Rote Rosen Poster

(2006– )

Episode List


2 Jan. 2017
Streitigkeiten um das Hotel
Did Wilhelm Flickenschild soak Holger's mother? The smart phone bet brings trouble. Is Lilly's turtle dead? Merle wants to sell her garden firm. Sandra gets a reprimand.
5 Jan. 2017
Das gestohlene Kleid
The kiss of Eliane and Mathis for promotion. Edda is stuck in the wood. What is wrong with Blütenweiß? A Trojan horse in the city hall. Torben's buying mistake. The stolen dress.
6 Jan. 2017
Die Vergangenheit ruhen lassen
Sandra gives an explanation for the stolen dress. The city is blackmailed. Lukas sells his firm "Blütenweiß". Did Holger believe his mother's lie? Britta's panic.
9 Jan. 2017
Der Auftrag
Theo is the new owner of Blütenweiß; he needs Eliane. Hannes has to pay double the rent. Sydney and Holger are a pair. Carla disappoints Torben. The city council decides about the blackmail. Merle has got a lucrative order. Lonely Gunter.
10 Jan. 2017
Neue Geschäftsführung?
Sydney warns Merle for the building-company. Theo sees that he needs Eliane for the improvement of his new firm. Carla and Torben enjoy quality time. Simone fears publication of a critical fact about her. Gunter gives opera tickets away.
16 Jan. 2017
Shady business man Theo. Eliane looks like the boss. Carla prepares for the contest. What game does the hacker play? Gunter and Merle get a quarrel. Sandra refuses Ben's gift.
17 Jan. 2017
In Scherben
Eliane still thinks Holger will give them seed money for improvement of the firm. Carla fears to fail in the food contest. Is Hannes a swindler? The harp concert. Simone discovers that Holger gives Merle a big order.
18 Jan. 2017
Finanzieller Ruin
Holger tries to meet Simone's demand. Gunter refuses Hannes to inspect the amphora shards. Eliane thinks Holger invests in improvement of the new laundry firm. Torben is bad tempered. Sandra gives a hint that leads to the hacker.
19 Jan. 2017
Die gefälschte Rechnung
Patrick, Kim and Erika are back. Eliane wants to end the contract; Theo reacts. Sydney discovers the snout-beetle invoice on Holger's name. Thomas waits in vain for Sandra. Torben hunts spiders.
20 Jan. 2017
Freundschaft auf der Kippe
SambaSauba GmbH is history. Who will become allotment garden president? Merle has to tell Erika the untrue fact that the firm is for sale. Patrick is unsure about the contract offer. Gunter is impressed by Sandra. Ben, it's Friday already.
23 Jan. 2017
Prinzessin versus Pirat
Theo moves to daddy. Eliane gets a new competitor. Thomas waits in vain for Sandra again. Pirate Lilly defeats the villain to safe the princess. Will Merle tell Erika what is going on? Freda arrives in Lüneburg.
24 Jan. 2017
Wahrheit über die Trennung
Erika misses Hannes' friendship. Gunter replaces Sandra in the boutique. Patrick doesn't know who of his parents to believe. Theo discovers Lukas' fraud. What big work does the building business plan?
25 Jan. 2017
Theo am Ende?
Should Patrick take over the family hotel? Theo sees no future for his laundry firm. Hannes receives the guitar of his former band member; there is a note inside. Everybody suspects Simone.
26 Jan. 2017
Die "Rainy Birds"-Gitarre
Theo gets help. Mathis and Johanna are back. Will Patrick move alone to Königswinter? A young guy wants to buy Richie's guitar. The Simone Falkenstein-case. Torben hears strange noises in the wall of the Rosenhaus.
27 Jan. 2017
Die Notlüge
Patrick decides to go abroad with Kim. Simone reacts on the fake divorce of Sydney and Holger. Mathis wants to be alone with Eliane. Theo tries the truth to solve the problems of his firm. Johanna wants to organize a Burgenland-evening.
30 Jan. 2017
Aus für die Freundschaft
Holger wins Simone's trust. Thomas gets an idea from Sydney. Eliane thinks Mathis still has feelings for Sydney. It's rock 'n roll with The Pashas. The tension between Torben and Johanna grows.
31 Jan. 2017
Hannes als Ersatz-Gitarrist
A deal with Simone. Hannes could save the concert. Ben has to move out. Torben is annoyed about Johanna's Burgenland-evening.
1 Feb. 2017
Der Brief
Is Hannes fit for a rock tour? Thomas' date with Sandra. Theo's debts grow sky high. Eliane doubts to move to Mathis. Simone sows doubt in Sydney's heart. Reopening of Merle's garden store.
2 Feb. 2017
Katalanische Träume
Can Eliane deliver for her new order. A customer buys all of Merle's flowers. Will Sydney's trust in Holger be repaired? Kim is disappointed in Patrick. Torben avoids Johanna's discussion evening. Sandra prefers Gunter.
3 Feb. 2017
Ausweg aus der Misere?
Theo seeks a solution for the bad financial state of his firm. Torben versus the soul of the house. Rescue Merle's store. Holger is disappointed by Patrick. Eliane has a driving lesson. Gentlemen's rivalry between Holger and Thomas.
6 Feb. 2017
Kampf um Sandra
Theo seeks a social solution for the buy-out. Johanna and Torben talk with each other. Mathis' driving lesson. Two dogs fight for a bone. Merle and Erika have the affiliated store almost ready. Holger fails to do Patrick a favor.
7 Feb. 2017
In die Schranken verweisen
Gunter and Thomas keep Sandra on distance. Edda fears to fail the examination. Holger tries to show Patrick that he cares for him. Theo wants to expand is lemonade business. Merle and Erika are upset about his way of help.
8 Feb. 2017
Röschens Rosen
Holger feels that he is a good father. Looks between Sydney and Patrick. Sandra and Ben takes Thomas' and Gunter's suspect away. Johanna's "stupid" idea gets an extra argument. Erika gets her own shop. Kim fears that a burn scar remains.
9 Feb. 2017
Die Narbe
Tension between Britta and Carla? Carla refuses to leave the Rosenhaus. Kim worries about a burn scar. Sydney refuses Holger's marriage proposal. Is Sandra the affair of a consul? A threat for Erika's shop.
10 Feb. 2017
Noch nicht bereit
Carla and Torben offer her to buy her dwelling-house but Johanna needs time to think about that because she realizes she pushed her desire too hard. After a talk with Thomas she decides to become co-owner of the Rosenhaus. Theo asks Kim again to be his model for him but she feels shame for her burn wound. He shows her how you can digitally touch it up. Kim still can't accept her burn wound. Carla confesses Torben she clashed with Britta during their stay in the USA. It turns out they experienced the same thing different and had not the same idea of how to plan during ...
13 Feb. 2017
Die Entscheidung
Tension between Britta and Carla. Wedding party without groom. Sandra decides between Gunter and Thomas. Edda's result of her test. The landlord wants to terminate the contract for the workshop. Kim's beauty-obsession. Save the exhibition.
14 Feb. 2017
Gemischte Gefühle
Sandra tries to conquer Gunter who rejects her. Merle fears to meet Kaspar. Johanna leaves town. Kim blames Sydney. Sydney and Holger intimate together. Should Eliane think about having a baby with Mathis? Will Britta and Carla reconcile?
20 Feb. 2017
Im Unrecht
Mother's letter makes Kim change. Mathis needs time to think about having children with Eliane. Gunter still suspects Holger. Ben and Britta reconcile. Edda says goodbye. Erika closes the flower shop.
21 Feb. 2017
Falsche Schlüsse
Gunter discovers that his father Wilhelm granted Maria a 30 years resale right with the sale of hotel "Drei Könige" to him in 1952. Did Wilhelm fool Maria by letting this contract part disappear? According to Torben it depends on the circumstances if the right is still valid. Gunter pays Holger a visit in his hotel to do him a peace offer but Holger blames him and his father for what they have done to his mother. Sydney asks Gunter to let Holger know about the resale right. Mathis makes Eliane clear he doesn't want to have children with her. Britta and Lilly moved ...
22 Feb. 2017
Ein psychologischer Kniff
Eliane fears Mathis avoids her by moving to Porto. Patrick has a confronting idea for Kim. Does Holger accept a 100,000 euro buying off? Ben is disappointed by Sandra. She has advertising ideas for the garden store. Torben bottles veggies.
23 Feb. 2017
Flucht in den Süden
Holger demands half of the hotel. Discrepancy in Gunter's recordings. Why is Mathis going to Portugal? Theo finds solutions for his lemonade campaign. Torben and Carla disagree about old bottled food. Thomas discovers who the third man is.
24 Feb. 2017
Eskalierter Streit
Who is the right one for Sandra? Eating old food. The bond between Sydney and Mathis. Confrontation between Holger and Gunter. Theo's bribe.
28 Feb. 2017
Die Rettung
Gunter is saved from the fire but his life is still in danger. Patrick hears Holger lying. Will Ben and Sandra come together? Theo decides to go into politics.
6 Mar. 2017
Angst vor der Wahrheit
Merle hears the latest news. Britta has good news about Gunter. Holger wrestles with his bad conscious. Mathis tries to forget Sydney. The relation of Sandra and Ben becomes public. Theo's blog.
7 Mar. 2017
Das Geständnis
Holger confesses Patrick what happened in the culture barn. Gunter is conscious but lacks memory. Hard working Theo becomes ill. The test makes Eliane nervous. Sandra causes damage. Carla hears that Torben candidates for president.
8 Mar. 2017
Vor dem Nichts
Now that Gunter knows nothing, Mielitzer manipulates him with eloquent facts. His son wants to sue him for it. Ben prepares for the opera while Sandra tries to sell the tickets. Also, Theo lost his lemonade license for no reason.
9 Mar. 2017
Gunter has nightmares about the incident and is unable to walk properly on the ground. Meanwhile, Theo finds his lemonade license in London thanks to an air balloon.
10 Mar. 2017
Der Verlobungsring
Gunter gets some pictures that indicate that the fire was no accident. What now? Mielitzer panics, but his son calms him down, so he just buys a wedding ring for Sydney. Meanwhile, Kim is glad that Theo gave her a raise.
13 Mar. 2017
Der charmante Unbekannte
Patrick tries to hide evidence. Mathis stays curious and keeps on thinking about Sydney. Merle slows Gunter down. Mayor Thomas tries to promote sports. The election of the allotment garden president. Sandra meets an unknown man.
14 Mar. 2017
Doch kein Unfall?
Patrick is a suspect in the barn fire incident. Gunter remembers more about it. Will Ben accept Johnny as Sandra's love? Will Schulze accept a change of rules? Citizens want another sports destination for the tax money.
16 Mar. 2017
Wahre Liebe
Can Johann hide his identity for Sandra? The alibi of Holger and Patrick has a flaw. Merle and Gunter are together again. Torben learns that a race organization has much obstacles. Erika suggests Thomas to make a promo video.
20 Mar. 2017
Showdown auf dem Flugplatz
Holger ties Sydney to a chair; he wants to flee abroad. Patrick confesses that he covered his dad. Sydney plants to go with Merle and Gunter to Denmark. Torben is tied by Lilly. Sandra discovers Johann's true identity.
21 Mar. 2017
Neustart mit dem Traummann
Johann gives Sandra a hand so she can come with him. Thomas seeks performers for the sports promotion video. Mathis and Eliane disperse from each other. Patrick confesses that he covered his dad. Erika can't get contact with Hajo.
22 Mar. 2017
Leidenschaftlicher Kuss
Hajo and Erika have to discuss their relation. Sigrid wants a delivery contract with Carlas. New destinations for the barn. Patrick receives a salted bill. Sydney wants to ask Holger questions. Mathis finds her lying unconscious outside.
23 Mar. 2017
Die Kuchenfee
Mathis ends his relation with Eliane. Carla fails in creating her own cakes. Sigrid has to close her cafe. Hajo sees that Erika belongs in Lüneburg. Patrick doubts to sell one of both hotels.
24 Mar. 2017
"Nein" zur Trennung
Erika is upset because Hajo wants to end the relation. Merle suits her. Erika makes him clear she won't give him up because she loves him. Fire masters Mathis has to go to Portugal to give lessons to firemen. Hajo learns that Mathis and Sydney see that distance is no problem for their relation. Gunter wants to buy an oak as the symbol for his love for Merle. She makes him a love declaration that contains a ring. Mathis offers Eliane his sorry. Sigrid takes part in the bakery team contest. Eliane and Ben become her team members. Eliane decides to go to Brazil to forget...
27 Mar. 2017
Das Schlosshotel
Gunter and Merle announce their wedding. Holger writes Sydney. She drives into danger. Patrick sells Askanier Park; he finds grandmother's correspondence. Friends try to change Eliane's mind. The bakery contest. Hajo and Erika compromise.
28 Mar. 2017
Auf nach Portugal!
Mathis saves Sydney; they plan to go to Portugal. Carla has to go to Greece. Ben seeks a new place to live. Erika tricks Hajo with wallpaper. Patrick hears why father never will read his letter.
29 Mar. 2017
Der Kaffeeröster
Patrick slowly realizes that father is dead. He blames the Flickenschilds. Theo is there for Eliane who's driver's test is today. Sigrid meets Peer.
30 Mar. 2017
Verhärtete Fronten
Sydney gives Patrick 50% of her hotel shares against Gunter's will. Timo and Theo seek game testers. Theo wants to improve his image. New driver's test appointment for Eliane. Peer wants to do a talk for Sigrid. The new tenant.
31 Mar. 2017
Der Schock
Ben moves to the community house. The amusing game has a commercial purpose. Peer communicates with Grollmann for Sigrid. Bartender Sigrid. Reconciliation between the Flickenschilds fails. Patrick takes a shocking measure.