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First-look images from Doom movie reboot Doom: Annihilation

Dread Central has revealed three first look images for the upcoming video game adaptation Doom: Annihilation which sees Tony Giglio directing a cast that includes Amy Manson, Luke Allen-Gale, Dominic Mafham, and Nina Bergman; take a look here…

Doom: Annihilation follows a group of space marines as they respond to a distress call from a base on a Martian moon, only to discover it’s been overrun by demonic creatures who threaten to create Hell on Earth.

Doom: Annihilation has been produced by Universal’s straight-to-video division Universal 1440 Entertainment. As yet, there’s no word on an official release date.

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‘Death Race: Beyond Anarchy’ DVD Review

Stars: Zach McGowan, Frederick Koehler, Christine Marzano, Yennis Cheung, Cassie Clare, Danny Glover, Danny Trejo | Written by Don Michael Paul, Tony Giglio | Directed by Don Michael Paul

Danny Trejo returns as the ruthless bookie, Goldberg, in the wildest, bloodiest, Death Race ever… Death Race: Beyond Anarchy. After a failed attack on inmate and legendary driver, Frankenstein, Black Ops specialist Connor Gibson (Zach McGowan) infiltrates a super-maximum federal prison with one goal – enter the immoral and illegal Death Race and take Frankenstein down. Connor enlists the help of Baltimore Bob (Danny Glover) and Lists (Fred Koehler), and unexpectedly falls in love with bartending beauty Jane (Christine Marzano). Connor will have to fight for more than his life in this brutal world of no guards, no rules, no track, and no fear.

Ok, confession time, I’m a Huge fan of the Death Race franchise – in particular of the Dtv entries that
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New red-band trailer & clips from ‘Death Race 4: Beyond Anarchy’

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It’s been four years since the release of the second sequel to the reboot/remake of Death Race – Death Race: Inferno – and three since the fourth film was sneakily announced by it’s writer (who also penned parts 2 and 3), Tony Giglio on Twitter, but now Death Race 4, or Death Race: Beyond Anarchy as it’s officially titled, has got a new red-band trailer and Four clips!

Not to be confused with Roger Corman’s own remake of Death Race, entitled Death Race 2050, Death Race: Beyond Anarchy sees the return of Danny Trejo as Goldberg and Frederick Koehler as Lists – both of whom appeared in Death Race 2 and Death Race: Inferno. Joining the Death Race family are Black SailsZach McGowan, Christine Marzano, Danny Glover, Lorina Kamburova and a number of homegrown talent from here in the UK: Cassie Clare, Nicholas Aaron, Lucy Aarden, Julian Seager, Lee Shone, Kellie Blaise
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Doom movie reboot wraps production

Update: Well, it turns out that filming has actually wrapped a few weeks back, as per Amy Manson’s Instagram. Thanks to Zak for the heads up. Original story follows…

Back in April, news leaked online that Universal Pictures was developing a straight-to-video reboot of its video game adaptation Doom, and now an official Twitter account for the project has launched, which reveals that filming is underway.

The newest #DoomMovie starring @AmyMansonLondon and @LukeAllenGale is now in production. Follow us @DoomMovie on Facebook & Instagram for more behind the scenes content. pic.twitter.com/shCYqNIn9B

— Doom Movie (@DoomMovie) June 26, 2018

While details on the new Doom movie are being kept under wraps, we do know that it is being produced by Universal’s non-theatrical division Universal 1440 Entertainment, with Tony Giglio directing and Amy Manson (Once Upon a Time) and Luke Allen-Gale (Dominion) starring in the cast.

Universal’s first attempt
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Doom reboot will go direct-to-video, director and lead actress revealed

Last week it was revealed on social media that Universal Pictures is planning a second attempt at adapting the iconic video game series Doom, and now thanks to Dread Central we have some new information on the proposed reboot.

Firstly, the site reports that the new film is being developed by Universal 1440 Entertainment, Universal’s non-theatrical division, which means the film will be a straight-to-video / VOD release.

Meanwhile, Tony Giglio is set to direct the movie, while actress Amy Manson has also been cast as the film’s lead.

Production on Doom is slated to begin “in the near future”, so presumably we can expect to hear more news about the project soon.

Universal’s first attempt at adapting the first person shooter classic was released in 2005, and starred Karl Urban, Rosamund Pike and Dwayne Johnson. It tanked at the box office, and received negative reviews from critics.

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The Next Doom Movie Will Feature A Female Lead

Even if you aren’t exactly a superfan of the Doom franchise, you have to acknowledge its place in video game history. Had you been around in the 1990’s, then odds are you played one of its earliest installments on a PC at some point. If not, then perhaps you’ve at least familiarized yourself with one of the more modern offerings, as the series remains a staple in the horror genre.

Of course, a game that’s able to boast such a great level of popularity and influence was naturally going to receive a cinematic adaptation before long. And that came in 2005 in the form of the theatrically released Doom, which starred the likes of Karl Urban and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m not the lover of this franchise in the way that I am with the likes of Resident Evil and Silent Hill,
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Doom Reboot Reportedly Has A Director And Lead

Doom Reboot Reportedly Has A Director And Lead
The world just learned of the existence of a Doom reboot just a handful of days ago, and now Dread Central has an alleged scoop from some unnamed sources. The film will be directed by Tony Giglio (Timber Falls, S.W.A.T. Under Siege) and that Once Upon A Time actress Amy Manson is set to play the film's lead.

It's also been revealed the project is being helmed by Universal's non-film division Universal 1440 Entertainment, which appears to mean the project is going straight to DVD or a streaming platform. That makes sense, and would certainly explain why we've heard next to nothing about it until now. Are you more, or less excited for this film now that you've read all this?
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‘S.W.A.T.: Under Siege’ VOD Review

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Stars: Sam Jaeger, Adrianne Palicki, Michael Jai White, Matthew Marsden, Kyra Zagorsky, Ty Olsson, Olivia Cheng, Zahf Paroo, Aren Buchholz, Lisa Chandler, Mike Dopud, Monique Ganderton, Dakota Guppy, Marci T. House | Written by Jonas Barnes, Keith Domingue | Directed by Tony Giglio

An in-name only sequel- it’s been six years since the last S.W.A.T. movie, Firefight, and you Really don’t have to have seen the previous film – or the 2003 original – to appreciate this, the third film in the S.W.A.T. franchise. Yet another take on the Assault on Precinct 13 story model, S.W.A.T.: Under Siege sees a Swat compound come under fire from an international terrorist who relentlessly and violently pursues a mystery man who was apprehended by Seattle Swat after a raid went horribly wrong.

So why now? Why make another S.W.A.T. film now? Maybe it’s because CBS are planning a new TV iteration of the classic series,
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Pay the Ghost | Review

All Sallow’s Eve: Edel Gets Stuck in the Cage

For those who had a modicum of hope that German director’s Uli Edel‘s Canadian production of Nicolas Cage horror thriller Pay the Ghost would be more serviceable than its inane title would suggest, abandon hope all ye who enter here. Based on a novella by Tim Lebbon and adapted by Dan Kay (who last penned the 2007 indie yokel horror film Timber Falls), it’s one of those unfortunate genre cheapies that takes itself too seriously to be appreciated even for a bit of camp value—a missed opportunity considering Cage is headlining.

A supernatural thriller whose title actually succinctly implies everything the next ninety minutes will be devoted to explaining, a hungry entity wreaks havoc on New York City and its outlying regions on an annual basis, choosing everyone’s favorite pagan holiday, Halloween, to snatch innocent tots
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New Trailer For Nicolas Cage's Pay The Ghost

New Trailer For Nicolas Cage's Pay The Ghost
A couple of years ago Nicolas Cage was on the desperate search for his disappeared daughter in Simon West's Stolen. Now, it's his son that's gone missing in rather different circumstances, in Uli Edel's horror Pay The Ghost. See how he copes in the new trailer.The film's based on a short story by British Fantasy and horror novelist Tim Lebbon (Dusk). Dan Kay (Timber Falls wrote the adaptation. Cage plays an English LIterature professor at Nyu (apparently one who occasionally wears Sailor Rilpey's jacket), whose son goes missing at a Halloween parade, immediately after saying something weird. A year later, Prof. Cage starts seeing his son again, and begins to unravel the clues leading to a boogieman operating every Samhain.The Walking Dead's Sarah Wayne Callies co-stars, along with Veronica Ferres and the Saw series' Lyriq Bent. Shooting took place in Toronto last autumn, and Pay The Ghost
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Casting Net: Tom Welling and more complete cast of Nicholas Sparks' 'The Choice'

Casting Net: Tom Welling and more complete cast of Nicholas Sparks' 'The Choice'
• The final pieces have been put in place in order to make The Choice, the latest Nicholas Sparks novel to be adapted to the screen. Tom Welling, Alexandra Daddario (True Detective) and Maggie Grace (Taken 2) have completed the cast that already includes Benjamin Walker, Teresa Palmer and Tom Wilkinson. Ross Katz is directing the story adapted by Bryan Sipe about a love affair between neighbors Travis (Walker) and Gabby (Palmer). Welling will play Ryan, Gabby's boyfriend who complicates the relationship and forces her to make a choice between the two. [THR] • Instructions Not Included star Eugenio Derbez has joined Gerard Butler
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Veronica Ferres joins Nicolas Cage thriller Pay the Ghost

Veronica Ferres joins Nicolas Cage thriller Pay the Ghost
Veronica Ferres has joined the cast of Nicolas Cage's thriller Pay the Ghost.

Based on Tim Lebbon's short story of the same name, Pay the Ghost stars Cage as a New York University English professor whose young son goes missing during a Halloween day parade.

German director Uli Edel is overseeing the film, which sees Sarah Wayne Callies play Cage's estranged wife.

The pair must work together with Ferres's professor to save their missing son from a supernatural ghost.

Timber Falls' Dan Kay is adapting the story.

Ferres appeared alongside Willem Dafoe and Jeff Goldblum in 2007's Adam Resurrected. She recently starred in Simon Pegg's Hector and the Search For Happiness.
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A Good Day To Die Hard's John Moore tapped to direct Pierce Brosnan's I.T.

  • JoBlo
Pierce Brosnan's The November Man opens this weekend (you can read our review here), and while a sequel has already been announced, there's also another thriller in the works starring the actor. Deadline is reporting John Moore (A Good Day To Die Hard, Max Payne) has been hired by Voltage Films for I.T. Terminator 2: Judgment Day scribe William Wisher Jr. will rewrite Dan Kay's (Timber Falls, Pay The Ghost) original draft of the script for I.T., and...
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Sarah Wayne Callies Will Pay the Ghost

After years of slaying zombies and then sucking on twisters, Sarah Wayne Callies has a new beast to tame! She's set to Pay the Ghost with Nicolas Cage. We pray for both her sanity and safety.

Deadline reports that Cage will star as a professor whose young son goes missing during a Halloween parade in New York City. One year later he begins to sense his son’s presence and uncovers clues leading to a vicious and vengeful ghost that surfaces each Halloween to abduct children.

Callies will play Kristen, Cage’s estranged wife and a whip smart environmental attorney who teams up with her husband to recover their son before he’s lost to the spirit world forever.

Dan Kay (Timber Falls) is handling script duties as he adapts Tim Lebbon's short story of the same name. Kay developed the script with Midnight Kitchen Productions' Ian Levy,
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Nicolas Cage Will Pay The Ghost In New Supernatural Thriller

There are two kinds of Nicolas Cage movies. There are the ones where he shows his dramatic and comedic breadth as an actor, in films as diverse as Leaving Las Vegas, Adaptation and The Weather Man. Then, there are the rest of his films. Notorious for making schlock as well as the occasional stellar film, Cage has one of the biggest resumes of any actor his age. Now on a hot streak due to his role in David Gordon Green’s drama Joe, Cage has signed on to Pay the Ghost, a film that could fall in either category of his filmography.

Based on a short story by Tim Lebbon, Pay the Ghost is about a professor whose son is abducted during a Halloween parade. A year later, he and his wife begin to feel the son’s presence and decide to search for the boy. As they uncover clues
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Nicolas Cage Is Going To Pay The Ghost

It's good to see Nicolas Cage getting back to some honest to goodness acting once again with recent roles like Joe and The Frozen Ground. Today's news has potential to deliver as well, as Cage has signed on to Pay the Ghost, a supernatural thriller about a father searching for his missing son.

According to Variety, Cage plays an Nyu English professor striving toward tenure when his son disappears during a Halloween day parade. Dan Kay (Timber Falls) is handling script duties as he adapts Tim Lebbon's short story of the same name.

Kay developed the script with Midnight Kitchen Productions' Ian Levy, which was then acquired by Voltage Films.

The most surprising thing about this story is that Uli Edel is still directing. I haven't seen his name attached to anything since the early 90s when the director helmed the Madonna thriller Body of Evidence and a
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TV News: 24, Diabolic, Rectify, Line, Mad


We're two months out from the premiere of "24: Live Another Day," the 'event series' return of Fox's action thriller series "24". Today, EW has posted ten official publicity photos from the new season with many of the major characters being introduced. Click Here to see them.

The Diabolic

Gary Oldman is set to produce the serialized horror drama series "The Diabolic" for Entertainment One (eOne) Television. Douglas Urbanski and Josh Weinstock will also produce while Daniel Kay ("Timber Falls") will write the pilot script.

The story follows a broken but brilliant exorcist who falls in love with a single mother. Her young son is possessed by an ancient entity with diabolic intentions that not only threaten the boy, but the very fate of mankind. [Source: Deadline]


Sundance has announced that the second season of "Rectify" will begin airing on Thursday, June 19th at 9pm on the cable channel. The new season consists of ten episodes,
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Gary Oldman Developing The Diabolic

Gary Oldman Developing The Diabolic
He’s played a few terrifying people in his time, but it appears Gary Oldman’s latest dip into the dark side will have him more focused behind the scenes, acting as a producer on freshly developing horror series called The Diabolic.The planned serialized TV drama comes from the brain of writer Daniel Kay, who crafted horror thriller Timber Falls back in 2007. He wrote a spec script that follows a damaged but brilliant exorcist falling in love with the mother of his latest subject, a young son possessed by an ancient entity.Our nasty, demonic child-dweller has evil intentions that threaten not only the boy and his family, but also the fate of mankind. Just once we’d like to meet a demonic entity whose big plan is to meet Harrison Ford and get his autograph, and see the wacky misunderstandings that ensue.Oldman, working with manager Douglas Urbanski via their Flying Studio company,
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Entertainment One To Develop Horror Drama Series Produced By Gary Oldman

Exclusive: Entertainment One Television has teamed with Gary Oldman and Douglas Urbanski‘s Flying Studio to develop and produce The Diabolic, a serialized horror drama series. Daniel Kay (Timber Falls) will write the pilot script based on his spec that got the attention of eOne brass. The Diabolic centers on a broken but brilliant exorcist who falls in love with a single mother with a young son possessed by an ancient entity with diabolic intentions that not only threaten the boy, but the very fate of mankind. Oldman and Urbanski will produce with Josh Weinstock. This marks Oldman and Urbanski’s first foray into TV producing; in features the duo produced the Oscar-nominated The Contender, which co-starred Oldman. As an actor, Oscar and Emmy-nominated Oldman is best known for his roles in The Dark Night and Harry Potter movie franchises. John Morayniss, CEO eOne Television; Michael Rosenberg, eOne Evp U.
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‘Extraction’ Review

Stars: Jon Foo, Falk Hentschel, Vinnie Jones, Joanne Kelly, Sean Astin, Danny Glover | Written and Directed by Tony Giglio

The first studio produced feature film made specifically for the internet – in this particular case the Sony-owned Crackle.com – Extraction comes from writer/director Tony Giglio – a man whose work, as long time readers of my reviews will know, I am a huge fan of… Previously responsible for scripting the likes of Chaos (which he also directed), Death Race 2 and 3 and the fantastic backwoods slasher Timber Falls, I have yet to be disappointed by his genre work. Hell, he managed to reboot the Death Race franchise on DVD and, with its third film, surpass the original movie! Now to some that might sound sycophantic to some but in all honesty I have yet to be disappointed by the man’s work…

His latest film, Extraction, follows U.S. Black Ops
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