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Epic:Be enchanted!
Vishal Verma17 May 2013
Animation movies are all about the feel.Epic is a movie where the feel while watching the movie is brilliant.The level of detail that has gone into each frame in creating this world is mind boggling.The result is an aesthetically pleasing experience that deserves applause.The characters are all likable and well imagined.The snails are funny.I especially loved Mary Katherine,endearing and innocent.The 3-D is decent and the background score good.The overall experience is enjoyable.

Kids will love this one!If you are an adult,just let out the child in you and have fun :).
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fantastic animation
chuck-52628 May 2013
This is without a doubt the most fantastic visual animation I've ever seen. It brought to mind i) nature scenes on Pandora in "Avatar", ii) lush vegetation jungle scenes from "Up!", iii) the whole valley turning green at the end of "Princess Mononoke", and iv) the infinitely graded colors in "Oz the Great and Powerful". (I watched it in 2D, and don't know what 3D is like.)

But visually it outstrips all of those. The plants are real ones we're familiar with (not imagined ones); scenes are incredibly detailed (not one fern but tens of them, not one blossom but hundreds); biological growth and decay is of individual plants seen up close (not a very long shot across a whole valley); and all the vibrant yet subtle colors appear in nature (not a fantasy world). Vegetation unfurls and extends as we watch, and it all seems perfectly realistic and believable. We see the whole process of burls developing on live trees in just a few seconds over and over. We see growth meristems probing for the best direction and expanding little by little. And we see the slight shifts in color that signal the beginning of more decay or more growth.

All the animation effects technology has already conquered --fur, musculature, waves, droplets, rain, crowds, flying, moving cameras, etc. etc.-- are also deployed virtuosic-ally in the places the storyline calls for them. From my aged (about 60) perspective, it seems suitable and enjoyable for all ages (although it's rated PG) ...and not because adults will see a different film as they understand the more salacious meaning of double entendres - there aren't any. There isn't any notable music nor abstract visual patterns nor references to fairy tales either, other things frequently associated with animations.

The story is decent too. It's a seamless melding of realities (such as a brusque taxi driver) with fantasy (tiny beings riding hummingbirds?). It proceeds organically, eventually incorporating pretty much everything that happened earlier (even things that appeared to be already completed or even unrelated). The typical joke is mostly visual, developing slowly over many seconds - no one-liners here. There are not a lot of the ironic jokes that have been prominent in many recent animations. (In fact this movie is often relegated to "kids film" or "family film", which makes me feel a little silly for enjoying it.) The ending is positive but not saccharine -- there's resolution ...but not of everything.

Comic relief is provided by a tag team of a snail and a slug. A typical gag is something about "eyes inside your head" or "everybody hide in your shell" (slugs of course don't have shells). I found it adequately funny (but not laugh out loud funny). Humor is a very personal thing though, and I suspect some of the more "with it" young adults will find it painfully unfunny.

The flights, the fights, the falls are gripping. This is edge of your seat stuff. And the tiny perspective casts familiar things in a new light: a mouse becomes a threatening giant, and a looming doggie kiss would mean serious injury or even death. Pick a theater with a really big screen and a newish projector, and sit toward the front. And if you're an animation aficionado plan to attend more than once. Also, sit through the end credits, as the level of detail and imagination in the background visuals --often throwaways or repeats, but not here-- is astounding.
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Hardly epic, but good
Kane2029 May 2013
My Rating: ***1/2 (out of ****)

The way things a currently looking, this might very well not be a Pixar year. A much as I might enjoy Monsters University and possibly Planes, they may very well not be my favorite animated films of the year, and they probably won't be. The Croods is already my favorite animated film of the year, and this movie, Epic, in my opinion, is also pretty good.

The main protagonist of the film is Mary Katherine, or M. K., a likable (and cute) teenage girl who, after her mother's death, goes to live with her eccentric and reclusive father. Her father believes that there is a miniature world of magical little people and creatures that live in the forest, and of course other people, including M. K., don't believe him. However, she soon magically shrunken and discovers this little world, which she must save.

And so on. I admit, the movie is not very epic; it is a bit generic and has just about every cliché possible: good vs. evil, balance of nature, dysfunctional parent/child relationship, etc etc. The film resembles a number of other films, such as FernGully, Avatar, and Honey I Shrunk the Kids, among others. One of the main characters, the Nod, even resembles Flynn Rider from Tangled pretty strongly (but this wasn't a problem for me). However, I disagree with everyone who is calling it charmless, forgettable, too reliant on visuals, and weak in terms of character, plot, heart, etc. That's right, I actually enjoyed it.

I actually thought the movie was handled fairly well and has a decent, solid, enjoyable, well- paced plot. The film started out a bit slow, but I started to get more interested as trouble started brewing in the miniature forest world and then M. K. gets shrunken; from then on the movie was much better, and I got interested and emotionally involved in the story. The film also has likable characters and relationships, and good voice performances by Amanda Seyfried, Josh Hutcherson, Colin Farrell, Beyonce Knowles, and the rest of the cast. It even had some good humorous parts, including a pair of mollusks and a three-legged dog.

The best part of the film is the animation; dazzling, lively, meticulously detailed, and it helps bring everything to life. Like Avatar, this movie has what I found to be an interesting, immersing, well-designed setting. Also, like Avatar, it has a good, strong ecological message, which I appreciate. It also has heart, charm, and genuine emotion, and additional good moral messages such as friendship, love, bravery, and selflessness.

Bottom line: If you ask me, Epic is hardly epic, but it's good. And it was especially enjoyable for me on the big screen. Kids will certainly love it; and if you are an adult, like me, just let out your inner child and enjoy the film.

For more reviews, visit my review blog: http://robertsreliablereviews.blogspot.com/
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No surprises not detrimental to satisfaction
p-stepien5 June 2013
The pretty standard stuff of elfish lore, where magical faerie folk protect the woods and the life enclosed inside. Led by the Queen Tara ( voiced in English-language version by Beyoncé Knowles) the minuscule forest inhabitants guard the essence of creation from the destructive appetite of the agents of blight - creatures called Boggans - and their malevolent leader, Mandrake (Christoph Waltz). These forces of good are led by the seasoned warrior Ronin (Colin Farrell), who together with his elven battalion mount hummingbird steeds. His special protégé is independent-minded brash Nod (Josh Hutcherson), who disregards structure and rules. However, each faerie Leafman must become a part of a bigger tree, in order for the forest to survive. Especially now, when a rare astronomical occurrence brings about the necessity to name a new queen, chosen through the use of a magical bud. This ceremony is disrupted by the onslaught of Mandrake's forces. Meanwhile a somewhat crazed and estranged Professor Bomba (Jason Sudeikis) seeks proof of little green forest men residing in the woods, much to the distraught of his only daughter Mary Katherine (or as she prefers to be known M.K.) (Amanda Seyfried), who moves in grieving after the death of her mother.

What can I say say? I love me some faeries and the magical allure of nature. Here "Epic" delivers with aplomb the visual feasts of an enchanted forest coupled with ages-old tales of combat between good and evil - or as portrayed here as a conflict between life and decay. The obvious flaw to be pointed out is the generic and predictable storyline, which delivers essentially what was to be expected, failing to really instill any sense of novelty. With some well-placed humour, thankfully low on the adult kind and more focused on family laughs, "Epic" does however deliver on its base promise: offering entertainment for both adults and children. Visually appeasing with some engaging story lines, apt for parents or simply for adults looking for a good time, are sure to be satisfied by the magical light-hearted tones, just perfect for disassociating yourselves from the mundanity of everyday life.

Some fault can also be found in a somewhat underwhelming formation of characters, mostly feeling like poorly fleshed out cardboard cutouts with only the touching relationship between father and daughter really hitting home. Some of the secondary characters are just poorly conceived comedic relief (like the slug and the snail), while the overall story seems somewhat overloaded given the running time. Especially the character of Nod seems to be a missed concept, as he fails to have enough structure to really develop any relationship with either Ronin or M.K., thus adding a certain sense of superfluousity to his role in the movie. Nonetheless, the underlying weaknesses fail to prove detrimental from family viewing, making it a rewatchable feast for the eyes and imagination, without ever truly hitting classic animation territory.
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Fantastic world and fantastic for Kids
rgkarim24 May 2013
My third film for this Memorial Day weekend takes me out of the rated R woods and into one that is more magical and kid friendly. No I'm not on drugs, I'm talking about the movie Epic, Blue Sky Studios (BSS) latest animated installment. I'll admit that seeing the trailers last summer got me stoked at the potential for comedy, action, and a heartwarming tale. Yet like many movies I feared that I would be disappointed by the final product. What was the verdict? Read on to find out.

As the trailers promised, the world of Epic is a beautiful creation of art, computer graphics, and attention to detail. The animators at BSS do their homework when it comes to creating their worlds/characters, managing to capture the natural grooves, curves, and texture of nature's beauty. From the lines in the various leaves to the warped and horrific dimensions of rot, Epic's visuals are indeed some of the finest I've seen in a while. They don't stop there however, as the team took another step up to develop their creatures of fantasy. The denizens of the hidden world in the forest impressed me, as a beautiful blend of human anatomy and environment melded into a combination that I could only dream of. Of course like many movies, there was plenty of cookie cutting going on, especially in scenes where there were mass congregations or when the enemy swarmed the scene. Despite this minor flaw though, Epic's world is clever, bold, and magical.

Yet visuals probably isn't the main reason most will be seeing this movie is it? Many people may be going to take a young family member/friend to see a fun adventure. If that is the case, Epic is your movie of choice as the children in my theater were dazzled by what the movie had to offer. The comedy styles of Mub (Aziz Ansari) and Grub (Chris O'Dowd) might have been the most entertaining factor for the audience. Both Ansari and O'Dowd throw their two cents into the fray, one thinking he is a player, while the other wants to be a knight. Yet both are goofballs doing odd tricks, making silly faces, and performing mannerisms that the young and young at heart will love. Their voices matched the characters incredibly well for me, both giving the lines the perfect punch to leave me in stitches. Of course the other characters have some one hit wonders when it comes to making people laugh. A three legged dog, a clumsy professor and even Nod (Josh Hutcherson) have a few moments that are quite amusing.

Aside from two wisecracking slugs what else might grab the audience's attention? I would have to say the action/adventure of the movie was the next big factor. I can't lie it didn't meet my expectations, but then again it is a kids movie. Instead of the Lord of the Rings like battles, most of the fighting was limited to well-placed arrow shots, a few punches, and a couple of sword slashes. Again the younger audience will mostly think it was awesome, but don't get your hopes too high. When Nod or Ronin (Colin Farrell) fly birds is where the real excitement comes into play. Like a mad roller coaster ride, the audience gets to watch the majestic dance unfold as the airborne steeds navigate through nature's obstacles whilst their riders flip acrobatically to avoid danger. Overall the violence has been brought to a bare minimum, and parents won't have to worry about their kids acting out a beheading scene. Amidst the excitement though is a bit of sadness as well. For me I foresaw many things coming, but younger audience members might get a little upset at some of the sadder scenes in this movie. Some scenes even scared a few of the younger audience members, particularly those that involved the loud roars and creature popping out of the ground, so again be cautious when taking them.

Despite how much of this is geared towards kids though, there are still a few thing BSS did to entertain the adult audience. Mub's jokes have some adult humor in it, which will surely get some laughs, though not as many as Donkey from Shrek. Unlike most kid movies, Epic does a good job avoiding the annoying characters and keeping things in balance to avoid making parents want to slam their heads into the seat. However, it is inevitable for some lines to get ingrained into the minds of the kids, so expect some endless quotes to follow you home. The thing I found most adults will mainly love is some of the heartwarming moments in this movie. I'm not talking about a budding romance that we saw in Ferngully, but instead is more about reuniting and self-discovery amidst a chaotic world. Now you might find it cheesy, but for me I found it to be well done, and something I could experience in the real world, minus the fairies and small creatures. Yeah some of the dialog was a bit too forced, but not bad overall.

As for the voice acting, I think that it was a great cast to pick and that the characters represented a lot of images their actors portray in other media. Hutchinson is naïve, youthful, and rebellious, Pit-bull has the persona of a big boss toad who likes to run the show, and Beyoncé has a side that is caring and nurturing. Regardless, Epic has a lot of positives that I think will wow and amaze kids. The "exciting" battles, the lovable characters, and the cute comedy are certain to entertain a lot of people, but Epic still needed some fine tuning before coming out. My scores are below: Animation/Adventure/Family: 8.0 Movie Overall: 6.5-7.0
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WOW! Epic is the perfect family movie for everyone in a summer filled with sequels, superheroes, and big-budget films.
Spencer Higham17 May 2013
Epic is about a smart, spirited, and headstrong 17 year-old, teenager named Mary Katherine "M.K." who, after the death of her mother, moves back to live with her estranged father, Professor Bomba, along with her pet dog, Ozzy. Bomba has long studied a group of warriors who live in the forest and protect it as guardians of good. He often will go into the forest and survey them. She, like every other human in the movie, doesn't believe in all the stuff her father has devoted particularly his life to. She loses patience with him and his stories and their reunion is all but a disaster. One day, the professor does not return from a hike in the forest, so Mary Katherine sets out to look for him. Hours later, she comes upon a group of glowing, falling leaves. Catching one of them, she is suddenly shrunken down. In her minuscule state, she discovers the group of warriors Prof. Bomba has studied, who are known as the Leaf-Men. When she is forced to reside with the Leaf-Men, she gains a new perspective and developed friendships with everyone in the forest. To find her way home, M.K. must do than believe in this world; she'll help to save it from the Boggans and their ruthless, villainous leader Mandrake. This is a story about betrayal, sacrifice, friendship, love, bravery, courage, and caring for something else rather than yourself.

The acting is really superb and all the actors have great chemistry together: Amanda Seyfried, Josh Hutcherson, Christoph Waltz, Colin Farrell, Aziz Ansari, and Jason Sudekis are terrific, while Beyoncé is the best of all. She is a real acting triumph in the film, and her performance is so critical in the film, as Queen Tara will do anything to ensure the safety of the forest and the lives of her friends, and that she leaves M.K. a very important mission to do her behalf when she couldn't. She brings a lot of integrity, passion, and heart to her role and helps carry the film with spectacular grace.

There's a lot to love about the film, including its production design, visual artistry, and the 3D, which are as dazzling, grand, spectacular, and innovative as, say, Avatar. The 3D is really worth the price of admission; the film features strong emotional depth and an immersive experience that can be greatly experienced in 3D, and the animation, in particular, is terrifically phenomenal and realistic. Danny Elfman did a very good job with the music score as he captured the spirit, excitement, essence, and heart of the film.

With the script written by William Joyce, James V. Hart (Hook, August Rush), Tom J. Astle and Matt Ember (Get Smart), and Daniel Shere, the story's narrative was famillar to other films, but so was Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, How to Train Your Dragon, Hotel Transylvania, and The Croods, and yet, it was cleverly written that it stands out on its own from other films so there's nothing to worry about. They, along with Chris Wedge and the story artists, have aggressively expanded William Joyce's original story by giving it fantastical mythologies about the forest, more development on the characters, and the supplementing the action-adventure genre in the story as Wedge envisioned. I liked the fact that Joyce worked on the script, because when you have a small story that was expanded to be more ambitious and dramatic, then it's best to have input from Joyce as he included a lot of cool and interesting plot points in the film.

For instance, Joyce modeled Mary Katherine (M.K.) very much after his own daughter; she, unfortunately, died from a brain tumor in 2010 and it was a very personal and devastating loss for him. I truly wish that this movie should've been dedicated to her memory, as it would mean much to her family and friends. She would've been very proud of the movie, her father's work on the film, and the main character in the film, Mary Katherine (M.K.).

Wedge's direction triumphed the most in the film. He came a long way from his beginnings and he wanted to make the film something special. He wanted to make this as an action-adventure epic on the scale of Ben-Hur, Star Wars, Gladiator, and the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and he succeeds it. He doesn't intend it to be cute and I'm grateful that it wasn't; previous action-adventure animated films Titan A.E. and Atlantis had intense situations with childlike supporting characters, thus leaving the films with a poorly identified targeted audience about what's a film's targeted audience and this was not the case for Epic. I liked how he handed with both the characters and actors, and his direction is ingenious and visionary. He can really handle big ambitious epic films with ingenious storytelling on this scale, even if it's an animated film. The epic spectacle is never at the expanse of the story, characters, and the heart of the story.

Epic goes to prove to people that animated films can also really handle the action-adventure genre as much as live-action films do, just like how Peter Pan, Sleeping Beauty, Akira, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, The Incredibles, and Kung Fu Panda trilogy did. With this film, Blue Sky Studios wanted to prove everyone that they can do so much more than pop culture references, cheap jokes, and unimaginative storytelling. They've not only exceeded that, they surpassed it and beyond. With this film, this is a promising launch of the new Blue Sky Studios, which has declared war on DreamWorks, Disney Animation, and Pixar.

You will be laughing, astonished, amazed, blown away, and inspired, because Epic truly stands out as one of the most surprising film experiences of the year, and could be one of the best films of the year.
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I'm surprised how much I enjoyed it
jgeorge425 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
8/10 stars

After being bombarded with previews and advertisements, my daughter was pretty fired-up to go see Epic. Being a good dad I brought out the whole family and prepared to settle in for a holiday weekend nap.

I mean, c'mon. There is a bit of a glut in family animated fare these days anyway, and this one had all the markings of every tedious cliché in the book. Kooky, aloof clueless dad, family loss and grief, the wonderment of nature, good vs evil, being magically transported into a strange fantastical world, yada yada. Imagine taking Alice in Wonderland, the Guardians, Lord of the Rings and Avatar; throw them into a blender and throw the results on the screen. So naturally, a middle-aged dad can only lean back in air conditioned comfort and look forward to blissful slumber.

But alas, the slumber never came. I really enjoyed this movie. I don't know if I was captivated by the beautiful animation, or the well-paced story, or the comic relief of the snails and the slobbering dog, or all of the above, but I recommend this movie as terrific family fare.
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The Hidden Kingdom of Tiny Creatures
Claudio Carvalho8 September 2013
The teenager Mary "MK" Katherine returns to the house of her estranged father Professor Bomba, who is a widower scientist obsessed to find tiny creatures that he believes that would live in the forest. MK does not accept the lack of attention of her father with her and decides to leave him again. However the creatures do exist and protect the forest against the evil Boggans and their leader Mandrake that wish to destroy the forest.

Near the solstice, Queen Tara chooses a pod to inherit her healing powers, protected by the Leaf-Men and their leader Ronin. However, they are surprised by an attack of Mandrake and the Boggans and Queen Tara is deadly wounded by Mandrake.

Meanwhile, MK is leaving home and she looks for her three-leg dog Ozzy that has ran to the forest. She finds Queen Tara dying and she shrinks MK with her powers and gives the pod to her. Further Queen Tara asks MK to take the pod to Nim Galuu. When Ronin meets them, he decides to bring MK and the pod to Nim Galuu, with the protection of the young Leaf-Man Nod and the slugs Mub and Grub. Along the dangerous journey, they are chased by Mandrake that wants to bloom the pod in darkness to destroy the forest.

"Epic" is a delightful animation with a story of a fight between the good, represented by tiny creatures that protect the forest and environment, against the evil Boggans that want to destroy the forest. The plot has a beautiful message and is a wonderful family entertainment. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Reino Escondido" ("Hidden Kingdom")
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Many Leaves 1 Tree?
Robert Porter21 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Sigh. Why is this called "Epic"? It has no relevance to the subject or story, & it's an annoying common word misused too much today. A better title would have been "Generic Forest Film" or "Buy a Ticket.. Beyonce's in it".

Seriously though, Beyonce's over-dub is the worst I've heard since Bruce Lee voiced the Russian! Why is she in this film? Did she go to Drama School? Is she stage trained? Because she doesn't know how to act!! Terrible decision.

The animation is great if a little sequenced with the same constant lens focus effect. Even some of the music is touching when we're not just hearing cue after cue. But it's just the characters aren't particularly that interesting or realistic. The only person I ever connected with was the Farther & his plight.

No one is ever in danger from falling it seems as they keep getting up upon falling flat on their face. And Ronin is invincible. I also think how the villain was defeated is cheap & highly questionable too.

Ferngully is a very similar film, but they surprisingly have more creative ideas & Tim Curry as the villain felt very sinister & foreboding.

It's an OK film. Don't expect too much & you'll be surprised with some of the gags maybe. But you won't be blown away like with Disney/Pixar.
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Funny, exciting, and inspiring
cgraves0420 June 2013
I didn't think I'd like this movie, but I took my 10-year-old cousin to see it anyway, and I really loved it.

I've heard this film compared to everything--FernGully, The Borrowers, Avatar, etc., and while it is another film in that genre and it may be a little cliché, it does create its own fascinating world and tell its story in a unique way. Its themes are heavy (family and belonging, the balance between growth and decay/life and death) but are handled in a successfully child-friendly manner.

The animation and design are gorgeous. I love the cute fairy-like flower and leaf people; I even love the design of the goblin-like bad guys (the Boggan). I want to see more stories set in this incredible little world. I also appreciate how much care went into animating that forest.

While the characters are pretty familiar, they're still delightful. I thought the choice of voice actors was particularly good. I liked Amanda Seyfried as the main character, M.K. (Mary Katherine), I looooved Colin Farrell as Ronin, and I have to say, I was really pleasantly surprised by Beyonce as Queen Tara. She has a voice just like honey, which fits the queen's sweet, playful personality. Queen Tara emerges as one of my favorite animated characters of all time (and NO, I do not find her voice "too ghetto." I don't appreciate people sniffing down their noses at others that way) because she carried so much of the movie with what turned out to be really minimal role. Plus, I always love to see people of color portrayed positively in children's films.

I would definitely take kids to see this again, although it might be too scary for kids younger than 6 and too slow for kids older than 12. Folks have to admit, this is a fun movie to watch, and highly imaginative kids especially will love it.
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Cute yes...but title & voice casting is off a bit
coastdaze31 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Interesting to call this movie "Epic" because while it is cute and the animation is good, it didn't strike me as epic. Brave was more of an epic story, but I digress.

I enjoyed watching it on the big screen (but then I enjoy watching all movies on the big screen). The one thing that stood out like a very sore thumb was the awful voice casting of Beyonce. This woman may be able to sing and dance but, for me, her voice for the queen part actually took away from the movie. Why? Because I was hearing Beyonce talking and not the character. For the most part, she had no proper emotion in her tone and it appeared silly to me. When you are doing a voice-over for an animated character, you need to speak differently than you usually do or it sounds silly. I was so glad when the queen was snuffed out early on. The other character voices were right on because I didn't hear the actor as much as I heard and saw the character. That's the sign of a good voice-over, imo.

As far as the storyline goes, it was pretty good and the ending queen choice was neat, especially since the little "girl" had asked if she could be queen. I liked that. Loved the snail and slug, some of their lines were very funny. AND some of their lines could be missed if you were not paying close attention.

So, based on my review of Gatsby, I have to say again...stop giving into the big music money and leave Beyonce, et al, to the music industry...please. OR teach them how not to be so distracting in a movie.
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Not quite... epic.
Troy_Campbell3 July 2013
When you're vying for a slice of the kiddie-dominated box office and your competition is a couple of sequels/prequels with established (and popular) characters, having a moniker as suggestive as Epic is a great way to improve brand awareness. The downside is you instantly set the expectations level quite high, and anything less than, erm, epic, seems like a missed opportunity. Beautifully designed and action-packed, this motion picture from the creators of the Ice Age franchise boasts impressive visuals and exciting set pieces – ultimately creating a tiny forest world that is endlessly inventive and always fun to watch – yet struggles to make an impact where it truly matters: with the story. This environmentally-focused tale is at times too morally forceful and employs blatant cop outs to wrap up its various strands of plot, whilst the main group of players are unoriginal and overly reliant on stereotypical characteristics. The voice cast – including Colin Farrell, Amanda Seyfried, Josh Hutcherson, Jason Sudeikis, Steven Tyler and Beyonce Knowles – are all fine without being memorable, with Christoph Waltz's irreprehensible villain and Aziz Ansari and Chris O'Dowd's crowd-pleasingly hilarious slug/snail combo proving to be the standouts. Epic is a solid family film and has enough to warrant a visit to the cinema during the school break, but sadly it never lives up to its title.
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Below Epic
Mek Torres29 May 2013
Epic calls itself a pretty pretentious title, in spite of fact the story is really about heroes protecting a land that isn't safe from evil. In modern definition, "Epic" is supposed to tell an extraordinary tale. The film shows us a fascinating miniscule world, and there are themes that may bring more to the scale. Unfortunately, none of those dig deeper and it sticks to the mainstream way of storytelling, leading an almost boring experience. It can be a little fun in some parts but it had some potential that wasn't executed well enough.

There is nothing wrong with the title "Epic" since the film's concept sure sounds like one, but that word is mostly described on the visuals and the setting than the actual story. Those wondrous landscapes can be a perfect world to set epic stories and battles. The plot displays some themes that could have been compelling like the relationships of these rebellious teenagers to their mentors, and redemption motivated by loss. But instead of making rich characters, they took the cliché points like generic romantic subplots and cute crass comic relief characters. It totally forgets whatever that would have been powerful and unique for the genre. And the cast who are known for music indeed sings in the film. Because they can sing! If you can get away from the clichés, then sadly you can't deny how much little soul the film provides. Also the villain is less exciting when all epic villains are supposed to spice things up.

The mythology behind the story is kind of intriguing, at least. Stories about tiny hidden worlds are already familiar, but Epic tries to deliver something much interesting about these heroes who are called "Leaf Men" and their connection to the forest's order. The narrative tends to fascinate at the beginning, but it becomes a forced exposition and sometimes played for more laughs afterwards. The animation looks enchanting which is the only remarkable merit the filmmakers have done.

My personal complain sounds too hipster. I understand it's a family film that is trying to be fun for everyone, but back in the days there were animated films that are actually epic and liked by many without cluttering any stale elements that lies amongst this film's storyline. In the overall picture, it does not fill enough depth, heart, and soul to the story. What's left to praise is the appropriate epic tone to the action scenes, and a bunch of visuals and ideas that anyone could root for. Epic is a waste of potential for being a real epic or probably a classic.
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Complete lack of cohesion, very disappointing.
ykdriggs2325 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The animation is quite good, however, the story is weak and the art director should receive a slap on the wrist. There are way to many conflicting artistic elements in the film. Mixing vastly different fantastical creatures is possible, as Lord of the Rings and other franchises have proved, but the folks at Blue Sky have not mastered this art; actually they don't even come close. Overall, the film lacked identity, and it seems the creators weren't really sure what they were going for either. Is it a comedy? Is it an adventure film? Is it a love story? There are ways to combine all of these elements, but unfortunately Epic just doesn't do it.

All three of those stars belong to the animators, and I mean the folks that brought the characters and backgrounds to life... not the artists who created the characters, because they all seem to have pulled incoherent ideas from different projects and tossed them into a digital blender.
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An outstanding animation
Gordon-1123 June 2013
This animation is about a teenage girl who goes to live with his father, who is a scientist fanatical about civilised creatures in the first, after his mother died.

"Epic" has everything to be a successful animation. It's colorful and delightful to watch. The characters are really nice (but only limited to the characters in the Queen's land). The story is very engaging, even though it seems to be a simple story of God versus evil. The father daughter relationship is presented beautifully, it makes me feel for both the father and the daughter as their relationship blossoms.

I think "Epic" is a really good animation. It touched me and entertained me, made me laugh and made me be filled with tears of joy. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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Beautifully animated, but story and characters are kinda tame.
AlienGearbox28 March 2014
It's a bit female chauvinistic, meaning that they seem to hold that "women/girls are better than men/boys" and that you can really only be a useful and good guy if you serve a woman, that all a man needs to be straightened out, is a woman, that a kingdom ruled by a queen is good while one ruled by a king is bad, all that jazz which to me seems to be a bad message to give to any kid, don't men and women have enough problems working together already?...

a couple of the characters have potential (main character and the father) but whenever you get to a scene that could move the viewer, make them feel something, it is cut short by some forced humor as if to avoid the viewers getting even slightly emotional, and the characters seem to lack depth, but on the other hand, things dying, even sometimes in rather terrible ways is all fine...

It is however beautifully animated, the music and sound is perfect, voice overs works fine too, the story and characters are just kinda tame.
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A failed attempt to create another lovable animated world
slicedbread11719 October 2013
For years studios like Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks have ruled the animated movie space with countless cultural hits. While the occasional lesser-known studio produces a gem, Blue Sky Studios fails to bring the same magic to their film that other studios have done time and time again.

Epic had potential to create another world full of lovable characters, a intriguing and entertaining story and more, but ultimately fails in delivering these aspects. Now for younger aged viewers, they will most likely eat it up, but this is not a review based on "but it's a kids movie". I'm not reviewing this movie for a child's view, but of my own and I will point out strengths and faults just like any other film.

So, where to begin? Well I'll start with one of the largest reasons Epic falters. Look at every successful animated film. What makes you love them the most? Obviously the characters, because the vast majority of animated films aren't too concerned with deep and confusing plots. In order to succeed in this movie space, you need a cast of memorable and endearing characters and Epic fails shockingly short in this aspect. Not once did I ever feel a liking for any character in the movie. They lacked that charm and the real human elements of emotion that you find in other popular characters. The main reason for this? Not one voice actor playing these animated characters fits their respective role, and some performances, like Beyonce Knowles and Colin Farrell among others, totally fail to deliver any sense of interest in their character. Boring dialogue, lack of emotion and overall sloppy acting leaves the characters in Epic uninteresting and unlikable.

Like most other animated films, Epic does deliver a pretty visually engaging movie, but this will largely be apparent for younger viewers. As an older viewer, the setting and plot are disappointing to say the least. The story goes for a "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" kind of direction while the atmosphere, even if very small, does't evoke any true sense of awe or excitement. In the long run, this hurts the film by not having a unique and fun setting fall back on.

Epic does have its moments, even if they are rare. A couple of times I gave a chuckle or was interested in the story and atmosphere, but too often was I left feeling cut off from the movie as a whole, it never pulled me in to enjoy what was being presented.

Epic falls short in creating almost every aspect of a successful and entertaining animated film. A dull, boring and uninteresting cast of characters lead by poor voice work, mostly unexciting setting, generic story and a lack of overall charm leaves Epic on the short end of the stick compared with other major animated films. Kids might enjoy more than most, but to me, Epic is a movie that had potential, but fails to live up to its own name.

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Micahl Dewey19 February 2014
This was probably one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I was bored out of my mind throughout the entire film. It is almost completely lacking in originality. Everything in it, besides the animation, has pretty much been done before. The characters are extremely dull, and the villain isn't believable at all. This movie is also, due to it lacking in originality, very predictable. The only people that I would recommend this to are very young children that can't understand what is going on, but just want something pretty to look at. But to everyone else,I strongly advise you to steer clear. If I never see this movie again, it will be too soon.
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This film should have been called "Epic failure"
johnslegers26 May 2014
After looking forward to seeing both "Epic" by Blue Sky Studios and "Frozen" by Disney, I saw both of them this weekend.

The main character of "Epic" looks like a twin of the main character of "Frozen". Also, one movie deals with cold vs warm and the other deals with decay vs growth. Finally, both movies rely a lot on beautiful nature shots. For these reasons, I felt I should review both together.

"Frozen" was much better than I expected. Frozen reminded me a lot of traditional Disney classics like Snow White, Dumbo or Bambi. Yes there was singing, but the singing was surprisingly traditional without sounding corny and outdated. Unlike in most cartoons that involve singing, in "Frozen" it enhanced the experience rather than being a turn-off.

"Frozen" also had a rather well-developed story. It wasn't a traditional good-vs-evil story where the good were perfect and the bad haven't got a single redeeming quality. It also wasn't yet another generic "we must remain ourselves and fight tradition" story like Mulan, Brave and so many others out there. The characters felt more real than I'm used to in a Disney flick and combined with some humor that actually works, that makes "Frozen" one of the most entertaining animations I've seen in a long time.

"Epic" was an "epic failure" in all of these area. The characters were bland and generic. The story was bland and generic and felt like they mixed "Arthur and the Minimoys", "Antz" and "Ferngully" together, then filtered until nothing interesting was left.

The humor didn't work either. As silly as the talking snowman in "Frozen" may look, he actually did work as a comic relief. His actions were funny, his words were funny and he complemented the heroes of the movie well. In "Epic", a snail and a slug served the very same purpose, only they were annoying as h***. Think Jar Jar Bing annoying and worse.

The only thing that works in "Epic" are its visuals. If I just wanted to look at pretty pictures, both "Frozen" and "Epic" would be equally beautiful. The problem is that a movie is more than pretty pictures. A movie is entertainment and needs to entertain. While "Frozen" was much better than I expected, "Epic" was much worse.
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Mediocre movie with ancient stereotypes
per-rosen9 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers

Fantastic animations but seriously lacking in both story and characters. I have always been a fan of animated movies and make a point out of watching most of the new ones being released. I would even consider myself more forgiving for movies being a bit childish.

This movie had excellent animation but the story was so predictable. As a kid movie though this can be forgiven. What really put me off with this movie was the characters.

Typical boy with a rebellious streak doing whatever he wants. They could have at least made him a bit sad for leaving his stepfather while the queen dies. They could also have made him a bit sad when the pod gets stolen that will literally kill the whole forest, his own home. But nono. He just jokes around and plays with the girl. If I had kids this would be one movie I would not let them watch. At least make the characters something to look up to and inspire.

Do your kids a favor and boycott this movie for the sake of all of us.
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This is a Movie for Kids and Families,
Mayank Rajput17 May 2013
I think I should state this upfront that this is a Kids and Family movie and hence a lot of grownups might not really enjoy it that much. That said, the audience it is meant for, Kids and Families will definitely find this movie, time well spent. The Plot is slightly cliché and fairly simple, Movie starts with an eccentric father, who spends most of his time chasing elusive forest creatures and in the process neglecting family and hence there is a communication gap between father and daughter. The movies go on to solve that problem and of course it involves an adventure! The Adventure is a typical Good vs. Evil, balance in the nature, a vagabond hero, a patronizing mentor, a precious Item that must be saved and tricky condition that must be fulfilled,As Cliché as it could possibly be. But when did I ever say that Plot was the selling point or the high point of the movie, It's the visuals, the great use of 3D( not exceptional, but some minor details have been well taken care of, specially the grass, leaves etc in the forest), some great chase scenes, Parades and a really imaginative representation of a mystical universe. Dubbing was pretty good actually specially Beyonce as queen Tara, Colin Farrel as Ronin and Aziz as the fatter slug ( some of the wittiest and really funny dialogs). The animation was top notch and you could see the similarities with Reo and Ice Age. So the final verdict is this movie is a 6.5 on 10 in general and a 8 on 10 for families and kids ( one kid in the theater was actually cheering for the good guys towards the end!) Have a great Weekend, Moms and Dads take your little one to a theater, though this is no Lion King but still your kid will enjoy it!
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Stunning visuals, 3D and good laughs...
Shyam Krishnan B.22 May 2013
First of all I enjoyed this one to the core...although this is mainly a movie for kids, grown ups will also love it if you have that sense of getting light hearted and enjoying visuals. The storyline is a bit fairy tale like..but as we can see in the latest fairy tales, there are much more things to enjoy than the old ones. This story have a father who is trying to find out the secret world of small men, and his daughter coming to him after a long. At her father's place she comes across the mysterious and wonderful world of small sized leaf men and all the adventure unfolds. The movie has its main plus points in the great CG usage, the colorful surroundings, awesome usage of 3D and some good laughs.
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A wildly imaginative world to charm us all
Avid Climber6 June 2013
Epic is a delight, a visual imagination feast. What it lacks in complexity, it makes up in intention.

The good. Gorgeous graphics and animation. Very imaginative setting. Interesting story. Well paced scenario. Funny dialogs and situations.

The bad. Over simplistic characters and concepts. Underdeveloped B stories. Swords that are not used. Human world not as well done as the forest world.

The ugly. Nothing.

The result. Highly recommended for any kids. Adults will like it, too, it's just that they might find it lacks a bit of depth.
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Hyped Up Commercials, Disappointing Delivery
foxxyroxxy0129 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
For a solid two months now I have watched promising Epic trailers over and over again on television. I thought this movie was going to be "Epic", so I grabbed my friend's 4 year old kid and headed to the theater.

Unfortunately, the trailers were more entertaining than the whole package. It was a movie with a poor plot line and a lot of famous voices. That's about it. The queen, voiced by Beyonce, died in the first 20 minutes by an arrow which seemed not too kid friendly to me. The slugs added some comedy but were generally annoying. There was really no romantic chemistry or character development for the main two roles. Steven Tyler voiced the scroll keeper who was suppose to be all knowing, but actually didn't have a clue what was going the whole movie. So let's be honest, he was only there for entertainment purpose only.

Overall, the kid I brought got bored halfway through and was asking to leave. It lacked any kind of a story line and just offered really famous voices but forgettable characters.
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Not Epic
Kodiek4 April 2014
Usually I watch epic movies. This movie is epic.... NOT!!! They need to change the title from Epic to Not Epic. I even taped on my computer screen "Not" where the movie title is. It reads not Epic. It seems right. This movie is not epic. The princess is not epic. The story is not Epic. You wan epic? go watch Epic movie. Now that was epic. I think the director is trying to rip off Epic movie! Thats not epic of him! This movie is a complete copy of Epic movie. That is so un epic of the Director. The actors should know better than to star in an un epic copy of a movie! What an epic failure! As a matter of fact, This film is the most epic failers to ever happen in the film industry.You want to know my rating? -20/10. NOT. EPIC.
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