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Season 4

7 Dec. 2012
For Your Ice Only/Happy New Year!
In "For Your Ice Only", Phineas and Ferb take a hockey game to the extreme. In "Happy New Year!", the boys plan their own New Year's Eve ball drop while Candace makes a resolution to stop busting her brothers.
11 Jan. 2013
Fly on the Wall/My Sweet Ride
Fly on the Wall: Phineas and Ferb create a giant tire swing contraption; Buford messes with the wiring and creates a ray which turns Candace into a fly; Candace has a perilous adventure trying to get back to the boys to get switched back. My Sweet Ride: Phineas and Ferb complete the reconstruction of Dad's classic car entry for the Doo-Wop Hop event. Perry foils Doofenshmirtz's plot to win the Doo-Wop Hop car show, which involves turning the other entries into rust, by tricking Norm the Robot who is operating the "Rust-inator".
1 Mar. 2013
Agent P reluctantly joins up with a former partner to stop a hijacked train running along the border of the U.S.A. and Canada.
2 Mar. 2013
Primal Perry
Doofenshmirtz hires an Outback platypus hunter who "goes rogue," forcing Perry and doctor to team up to save themselves from the boomerang-throwing maniac. Baljeet is unable to make decisions, fearing the wrong choice on even simple questions will send his life down the wrong path. Phineas and Ferb create a device that lets him see both possible outcomes of his decisions. As a side effect, it also creates a crowd of Baljeets.
18 Jan. 2013
Bully Bust/Backyard Hodge Podge
Buford tries to keep Phineas and Ferb's invention from disappearing.
26 Mar. 2013
Bee Day/Bee Story
After Mom reminisces about old times, the boys decide to make the ultimate inflatable wading pool.
7 Jun. 2013
Great Balls of Water/Where's Pinky?
The boys surf through town on a giant ball of water.
28 Jun. 2013
Phineas and Ferb Musical Cliptastic Countdown Hosted by Kelly Osbourne
Kelly Osborn hosts the Phineas and Ferb Cliptastic countdown.
15 Feb. 2013
Der Kinderlumper/Just Desserts
Dr. Doofenshmirtz intends to turn himself into Der Kinderlumper to scare Roger into surrendering him control of the Tri-State Area.
5 Apr. 2013
Knot My Problem/Mind Share
Candace thinks her day will be easy peasy.
12 Jul. 2013
La Candace-Cabra/Happy Birthday, Isabella
The boys set out to prove the existence of the elusive Chupacabra.
2 Aug. 2013
Love at First Byte/One Good Turn
Mom becomes overwhelmed with organizing a block party.
16 Aug. 2013
Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel: Parts 1 & 2
When Dr. Doofenshmirtz's latest invention causes the Marvel heroes to lose their powers, they team up with Phineas and Ferb to save the world from Doofenshmirtz and the Marvel villains.
13 Sep. 2013
Thanks But No Thanks/Troy Story
Candace finds that a neighbor has witnessed Phineas and Ferb's antics.
5 Oct. 2013
Terrifying Tri-State Trilogy of Terror
In this Halloween episode, our characters star in three separate tales.
4 Oct. 2013
Druselsteinoween/Face Your Fear
Doof inherits a castle in Druselstein.
1 Nov. 2013
Cheers for Fears/Just Our Luck
Candace asks for Phineas and Ferb's help making Jeremy's birthday gift.
24 Jan. 2014
Return Policy/Imperfect Storm
Doof uses an inator to return purchases to the store they came from.
9 Jun. 2014
Phineas and Ferb Save Summer: Parts 1 & 2
When L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. moves the Earth further from the sun, Phineas and Ferb must find a way to save summer and prevent a new ice age.
3 Aug. 2013
The Return of the Rogue Rabbit/Live and Let Drive
Doof blasts the favorite to win the Montevillebad Grand Prix with his I-Don't-Care-inator so that he has a better chance of winning the race himself. However, he finds himself racing against Agent P.
15 Nov. 2013
Steampunx/It's No Picnic
Phineas and Ferb discover a time capsule left by kids from 1902 preparing for a World's Fair.
7 Jul. 2014
The Klimpaloon Ultimatum
Phineas and Ferb must help Love Händel prove the existence of Klimpaloon.
14 Jul. 2014
Operation Crumb Cake/Mandace
Isabella sends a letter to Phineas stating her true feelings about him and Isabella and the Fireside Girls must retrieve the letter before Phineas reads it.
26 Jul. 2014
Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars
Phineas and Ferb travel to a galaxy far far away to help out some rebel heroes.
29 Sep. 2014
Lost in Danville/The Inator Method
A capsule falls from the sky into Phineas and Ferb's backyard. Doofenshmirtz gets kidnapped by Professor Mystery who is Peter the Panda's real nemesis.
4 Oct. 2014
Night of the Living Pharmacists: Parts 1 & 2
Dr. Doof's latest inator accidentally turns all the people of Danville into contagious Doof-zombies.
25 Nov. 2014
Tales from the Resistance
After the defeat of evil Doofenshmirtz, there is a new threat in the 2nd Dimension. Phineas, Ferb, Candace, and her resistance fighters must team up to defeat this new foe.
10 Jun. 2014
Doof 101/Father's Day
Phineas and Ferb build a biplane. Meanwhile, Perry helps Doof track down a lost lawn gnome.
9 Feb. 2015
Act Your Age
Set 10 years in the future, a teenage Phineas must decide which college he should attend.
12 Jun. 2015
Last Day of Summer
It's the last day of summer and Phineas and Ferb decide to seize the day, unfortunately for Candace, this means it's also her last chance to bust her brothers - or is it?
9 Nov. 2015
The O.W.C.A. Files
When an attack on the O.W.C.A. incapacitates the animal agents, only Agent P and his animal trainees can save the day. Carl and Monogram fend for themselves.

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