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MPAA Rated R for strong horror violence and gore, and pervasive language

Sex & Nudity

  • -A girl's corset is torn down briefly, but she puts it back up right away. Although the shot is in the dark, breasts can be seen for a quick second.
  • -A woman's dress is torn from her chest downward, revealing her breasts and stomach. The moment is brief, but her bare chest is seen.

Violence & Gore

  • A man grabs a Scythe and stabs himself in the face...the blade goes through his head and into a zombie's that holding him; killing them both (Graphically on screen)
  • A Zombie grabs a man and throws him into a bathtub with his blow dryer electrocuting them to death (mostly implied and partly seen from security camera)
  • A zombie attacks a man, before it's head is sliced in half by a sword (In your face-Graphic).
  • A man takes a pole and rams it through the zombie while yelling hysterically. he then stabs the now-on-the-floor zombie in the the head with it and while he pulls it some brain matter falls. (onscreen but the camera shays away during the brain scene)
  • A zombie that's on a bed stands up and its guts literally fall out of it (briefly-onscreen)
  • A woman is attacked by a zombie that jumps on her, and tries to infect her, but it's shot with an arrow that nails it's head to a wall (onscreen)
  • A zombie is seen with a man's hand in it's mouth before it's shot with an arrow (On screen and some blood splatters).
  • A suicide attempt by a girl (shoots herself in the face of-screen, we later see her blood covered).
  • A zombie is struck by an electric hospital equipment, it's eyes explode (Brief yet on-screen)
  • A zombie is struck by a jar of acid, it's face and head starts melting (Although it sounds bad it's not as gory as "Grindhouse" melting face scene nor as in-your-face "Indiana Jones" melting face scene.)
  • The opening scene features 2 Zombies being shot down by the police,
  • A woman's face is ripped by a another zombie's bite (Off-screen, We see blood pouring to the floor and when she falls we see a bloody face)
  • In a very Graphic/Brutal ending scene around 3 zombies are already tied, two of them are shot by men who are laughing (Not seen clearly) and they arrive to a spot where the body of a Zombie-woman is tied from her hair to the branch of a tree is already set; A man shoot's it with a Shotgun, It's decapitated from the nose and below, and matter fall from what remains from the head, we see a close up from the head and it's clear that it's still alive and bloody tears fall from it's eyes as well as blood is still dripping from the lower parts of the head.
  • Many Many Many shooting, to the body, face, limbs...etc. For Zombies and People;
  • Sometimes human are shot either for no reason(In a scene or so) or in fear of them turning into zombies (Most shootings occur on-screen and associated with blood splatter, some are of-screen specifically if the camera man isn't there)
  • Other scenes of milder than the described above violence.


  • -Constant non-stop strong language throughout this film containing many occasions of the F word along with other foul language.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • -Cigarettes are smoked several times.
  • -A man is an alcoholic, and is shown drinking in nearly every scene that he is in.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • -The whole movie is shot documentary style through one or two cameras, and the events happen in realtime; and it's quite intense and/or disturbing.
  • -Some Boo-Scares.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • -There Is a Scene Where A Man Is Stabbed With A Scythe.

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