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'Who's Your Daddy....And Your Killer?'
ccthemovieman-116 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This crime story comes down to two men: which guy killed a woman and then strung her up on a cross inside a Catholic church in Las Vegas?

Oddly (but not for the entertainment business), one of the two suspects is a priest, "Father Frank Berlin," the pastor of the church when the victim was displayed. The other main suspect is a car dealer in the area. Both men - and the victim - have known each other for years, it turns out, and both men were in love with this woman.

I won't get into all the theological issues presented on the show. Suffice to say, no CSI is ever shown to be anything but a skeptic, never a Believer. Some are a little rude about it, some are more tolerant. "Grissom" is in the latter category. By the way, much of the CSI crew seems to be ex-Catholics.

The actor, Sean Patrick Flannery, who played the car dealer, "The Big Hombre," was the most interesting of the two men, in my opinion. Complications also set in when it's figured out that one of the two men got the woman pregnant.
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CSI gets religious AND political!
Michael DeZubiria17 October 2008
There is a point early in this episode where it seems that it's going to be painfully predictable, but luckily it's not nearly as predictable as you might think. A girl is killed and crucified inside a Catholic church, of all places, and her twin sister is shot and killed in an otherwise apparently unrelated killing a couple of hours apart.

As far as the structure of the case, I think this is one of the more clever episodes I've seen recently. There are constantly more layers being revealed, and leads that seem promising but lead nowhere. The sisters don't know each other, the mother gave them up for adoption as babies, there are complicated love interests (one involving a priest), and a mysterious adopted sister who lived a lonely life and developed an obsession when she learned that she had a half sister.

One of the suspects is revealed to have a motive about some doctored award-winning photos of the troops in Iraq, which gives Grissom a great opportunity to make a more powerful political statement than I have come to expect from your typical CSI episode.

Even with a surplus of suspects it's hard to see where the story is going. Excellent performances throughout as well!

Oh and here's a great quote - " I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself than be crowded on a velvet cushion." - Henry David Thoreau.

Me too, Henry. Me too...
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