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Ithorianjedimaster212 October 2007
I never played the game, especially when I heard Nickelodeon interactive was funding it, but when I heard about the cartoon series of "Tak and the Power of Juju", I would be lying if I didn't say I was interested. Ever since the old Sonic the Hedgehog cartoons (save the dreadful English-dubbed Sonic X), there hasn't been many video game cartoons being made, so "Tak" was a bit of a highlight for me. I was let down though.

From what I know, in the game, Tak is trying to save his village from an evil shaman. The villain from the games has only a minor role in the actual cartoon series. The characters from the game act like they did with Lok's false heroism and Tak's wise-cracking nuttiness, but then Nick threw in some new characters for some reason that REALLY don't help the series much.

I was expecting a show that followed the games and their story lines, since the game and the show share the same title, but instead, I got a series made up of Tak's misadventures, like a Saturday morning cartoon. Also, though the title says "And the Power of Juju", the Jujus in the show appear rarely in the episodes, like 1 out of every 6 episodes.

If you liked the games, then you'd might get a kick out of this show, but for a person who never played the game, yet knew the basic storyline, I was really let down. You might say "But the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoons didn't follow any game story lines neither." But at least they had a long-branching storyline to them, with Sonic trying to beat Robotnik, but in "Tak"s case, Nick obviously thought making Tak a Ed-Edd-N-Eddy-esqe TV series would be more pleasing to audiences. It sure wasn't for me. Like the game's ratings, this show sucked. Nickelodeon, stick to "Avatar: The Last Airbender", because that is the only true great show you have.
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my heart sunk >_<
doris9647 September 2011
as the latter review said earlier the show was going downhill fast for the following reasons.

it didn't follow the video games, it instead did just anything and everything. the voice acting was horrible. there basically was no storyline are plot, just stupid situations. it was great at the beginning but after the first 4 episodes but well....it all went downhill from there. if your a kid your gonna enjoy it more than an adult but will lose interest in it after all while. and yes I'm referring to kids are probably doesn't know that this show was based of a game.

I seriously don't think kids are going to like this show for long already I've seen some bad ratings from those who are familiar with the game and those who are not. kids or no kids.
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For me, this is one of Nickelodean's worst
TheLittleSongbird10 July 2011
I love Nickelodean a lot, I grew up on the likes of Rugrats, The Wild Thornberrys, Angry Beavers, Ren and Stimpy and Rocko's Modern Life, and I liked Spongebob Squarepants before it for me lost its appeal. Tak & the Power of Juju is one of my least favourite Nickelodean shows, not as bad as ChalkZone and Fanboy and Chum Chum, but in all honesty the only show of theirs in recent years I genuinely loved was Avatar:The Last Airbender.

I have not played the games, but know the basic outline of them. Regardless I always try to judge a series/film on its own merits, which is what I am doing now. I do really dislike the animation here, the backgrounds are rather dull, the colours flat and the character designs out of proportion and unpleasant to look at. The music didn't do much either, at best it was forgettable, at worst it was repetitive, the theme tune especially is quite grating.

The writing is poor, with stale jokes and dialogue that feels forced and unfunny, while the stories are uninvolving and lacking in any excitement. The characters I don't care for either, Tak is for me the most irritating Nickelodean titular character and the villain had potential but due to him being underused and underdeveloped this potential isn't lived up to. The voice acting consists of talented actors no doubt, but the voices themselves are annoying, at least to me.

All in all, a weak show and one of Nickelodean's worst. 1/10 Bethany Cox
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Going Down-Hill Fast
tommypezmaster23 October 2007
This Show is a rip-off to Tome Goes To The Mayor for a few good reasons.

Tak=Tom Peters, Jeera=The Mayor, Lok=Joy Peters, The Pupununu=City Concil Men.

This show is about 2 friend named Tak & Jeera, who have weird Adventures.This show is one the reasons why Nicktoons Network is in bad shape.The worst part was one of the episode premiered on my 18th birthday. This show is better than CatDog,Chalkzone,Yakkity Yak or Shuriken School.Come on Nick/Nicktoons create your own ideas,stop ripping off CN,or Disney Channnel.The show is basically your dull version of Tom Goes To The Mayor.Nicktoons Network ratings went down because of this Chalkzone,The Mighty B! and Shuriken School was on there line-up in 2008.Nicktoons Network have lost +200,000 viewers in the last few years.Kids would rather see the 90s Cartoon's than the 00s cartoons today.This is Tommypezmaster telling you have a good day.
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It's pretty good....for now!
NasKid911 September 2007
The show is pretty much from the game with the similar title. I don't have really much to say but the show over all is better than most shows nowadays. It;s definitely way better than sponge bob and el tigre that's for sure!!! It's just pretty much a 14 year old native boy name Tak who has the power of juju and is always doing some weird but funny things with his friends including the loser Lok.

I hope this show doesn't go downhill (then again knowing nick it would later be repetitive and retarded later on.

The only thing I hate the most Tak's voice. I like Jason M. when he does it that other I can't think of his name, in my opinion did a sucky job at it. He made Tak so like a dorky idiot.

Anyway, People try to give this show a chance. I t may not be the best show but at least try to watch before passing judgment upon it.
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Excellent Show with Great Graphics
sandiandlarry859 November 2007
This show is very entertaining, even for myself, a middle-aged woman! I was truly surprised to find that some people did not care for the show. I never even knew it was a video game. I think the show stands for itself. We find the characters absolutely hilarious. My granddaughter LOVES this show - she may be too young to understand, what is being said and done, but this show is the ONLY one she actually watches ever. She can just hear the theme song and come running. Our family finds it funny and a lesson teaching show also. Nick really did a great job with this one. The graphics and coloring are wonderful! I hope they don't cancel it and would sure like to see a new one more often.
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A really underrated CGI cartoon series.
Spacething747422 May 2017
Why does everybody hate this show? It was a good show based of a critically acclaimed video game series. I like that Hal Sparks from Lab Rats voices Tak. While it wasn't as good as other CGI shows like Planet Sheen or The Penguins Of Madagascar, I still liked it. Since THQ shut down I think Nickelodeon fully owns it.
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