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good advertisement
PRVanAken12 January 2011
I found this documentary to be one of the most interesting I've ever seen. If you have deep questions about what the core truth is about everything and believe that what we have discovered and observed about the universe can contribute to your understanding of this elusive core truth, then this is the documentary for you. It is also a human interest story in that the ideas presented apparently have not just raised the hackles of the established scientific community, but have aroused outright hostility. The previous review above on this documentary is a great advertisement and superb example of this hostility. It should be noted therefore that, based on this type of reaction, one should immediately take notice that there is something very important afoot with the confrontation between the steady-state and big-bang "camps": that the new theories are something to look at carefully since they have a ring of truth; and, that the hostility towards them indicates that within the established scientific community, particularly in the halls of education, to use a quote from Shakespeare, 'Something is rotten in the state of Denmark'.
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I guess there's more than one charlatan in modern science... in the establishment perhaps...
jrholte18 July 2007
The thing that is most important in this film is the fact that Randall Meyers shows that OBJECTIVE OBSERVATIONS and PICTURES have been withheld from public knowledge by the established scientific communities for fear that their OWN standing points may be challenged. This is the only thing one needs to extract from this series. You who call Randall Meyers a charlatan, should be aware that the REAL charlatans are those who suppress new information when it contradicts dogmatic beliefs already established. Meyers doesn't introduce new theories as much as he exposes the possible flaws of the old ones. He asks questions, rather than provide answers. Charlatan? Modern science, with its restrictions and dogmas, is the real charlatan. If it represented absolute truth, shouldn't it endure the criticism this movie represent? Perhaps you're a representative of the established scientific community yourself? After reading your comment, that REALLY wouldn't surprise me...
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This one Raises a lot of questions just like a lot of issues around the world
Satyajit-dutt27 January 2010
It's very easy to call someone a loon, proving it for real is something else. Well, Galileo was shunned by the establishment and one point and today he turns out to be correct about his theories. Science is science, a lot of stuff spoken about in this movie makes sense, if not accurate it raises some questions for which I have not seen any valid answers, sad part is none of us will be alive to see what some of these people's Names will become few hundred years in the future. Science always moves on and proves with time that the Established Paradigms are never accurate. Big Bang ? Mini Bang ? Maybe Big Bang did happen, but we as humans always try to set a limit to everything, As our own existence is limited. 14.7 Billion years ? maybe 20 ? Maybe we just don't know it and probably can never estimate the age or size of the Universe.
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The science as the product of clashes of paradigms and "scientific revolutions".
jopachaib14 April 2015
If you understand the scientific theories as a development of clash of paradigms in the history, you will like it. If you has a open mind to, however different of yours, well based point of views, you will like it. If you really thinks that a argument from authority (or appeal to authority) is important rather observations and consistency arguments, although there are some Nobel prizes in this documentary, you will not like it. If you believe that science is a linear construction of the truth, which is made thru punctual "discoveries" and born geniuses, you will not like it.

"This is a controversial science documentary touching on the nerve of everything astronomers and cosmologist claim they know about the universe today" indeed.
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Randall Myers is a charlatan and ignorant of science
jschroed21 June 2007
In science, there are always mavericks and hangers-on who try to buck the trend. In astronomy, there are a few astronomers who try to argue that the Big Bang never happened. Some of these astronomers were accomplished in other areas. Many are second-rate scientists or worse. Myers seeks out these people and promulgates their views like a political advert. It is one of the worst travesties in science film-making ever. Why not check out a film that contains accurate science and doesn't dwell on the kooks and the loons who have their own delusions of grandeur and pie-in-the-sky notions regarding reality? There are plenty of other documentaries available that do not drag science through the mud.
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