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Season 2

15 Nov. 2008
Giant Chief/Shrink a Dink
It's Tak's birthday, and Jibolba gives him the mysterious gift of a... rock. However, Tak soon realizes that this is no ordinary rock. It's a magical crystal that transports him into the Juju Bizaar for the very for the first time
1 Nov. 2008
Sheep Dip/Slog the Babysitter
It's time for the Pupununu's Annual Foot Dance Contest, and Tak is shocked when Jeera tells him that she is going with Keeko! Tak is horrified when Jibolba takes a trip and forces to him to have... a babysitter!
19 Oct. 2008
Nice Calves/Double Tak
It's Wiblet Season again and Tak is determined to catch the impossibly fast Wiblet for the Chief to feast on.When the Pupununus keep thanking Tak for things he doesn't remember doing, he begins to think he's going crazy.
8 Nov. 2008
Feathers/Sans Sheriff
When the Chief demands that Lok retrieve the beautiful feather of the ferocious Pangtiddler bird for him, Tak is sent along to assist Lok on the dangerous quest. The pesky Devour Brothers are harassing all the Juju's.
22 Nov. 2008
Break This/Pack of Apes
Performing a crazy stuny, Jeera breaks every bone in her body. Stuck in a body cast, Jeera begs Tak to fix her. When Tak helps Chief improve his chin-jo playing w/ magic, it results in the Chief captured by music loving apes
29 Nov. 2008
New Pet/Tak's Monster
Tak and Jeera find an irresistibly cute, three-horned creature that can turn invisible, levitate, play music from his horns, and more. Tak is having nightmares of a scary monster and they are driving him crazy.

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