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Brandi Glanville's Rep Slams Talk-Show Host John Kerwin for Std Comments

Brandi Glanville's Rep Slams Talk-Show Host John Kerwin for Std Comments
Update: Responding to the comment put out by Glanville's camp, The John Kerwin Show fired back with an official statement of its own: "Brandi has Hpv and didn't tell me. Luckily, I stopped after she performed oral sex. If you study Brandi's history, it becomes clear that she's far from a lady," the funnyman said. Kerwin also took issue with her rep's comment about his parents. "I told Brandi how lucky she is, as My mother had recently passed away," he noted. "Brandi was so self-involved, she just nodded and then showed me a picture on her cell phone of the artwork from her upcoming book cover." ________ Brandi Glanville definitely...
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'Voice' Contestant Jessica Childress -- Oy Vey ... I'm on Jewish Television!

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Whoever wins this season of "The Voice" will no doubt land an appearance on Leno or Fallon ... but when you finish in the middle of the pack, you end up on Jewish Life Television. Shalom!Jessica Childress was eliminated a few weeks back, and earlier this month taped an appearance on "The John Kerwin Show," a monthly talk show that airs on Jltv.Childress performed a song called "Be My Baby." It's unclear when the episode will air,
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The Perfect House Movie Review

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The Perfect House Movie Review
Title: The Perfect House Directed by: Kris Hulbert (‘First Times’) and Randy Kent (‘Life of Lemon’, TV’s ‘The John Kerwin Show’) Starring: Monique Parent (TV’s ‘Tanya X’), John Philbin (‘Children of the Corn,’ ‘The Return of the Living Dead’) and Felissa Rose (‘Dahmer vs. Gacy’) The horror genre has multiple successful sub-genres, whether it be Hitchcock-inspired suspense, ‘Saw’-inspired torture-porn or violent, psychological thrillers. The new horror anthology film ‘The Perfect House’ encompasses all three sub-genres with three diverse short stories. All three stories take place in the same house, particularly the basement, and aim to prove that people are sometimes driven to commit crimes by an external evil force. ‘The...
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