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A poor excuse for a TV show...dull, badly written, crappy animation...
GrigoryGirl24 January 2008
I watched a few of these episodes, and this is a mightily awful show. The animation is very poor, and if this was a deliberate choice on the part of the creators to be "ironic", they're even bigger idiots that I thought. Since when do you go out of your way to make deliberately bad animation for an entire series? Another reviewer put it as "smart comedy in the disguise of complete shat", as if it that's incredibly subversive (which it isn't) to make a really bad show. Ed Wood used to do that all the time, but his stuff was funnier than this show. And this isn't smart; it's the usual smug Gen X comedy.

The dialog is overly political, shrill, and is really preaching to the choir. While you may agree with much of it (ironically, I do), it's nothing we haven't heard before from Air America Radio, Margaret Cho, Patton Oswalt, or Janeane Garofalo (who does the voice of the bearded clam here). The dialog is rendered in a lackadaisical fashion, almost as if the cast was asleep, or maybe it's another stab at so-called "irony", or being deliberately bad. The show seems like another parody of Superfriends, a Gen X obsession that really needs to go away. The show has been canceled (mercifully so) by Comedy Central. Let's keep it that way...
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too "inside"
kiteblues15 October 2006
Looking at the cast of writers and voices, there are a lot of veterans of independent and underground type comedy. This show is probably more fun for them to make, than for us to watch.

The animation is crappy but that doesn't get in the way of funny. Trying to hang all the comedy on just being odd and different is what gets in the way of funny.

There's also a whiff of a mean little vibe like "you're not cool enough to realize how funny this show is". There have been plenty of comedy routines that are more about making people squirm in confusion than laugh out loud, and this might be another one.

Maybe it's just too early in the run, but if it doesn't get less "inside" soon, it's history.
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Creme De la Crap
Vance Osborne27 October 2006
Yeah the previous comment is correct, this show is definitely smart comedy, actually it's smart comedy in the disguise of complete shat masking itself as a low budget superhero extravaganza. I happen to be a fan of smart comedy in the disguise of complete shat masking itself as a low budget superhero extravaganza type shows. Usually there is more absurdity than Freak Show has to offer, but maybe us educated and high caliber types will forgive them for this. I think that there could have been more offensive ideas, maybe more blood, and definitely more gay humor. Lord knows we need more blood and gay humor. I mean how else are we supposed to trick people into voting for communists. However I find the parts with David Cross to be confusing since his voice is so mystifying and intoxicating. When I think about it I don't think I could really tell you what has ever happened in a show, I kind of see it as a haze for comedians to masturbate too, or a carnal fest like something late at night on cine-max.
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Zarbear31 October 2006
I honestly don't know why Comedy Central is pushing this show so much when it seems like the people who actually make it aren't even trying. Usually when I hear the names David Cross and H. Jon Benjamin I'll start paying attention. I expected this show to be clever and articulate considering the minds behind it. Turns out "Freak Show" is poorly drawn and poorly written and is a huge disappointment. It looks like it was made by a bunch of amateurs. The characters suck, the jokes aren't funny, the pacing is lousy and the animation is dodgy. Ignore all the stuff that's being said about it on Comedy Central's other programs and the commercials in between. "Freak Show" is not worth your time; watch the National Geographic Channel or something instead.
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jross125 October 2006
Well, in My opinion, I didn't favor the show - the comedy was just TOO stupid. I mean, there's a certain chart in show intelligence - Fraiser would be at the top, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force would be at the bottom. Aqua Teen is so stupid that its funny, but this show...just takes it below stupid, and it just is so stupid that its not even funny. It has immature humor and things that aren't funny, and in my opinion I just don't think it's a good show. *a very small spoiler* Like in the first episode, they go to an island to find Perry Nuts for the President, and there is a foreign child jumping around talking about American dollars and how much they are great, and then rants about wanting American spit in a cup, and runs away with their spit shouting "Yay! I have American spit! The greatest spit ever!" *spoiler end* I don't recommend this show, unless you are into VERY STUPID humor.
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An Abysmal Attempt at an Animated Comedy...
modernfilms18 October 2006
After watching the first three episodes of the show, I have drawn the following conclusions:

The timing and delivery of the show's jokes are horrible and several comedic devices (the wait gag, call back, etc.) are used poorly, which puzzles me because the staff is obviously capable of pulling off such devices. I guess not in this case, though.

The worst aspect of the show is the set-up/break pattern that is employed. In the show, a joke would be set up, which could be picked up by the audience, and then the dialogue would shift to something that halted the joke's momentum. By the time the "punchline" was delivered, the joke's energy was gone. This happens over and over again.

To tell you the truth, most of the dialogue and plot seems sub-standard and would have certainly been trashed by other comedy shows. The writers seemed to rely on random "jokes" juxtaposed against a jagged plot instead of actually establishing a main storyline, which isn't effective at all. The reason it works for shows like, say, Aqua Teen Hunger Force (which seems to pride itself on seemingly "random" jokes) is because they set the jokes up properly WHILE following an established plot line. In most cases, a joke just isn't funny without a proper set-up, timing, and follow through.

The visual gags aren't employed very well either. They just weren't funny. The gags are either too lax or too forced -- both extremes killed any jokes that may have arisen from such set-ups.

Most of the show's jokes also seem to rely on tired stereotypes that are either overused or stopped being funny years ago. Because the writing doesn't seem too fresh, it makes me question whether or not the writing staff is trying very hard at all with this show.

I gave the first three episodes a fair chance and drew my opinion objectively, but I came to the same conclusion each time: it's a sad excuse for an animated comedy show. I hope that it's pulled quickly and doesn't just drag on and that Cross and Co. move on to bigger and better things.
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Pretty Good
CasperTheEvilGhost5 October 2006
I watched the premiere last night and I have to say that I really liked it, I highly suggest the show to anyone who liked "Stroker and Hoop" from Cartoon Network's Adult Swim line-up. The animation looks a lot like "Stroker and Hoop" and the humor reminds me of it too. I can't wait to see episode #1.2! I hope it's as hilarious as the first! Oh, and I also wanted to say to anyone who watched bumpers for the show and thought it'd be like "The Oblongs..."(like me) I'd just like to note that it's not. So like I said, if you liked "Stroker and Hoop" then you should watch this show. If you even like other Comedy Central shows like "Drawn Together," "South Park," or "Dr. Katz" then try out this one!
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If you like Family Guy, you will not like Freakshow
wangotango15 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I like Freakshow. I wish they made more episodes.

The thing is, David Cross is a pretty brilliant comedy writer, comedian (stand-up), and actor. He's got to be bad at something, and that might just be animation. But his "bad" writing is still dozens of times better than some of the other crap out there...

Family Guy, which has its moments of genius (not often, but often enough to take notice) relies solely on A.D.D humor, and the incredibly short attention spans of the viewer to execute their story lines.

Freakshow relies on a more traditional story structure that has none of the hard cuts to situations completely unrelated to the show. This show also presents its comedy in the form of subtleties and ironies (observational humor).

Ultimately, Freakshow is more toward the spectrum of South Park in the way it presents material. So if you like South Park, there's a good chance you'll like Freakshow.
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Worth watching
rabiesrkids21 January 2007
In an age where Comedy Central thinks Drawn Together and Mind of Mencia are funny shows, it's good to at least see that this show was picked up. Unfortunately not for too long, though.

Not that the show is GREAT. Lots of jokes bomb, at times the show seems to lean too much on toilet humor and some are just too bizarre, but I laughed out loud quite a bit. Note that the humor in this show is "Take it as you see it"; that is, there's almost no social commentary. That's a big reason I liked this show.

Social commentary can certainly be funny, but after seeing South Park walk down this road long enough to make that show unfunny, it's nice to see a show that's dumbed down and still funny. This being said, much of the shows 'funny' humor comes from dialogue between characters in awkward positions and extreme parodies. The way Larry the Cable Guy is depicted had me rolling.

Overall, the show wasn't THAT good. It's usually lowbrow humor mixed with weird. But give it a chance and it may win you over. Just ignore the overly stupid parts.
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great pilot!
khealywu11 October 2006
what an oddly hilarious first episode. at first i just had fun figuring who was voicing who (i think the guy who voiced the idi amin-esquire character was in an aqua teens episode), but then came a scene where an old lady character (the 'mother' of the freaks) started listing off all these crazy, 27 world long names of her famous home made desserts in this ridiculous old lady voice done by (i am pretty sure) a man. my roommate and i were laughing so hard we were literally crying... and i have no idea why it was so incredibly funny, except that it was. you have to watch it. the whole episode was very good, i am interested to see where it will go. i am not sure if robert smigel is involved, but the animation style seems similar to his, if he isn't.

i am never a particularly committed fan of cable channel cartoons, but i will be sticking with this one for a bit. i mean, tobias and gob back together again? how could i resist?
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This show is awful! Don't waste your time.
ibentmywookie24412 October 2006
This is probably the worst television show I have ever seen. This steaming pile of garbage is not worthy of taking Drawn Together's time spot after South Park. The usually hilarious David Cross is disappointing and the animation is all crappy. Above all, I don't think I laughed one time throughout the course of the entire show! This once original idea had a lot of potential, but it is trying to be smarter than it actually is, and the smart-comedy In't...well, smart comedy at all. The things that were smart were mere references and the things that almost made me laugh were not supposed to. Do not waste your time on this show, just wait a couple of weeks until it gets cancelled and watch the next cartoon comedy central has to offer. Hopefully it will be better than this.
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Worst. Show. Ever
ejbulman16 October 2006
Why, oh why was Comedy Central duped into running this show?? I thought that it might share the unusual sensibilities of Drawn Together, but I was sorely disappointed. I wish that they would switch time slots, and put Drawn Together on after South Park. The show is not remotely funny. The characters are absurd; the story lines and plots have been stupid. No, I take that back. Stupidity would require the expenditure of some thought and effort. Clearly this is not the case here. As Eric Cartman might say, "This show sucks ass!". The show itself should be shown as a parody of what kind of crap can be seen on cable these days. Consider that I have saved you thirty minutes out of your finite lifetime. Avoid this show at all costs!!!
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A portrait of everything wrong with this world.
awenban27 October 2006
Wow, whomever distastes this show is, if you don't mind me saying, f@#king retarded. This show is hilarious and has practically every joke David Cross has ever written in it. You call yourselves David Cross fans...personally I think you should stab yourselves in the heart(Elliot Smith style)because you are worthless and it would put us out of the misery of accidentally reading your useless commentary. Plus, who can resist Will's sexy voice? I mean, COME ON! Now all they need is Jason Bateman to guest voice on the show and it'll be "off the hook!" I haven't seen enough episodes to rank it close to Arrested's genius, but it seems to be well on the way. If you like David's style of comedy, I would highly recommend the show, and be sure to look at the background of all the scenes. There are some pretty funny drawings and what not.
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Mr. Show meets TV Funhouse
midlandtx3 November 2006
It's like watching serialized installments of the Altered State of Druggachusetts sketch, only in cartoon form instead of live-action.

Just as hilarious and transgressive as Mr. Show with Bob and Dave, but less scattershot than a sketch program. I'm glad the show can take its time over several episodes developing characters and mocking formulaic conventions like the 24-minute sitcom story arc, the weekly "lesson learned," and the retarded local evening news/info-tainment broadcast team.

"Freak Show" is funny, smart, quick, and steadily climbing up the Season Pass priority ladder.
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