohol would be set on fire initially and it wouldn't be able to envelop his entire body within seconds; Literally all he would have to do is casually take his coat off... plus it was raining. So much for their intended irony of "he was set on fire... AGAIN"

I personally found a movie like "Deliverance", which isn't even considered a horror movie by most, much more terrifying in its harsh realism rather than this fake attempt at horror. I've officially lost all faith in the horror genre, since 90% of horror films are like this; contrived and completely unrealistic, and ultimately it is hard to be scared or shocked by what you can't accept as at least halfway plausible.
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Much to recommend it within the genre
neil-47621 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The problem with horror films is that the genre is fairly limiting - there are only so many scenarios and, once you have opted for one of them, all that remains is variations on a theme.

This particular movie falls squarely into a fairly well populated group of films, all of which feature nice young people held (and mistreated) by weirdos in a remote cabin in the woods. The formula is more or less set in concrete, all that is left is the precise nature of the weirdos (inbred deformity, check; apparently nice person who is as bad as the rest, check; surprise twist person who you thought was going to help but turns out to be one of them, check) and the reason why the nice young people are being held - this turns out to be fairly original, and gives rise to some interesting script elements, which is one of the reasons why Timber Falls is a cut above the average for this kind of movie.

Also, it generates quite a lot of suspense and tension, and a feeling that the two victims are in genuine jeopardy. The weirdos are pleasingly loopy-appearing-normal, there is some fairly well done nastiness, and the whole thing canters along in a relatively well choreographed way. The performances are pretty good, and the cinematography isn't bad either. As an entry in the genre it is entirely unexceptional but, within that limitation (and given that it appears to be relatively low budget), it is not bad at all.
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"Prey for the victims."
Backlash00722 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers

More like PRAY for the viewers! The man that brought us Soccer Dog: The Movie is back with Timber Falls. And it's one big Texas Chainsaw Massacre cliché after another. Crazed hillbillies: check. Deformed lunatic with a signature weapon: check. People you think you can trust but later turn out to be evil: double check. I have a hard time believing the good buzz that made me rent this awful flick. I could almost understand a decent review from people who had never seen ANY backwoods slasher flick. But some credible sources were saying this was good??? Well let me set the record straight folks. Timber Falls sucks. Here's three humorous reasons why. Number 1: The villains are torturing the characters under their house. The lead baddie tells them to scream all they want because they are thirty feet underground and no one can here them. Later in the film, whilst thirty feet underground where no one can hear you scream, the villain here's a pane of glass break from the upstairs door. Number 2: If you unload a double barrel shotgun at point blank range at someone's face, there will be no head left on their corpse. Number 3: The "one year later" ending commits the ultimate slasher film cliché and has the long dead killer (from one year ago no less) pop back up for one last scare. There are many other, more obvious reasons not to see Timber Falls. Trust me, you've seen this film a thousand times. And you've seen it a thousand times better.
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Wow this movie has been out for 4 years and I'm just seeing it!
psi-753-18155526 April 2011
I am a pretty picky Horror movie fan and I gotta say, I was surprised how much I enjoyed this movie. Original enough of a storyline (for this type of West Virgia "backwoods" style movie) Twists, turns, and just enough gore to appease the gore hound in me. If you like hills have eyes, river runs red, wrong turn or any like style movie, you are sure to enjoy this one. The cast and characters are believable enough to make this movie work. I saw some pretty nasty reviews about this movie and I don't know why. It wasn't like Staunton Hill where you had to wait for a week and a half for something to happen. I would rate it a 8.5/10
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Good, but we've seen this before
jason_1317 January 2008
Timber Falls is the typical horror movie about teens having big troubles in the woods. Without introducing something we've never seen before, Timber Falls manages to be entertaining for the most part.

Mike and Sheryl are young, traveling couple whose destination is a lake in the woods. While enjoying the beauty of nature, the two meet inhospitable hunters who act weird only to steal $50 from the couple. After this bizarre event is forgotten, Mike and Sheryl spend the night in a tent. The problem is that they are not alone. Somebody spies on them. When Mike wakes up at the next morning, there is no Sheryl. Having realized something is terribly wrong, Mike goes after the hunters, blaming them for his girlfriend's disappearance. They are not the kidnappers though.

Timber Falls is not a waste of time although this storyline is really one of the biggest clichés around. Location - woods, characters - dumb, killers - disfigured or sheriffs. However, the movies has its moments for sure. The first 20 minutes are an almost perfect build-up for any kind of story. There is this beautiful location which helps for the increasing tension although I didn't feel tense. But it's there and it's obvious what purposes it serves. The second part is completely different with the characters being tortured underground. Maybe I didn't fall for that, but still, the first act is quite impressive for something that has been made for over three decades. Director Tony Giglio, although not experienced enough, has shot some good material. The opening sequence for example. We are shown a scared, tortured girl whose friends are supposedly killed, but we never get to see what happens to her. The scene's fast pace leaves the grotesque for the imagination. A very smart move by the creators although it does resemble Wrong Turn a bit.

Now, I do have some remarks concerning the acting. OK, I can live with Josh Randall's weird, never ending screams. I can even bare Brianna Brown's horrible performance in the second act, but I simply hated the villains. From what I understand, Beth Broderick, as the crazy old lady, is considered the highlight of the film. However, I have a completely different opinion about her heroine - Ida. I mean, this woman wasn't believable at all. She is one of the first supporting characters introduced and you could clearly tell she's not what it seems. Maybe, just maybe, that was intentional, but still, it's a terrible moment for the plot development, because you know the main characters will have an unpleasant, second encounter with that lady. As for Nick Searcy, who plays Ida's husband - well, I didn't care about him. He was impersonal and tedious. Besides, his overacting was irritating. Good that there is this German guy who plays a disfigured retard who does the dirty work for the old couple. He's a nice addition to the otherwise boring villains.

Overally, Timber Falls is worth a look. It's flawed, but the final result is rather satisfying. Check it out.
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Exciting and Surprising - Even If You've Seen It Before...
homecoming817 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, So after seeing it, you have to admit it has been done before: The Hills Have Eyes, Wrong Turn, Texas Chainsaw Massacre. But from the thrilling opening scene you would expect something like I Know What You Did Last Summer or Friday The 13th. And than the story flips in another direction. I am a great fan of the great titles mentioned above, so I have seen them a number of times. But this was anything but a cheap knock-off. For starters, the acting was on a very high level. The story had a lot of twists and was very intense. You really got into the characters and what they had to suffer. The body count was not even high, but the effects were amazing and frightening. I really enjoyed this movie from start to finish, and anyone who loves a scary movie will too. And if you are a horror fan, this one has got to be one of the better horror movies of the year... Do not miss it !
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Very good movie, enjoyed it very much
gailb-71 February 2009
If you like backwoods, and by the way the scenery was fantastic, and the setting........Also if you like, weird crazy families who live out of reality, you will love this film. The only bad thing, was the very beginning, when they give you a prelude to what is to come.....Producers, leave that part off, I don't want to know what to expect before I see it. Okay, about the story, it was fabulous acting by Josh and Brianna. The only dumb thing was Josh throwing away his bullets....come on, right after you were terrorized by crazy hunters? Anyway, the movie was intense, (to much soft porn) could have used less love making, after all this is a scary horror film, but the film in general was intense and very creepy. You never really knew if those hunters were involved till way later. A lot of excellent acting in the torture and running scared moments. I'm glad they had Brianna tell her boyfriend she was 8 weeks pregnant, that was the whole point of their trip was to be a romantic camping adventure where she tells Josh she is 8 weeks along, but things started to happen before she could. This film was very realistic, because this actually happened to a friend of mine....at a chalet in the mountain woods of western North Carolina. The end was another one like Halloween, Wrong Turn, etc., when you can't seem to kill them off.....As always, that last family member coming back for more. Good, there will be a sequel....The burned brother with the cycle coming after them again..I really enjoyed this movie, it was just enough gore without being overly done and too too bloody and the characters were religious fanatics, creepy, dumb, and crazy backwoods country folks who are strange enough to do anything....This film was way better than Cabin Fever....You won't waste your time with this film, just get you some popcorn and enjoy !
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Watchable enough for it's kind.
poolandrews4 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Timber Falls starts as loving couple Mike Warren (Josh Randall) & Cheryl James (Brianna Brown) arrive at Lake Kumbrabow State Park near West Virginia to go hiking for a couple a days, local Park rangers advise them to stick to patrolled paths but Mike & Sheryl decide to hike to Timber Falls after a woman named Ida (Beth Broderick) says the scenery is better. Mike & Sheryl set up camp & the following morning Mike wakes up to find Sheryl has disappeared, after being caught in a bear trap Mike is rescued by Ida & she tends to his wounds at her house. Worried for Sheryl Mike insists that Ida call for help but she doesn't & Mike becomes suspicious, Mike discovers that Ida is being held by a deformed freak in Ida's basement & that Ida & her husband Clyde (Nick Searcy) have a twisted plan for Mike & Sheryl...

Co-written & directed by Tony Giglio this backwoods brutality horror thriller is watchable enough for it's type but it's not something that I would call great, a mixture of classic films such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) & Wrong Turn (2003) without really adding anything new or particularly memorable. The script is strictly routine in everything it does, the two big city civilized victims who take a wrong turn & make some bad decisions after which they end up at the mercy of inbred & or deformed Redneck or Hillbilly psycho's who torture them & abuse them for the remained of the film until they manage to turn the tables although here in Timber falls there's an awful twist ending in which the deformed mutant ends up at Mike & Sheryl's house over a year after he was supposedly killed. The body count is fairly low, a woman jumps to death off a cliff during the opening sequence but then no-one gets killed until the last fifteen minutes & as such Timber Falls often doesn't feel like a ten slasher but that's exactly what it is only without the large body-count. There are some glaring moments of stupidity too, why does Sheryl wait so long to admit she's already pregnant? Given the choice between being brutally tortured & having sex with your girlfriend most people would surely choose to have sex? So why then does Mike refuse & let himself & Sheryl be tortured for so long? It just doesn't sit well with me. The psycho's here are religious nuts & once again the whole idea of these deeply religious people torturing & killing people just seems contradictory, the deformed psycho Deacon is never more than an inferior Leatherface rip-off which his arsenal of rusty blades. knives & weapons. Then there's the infamous head scratching scene in which after being threatened & robbed by three Hillbillies the couple actually carry on hiking & Sheryl amazingly makes Mike throw all the bullets from his gun away.

To it's credit Timber Falls is well made & a pretty glossy looking film, the photography & lighting are slick, there's no CGI computer crap just good old fashion make-up effects & there's a definite backwoods feel although it's maybe a little bright at times. The gore levels are alright but maybe because Mike & Sheryl are held captive for so long you think you see more than you actually do, a woman has long metal nails through her hands which she then rips out, a man is whipped, a little finger is cut off, people are beaten, a guy gets an axe in the head, someone is decapitated, people are shot, someone gets a knife in the neck & there's a fair amount of blood splatter too. Not the goriest film out there but still quite brutal at times I suppose.

With a supposed budget of about $2,600,000 this was set in Virginia but actually filmed in Bucharest in Romania. The acting is alright, the two leads were cast for their looks while the two main psychos are pretty good.

Timber Falls is a competent backwoods horror thriller that is well made, moves along at a decent pace & has a few nice torture scenes but a silly script that defies logic & common sense at times & a lack of originality prevent it from being anything more than merely watchable if there's nothing better to watch.
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Don't go hiking on the religious hillbilly trail, duh!
Coventry6 October 2014
Where to begin with "Timber Falls", as I honestly can't decide whether I should be harsh or mild in my user comment? On one hand, it's an admirably tense nowadays horror flick with brutal gore, lovely filming locations and identifiable main characters, but on the other hand it serves cliché after cliché and it's full of predictable twists. I liked the realism of the character drawings and for once the lead protagonists Mike and Sheryl are okay people that you actually wish to survive their ordeal, but fact remains that you've seen this exact same story dozens of times before and I can't filter out any aspect that is unique. Young couple goes hiking in a West Virginian national park (although for budgetary reasons the film is actually shot in Romania) where they ask the wrong persons for directions and end up in the torture dungeon of a deranged hillbilly family with a deformed son. What else can I add that you can't figure out by yourself? That the kidnappers are disturbed religious fanatics? Nope, that's hardly innovative either. That their deformed adolescent son is a perverted rapist with a nasty scythe for a toy? That's also not a big surprise, I guess… And yet, I would still encourage genre admirers to check "Timber Falls" out, because it's a competently made and unhinged horror flick that doesn't feature any boring moments. The performances of Josh Randall and the beautiful Brianna Brown are more than adequate and TV-starlet Beth Broderick ("Lost", "Sabrina Teenage Witch") clearly had a field day depicting the deranged backwoods bitch Ida. Oh, perhaps one thing that features here and you won't find in similar gore flicks: the ending. But I won't ruin it
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Watch Only If There's Nothing Else On Warning: Spoilers
You know right away a film is going to be bad when you see a strapped- down woman, impaled on a cross like Jesus, agonizingly dis-impales herself from said cross, then starts using both hands normally like they'd been healed for months. Railroad spikes through both hands will render them absolutely useless. Besides the intense pain from your exposed tendons and nerves, there'd be some paralysis. Those were pretty big holes!

Anyway, I thought I hadn't seen the movie before so I started watching it recently. As it turns out, I did see it already. The fact that it didn't stick around in my mind is saying something - it was probably best forgotten. Still, why do I stick around and watch gore-filled movies like these that feature poor acting, poor script and poor judgment by every single character? I'm no psychologist, but I'd imagine there must be an inherent need to right the wrongs that I've faced in life - if I can't get revenge on those who've been bad to me, then hell, watching a flick of the vengeance I should have received will have to suffice.
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I really enjoyed this flick
Deadbeatfan6 August 2008
Really, a lot of people have been trashing this flick. These people are morons. Believe it coming from me that this movies good, im pretty much the biggest horror film purist/elitist ever. I don't really like modern horror but this movie was pretty entertaining and it was cool seeing this in an empty theater on its opening night. Little flicks like this are a welcome breath of fresh air from all of these gay super hero movies and retarded Seth Rogan comedy's. Im not saying that this flick is the citizen kane of all horror but at least its worth one viewing. The plot of this film has been seen before but its the best sort of plot. A good old fashioned backwoods slasher. The gore in this movie is pretty cool also. Much better then Wrong Turn another modern horror flick that reminds me of this one.
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