Rote Rosen Poster

(2006– )

Episode List


2 Jan. 2018
Die Gegendarstellung
S14E173 Peer places a denial of the accusations of violence in the newspaper. Arne gives Swantje his OK. Busy Theo stands still. Eliane gets real contact with Dorothea. Bodo confesses Ben his lack of education. The LKM-manager resigns.
3 Jan. 2018
Episode #1.2574
S14E174 Thomas is surprised that Torben changed his mind. Mobbing against Peer and Helen. Eliane tries to convince Dorothea to participate in the chess tournament. Britta creates with clay.
4 Jan. 2018
Neue Karriere als Trainer
S14E175 The calumny incident is a cold case. Bodo agrees to become soccer trainer but suddenly changes his mind. Thomas asks Torben to replace him. Sandra becomes Carla's opponent. Dorothea gets new perspective in life. Arne's mind change.
8 Jan. 2018
Einladung nach Peru
S14E176 Bodo still plans to play professional soccer in the UK. Britta's accident. Johann's marriage proposal is almost prepared. Arne stays in Sigrid's house. Helen gets an invitation to Lima. Swantje takes part in a writer's contest.
9 Jan. 2018
Antrag mit Vertrag
S14E177 Helen and Peer stay in town. Peer recommends Sigrid to Johann. Gregor Pasch meets Carla. Arne demands more money. Sandra discovers the marriage contract. Britta is patient in her own hospital.
10 Jan. 2018
Ein kleiner Flirt
S14E178 Johann and Sandra don't understand each other. Peer tries to be transparent towards Erika. Arne tries to manipulate Sigrid. Gregor flirts with Carla. The fox hunt. Swantje seeks Britta.
11 Jan. 2018
Provozierte Eifersucht
S14E179 Carla can't speak about the kiss between her and Gregor. Britta's surgery went well. Erika starts to doubt the rumors about Peer. Swantje finds new stuff for the writing contest. Sandra tries to make Johann jealous.
12 Jan. 2018
Im Visier
S14E180 Erika offers Helen and Peer her excuses. Bodo helps Sandra to make Johann jealous. Inken helps Britta to go to her family in France. Arne sabotages Sigrid's cake test. Gregor aims his love arrow at Carla.
15 Jan. 2018
S14181 Arne pleases Sigrid; she finds proof against him. Inken sees erotic tension between Carla and Gregor. New rumors about Peer. Merle is back. Johann reacts jealous. Bodo seeks a sponsor.
16 Jan. 2018
Die Last der Lügen
S14E182 Open coffee roaster. Will Sigrid confess her big lie? Gunter forgot a therapy session. Sandra discovers that Johann's affair is fake. Theo organizes the opening of the culture house. Carla and Gregor work together.
17 Jan. 2018
Der Antrag
S14E183 Various reactions on Sigrid's public confession. Johann gives Sigrid a second chance. Will Sandra do him a proposal? Gregor and Carla cooperate well on all levels. Theo finds an art forger for the exhibition.
22 Jan. 2018
Die neue Chefkonditorin
S14E184 Does Arne hide behind the false name that brings Peer a shit storm? Arne's reading. Torben has conflict between his two jobs. Will Sigrid be the confectionery manager? Bodo tries to persuade Johann to invest in the soccer club.
23 Jan. 2018
Heiße Küsse im Fahrstuhl
S14E185 Arne loses his daughter. Will Swantje give up her study? The flirt between Gregor and Carla isn't that harmless. Inken refuses Theo's sprayer idea. Bodo initiates his parents in the ruins of his life.
24 Jan. 2018
Der Deal
S14E186 After the sex Gregor wants more from Carla. Florian offers Arne an illegal deal. Eliane refuses to reconcile with Sigrid. Is the icon illegal? The journalism school refuses Swantje. How to finance the reorganization of the LKM?
25 Jan. 2018
S14E187 Carla resists Gregor. Arne and Florian steal the eagle. Merle has a new competitor. Eliane and Sigrid have a reconciliation talk. Swantje builds further on her career. Helen's store is turned into a mess.
29 Jan. 2018
Ein naher Moment
S14E188 Sigrid warns Helen and Peer that Arne wants to sell the stolen field sign. Gregor keeps seducing Carla. Eliane wants to become pregnant. Thomas and Inken enjoy their time together. Merle lets Gunter down for a garden project.
30 Jan. 2018
Mach's gut, Papa!
S14E189 Arne regrets what he has done. Gunter helps Merle to make a gardening video for kids. Gregor and Carla had sex again. Are Inken and Thomas in love with each other?
31 Jan. 2018
Die Höhle der Paparazzi
S14E190 Arne and Sigrid leave Lüneburg. Theo's dinner for two becomes one for four. Swantje accepts an internship at Heide ECHO. Gregor and Carla want to spend an intimate time together. Thomas and Inken have a private dinner for two.
1 Feb. 2018
Ein Schlussstrich?
S14E191 Theo suspects an affair between Carla and Gregor. Should he do a sperm test? Thomas offers Inken his place to sleep. Swantje seeks a newspaper story. Gregor has troubles to save the LKM. Helen lacks time to go with Peer to Lima.
2 Feb. 2018
Neues aus der Rösterei
S14E192 Carla tries to hide her cheat for Torben. Thomas avoids Inken. Rumor against Gregor. Johanna fears the loss of the soccer club. Hannes behaves mysterious. Apple tree in danger. Theo prepares for the sperm test.
5 Feb. 2018
Der Fruchtbarkeitstest
S14E193 Joost could buy Hannes' share but is he a suitable partner for Peer? Gregor proofs his innocence in the bribe case. Johanna prepares for the bridge tournament. Eliane fears a proposal of marriage. Carla has a bad conscious.
6 Feb. 2018
Treffen auf dem Hausboot
S14E194 Theo fears to confess Eliane his infertility. Peer is bound to Lüneburg but could get a job in Peru. Can Carla forget Gregor? Swantje tries to interview Gregor. A new place for the soccer club is found.
7 Feb. 2018
Im Bann der Gefühle
S14E195 Desperate Carla. The LKM-parcel can be sold. Swantje's article is edited before publication. Peer can't go to Peru because Helen is here. Eliane's reaction on the news about Theo's infertility.
14 Feb. 2018
Ein neues Abenteuer
S14E196 Britta returns. Carla tries to end her affair with Gregor. Eliane and Theo suffer from the fertility problem. Mad Swantje talks with the chief editor. Helen and Peer prepare to move to Lima.
16 Feb. 2018
Das Konzept
S14E197 Torben notices that something disturbs Carla. Shareholders disagree what to do to save the LKM. Ben finds it silly when Britta wants to move to the houseboat. Theo and Eliane quarrel. Helen and Peer close their stores.
21 Feb. 2018
Was wird aus Swantje?
S14E198 Theo accepts Elian's proposal but the child wish stays unfulfilled. The future of the LKM. Carla and Gregor end their affair; she feels guilty. Britta and Helen fill moving boxes. The future of Swantje.
22 Feb. 2018
Das Brautkleid-Model
S14E199 Carla's deceit confession: Torben tries to go on as if nothing happened. Britta's moving box is lost. Swantje wants to go to Mika. Eliane and Theo announce their engagement. The Salzmarkt-fest. Peer is impressed by 'bride' Helen.
26 Feb. 2018
Der Abschied
S14E200 Gregor learns that Torben knows about his affair with Carla. Britta discovers that there are two memory boxes. Eliane shivers for the hormonal syringes. Helen and Peer engage. They and Swantje exchange Lüneburg for South America.
27 Feb. 2018
S15E1 Carla and Torben live separated. The press meeting is accidentally too soon. Sonja could bring in the creativity that the LKM needs. Eliane and Theo plan their shared future. Johanna and Thomas seek Paul's savings book.
28 Feb. 2018
Neues Atelier und neue Liebe
S15E2 Sonja moves to the Rosenhaus. She finds a studio and new love. Eliane gets a big order. Theo transports the icon in an amateurish way. Inken wants to go back to Paris. Thomas gets a suspects how Paul got that much money in 1969.
1 Mar. 2018
Schwester und Schwager
S15E3 Sonja falls in love with Tilmann but gets a fright to learn who he is. Eva arrives in Lüneburg. Inken discovers the dent in the icon. Thomas seeks the truth behind dad's savings account. Torben and Carla still have a marriage crisis.
2 Mar. 2018
Der Zusammenbruch
S15E4 Eva and Tilmann decide to move to Lüneburg. He repairs Gunter's saddle. Are Theo's worries about Eliane unnecessary? Torben and Carla are confronted with each other.
5 Mar. 2018
Das Wunschritual
S15E5 Eliane wants to continue the therapy despite of her embolism. Sonja hides her feelings for Tilmann. Erika, Merle and Hannes bring in their wishes during a ritual. Gunter surprises Merle. Faith between Carla and Torben is fragile.
6 Mar. 2018
Hat er mitgehört?
S15E6 Torben and Carla can't hide their marriage problem. Sonja tries to cope with the fact that her unreachable love lives in the same house. Eliane and Theo attend a ritual. The Jansens know the source of Paul's savings account.
7 Mar. 2018
Sorge um die Familie
S15E7 Gregor tries to seduce Carla. Designing: Sybille helps Sonja. Eva and Gregor have a promotion idea for the LKM. Hannes' knee hurts. Merle worries about the flying Carstens. Britta meets Martin.
8 Mar. 2018
Eine zaghafte Annäherung
S15E8 Lüneburg mourns. Carla and Torben near each other. Hannes refuses to visit the hospital for his wounded knee. Eva has to go to the USA for her career.
9 Mar. 2018
Kaspars Rückkehr
S15E9 Merle takes care of Kaspar's future. Eva reluctantly leaves Tilmann. Carla and Torben are together again. Hannes means that alternative medicine cured his knee.
12 Mar. 2018
Die verweigerte Anstellung
S15E10 Merle hopes that Kaspar is officially assigned to her. Theo and Eliane ponder about adoption. Eva wants to work as LKM-marketing expert. Gregor still stands between Carla and Torben. People want alternative medicine from Erika.
13 Mar. 2018
S15E11 Sonja's workshop is ready. Unexpected her son Moritz shows up. Torben offers Carla the divorce papers. Hannes is sure that Erika has shamanistic powers. Britta gives Thomas an acupuncture treatment. A child handles the truth.
14 Mar. 2018
S15E12 Carla accepts the divorce; Nikos doesn't agree. Erika's prediction seems to be right. Eva wins the marketing award. Sonja doesn't believe Moritz who claims that his study bores him. Theo and Eliane enjoy themselves for solace.
16 Mar. 2018
Adoption, oder doch nicht?
S15E13 Moritz tells Sonja that he finds Axel annoying. Eva accepts the LKM-job under terms. Erika wants to win the lottery for a new TCM-division. Nikos wants to repair the marriage of Carla and Torben. Eliane wants a child of her own.
19 Mar. 2018
Die erzwungene Aussprache
S15E14 Will Axel accept that Moritz stays in Lüneburg? Can Theo accept that Eliane wants to be pregnant via donated seed? Will the LKM-personnel accept a working time reduction? Nikos wants to lock up Carla and Torben.
20 Mar. 2018
Akute Verliebtheit
S15E15 Carla and Torben reconcile while being locked up. Hannes has a swollen knee. Eliane wants Ben as seed donor. Ben falls in love with Sonja. Lilly is scared again. The personnel agrees to a reduction in working time.
22 Mar. 2018
Liebeserklärung an die Falsche
S15E16 Ben and Britta are armed with kitchen tools. Merle gets the parenthood for Kaspar. Nikos wants Carla and Torben to work on their relation. Hannes still avoids a doctor. Sonja hears Tilmann confessing Eva his love. Moritz in doubt.
23 Mar. 2018
Motivierter Ersatzvater
S15E17 The webcam alarm goes off. Torben and Carla seek time for each other. Ben is there for Sonja. A new product line for the LKM. Gregor wants to sell his horse. Gunter seeks a daycare for Kaspar. Theo reluctantly seeks a seed donor.
26 Mar. 2018
S15E18 Gunter feels neglected by Merle. Moritz doesn't want his internship in Hamburg. Eva buys horse Barolo for Tilmann. Hannes has to visit the hospital. Does the raccoon like loud music? Torben's confidence has not recovered yet.
27 Mar. 2018
In flagranti erwischt
S15E19 Tilmann and Eva slowly understand each other. Will Carla give Moritz an internship? Ben goes out with Sonja. Gregor invites Carla to a restaurant. Theo doesn't want the child to know his natural father. Hannes refuses surgery.
28 Mar. 2018
Die Samenspende
S15E20 Carla is desperate after the kiss with Gregor. Hannes fears surgery. Theo feels aversion against the home insemination. Tilmann sees Sonja's influence on his life. Toy raccoon as internet spy.
29 Mar. 2018
S15E21 Merle and Gunter complement each other. Test sale for the new ceramic products. Sonja reacts irritated when Eva decides about Moritz behind her back. Theo talks with Eliane about the insemination. Hannes' knee operation.
3 Apr. 2018
Was wird aus Elianes Baby?
S15E22 Will the jug sale pilot fail? Nikos runs Carlas. Hannes converts to Buddhism. Theo takes responsibility for the baby. Sonja and Ben seem to belong to each other. Gunter and Merle ponder: should they bring Kaspar to another daycare?